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So, we’re making progress on the boots. With the help of the luverly girls at PRD, I figured out that the site is in Polish and the cost of the shoes is about $75 USD. Totally affordable. I emailed them to see if they do international shipping. Which will probably cost an arm and a leg, but I WANT. And really that’s a lot cheaper than I was expecting.
So Milla over at FashionSanity posted a picture of Daniel Radcliffe

and um. WHOA. I didn’t recognize him at first. DAMN. (his appearance is probably nothing new to people who don’t live under rocks, but I haven’t seen a picture of him since the Equus photos came out)

I thought most of the night at work (it’s training – it requires NO thought, for serious) about ways to expand my closet without buying any more actual clothes. I mostly came up with leggings/tights, socks to wear with heels (there has to be a smoother word for those – but heel socks just sounds lame), and belts. Like I said, I’m making an obi belt for myself (or will finish it eventually, when I stop waffling on what to make the strap out of – I’m still afraid using leather will have a bad result, maybe I’ll post about it on craftster), but I think I could use a corset style one as well, like this:

But I don’t know. Not sure if I’d ever actually wear them, ya know? I also think I could probably do with some more jewelry. But I’m pretty limited to bracelets or rings, as I’m always wearing my ankh necklace, so unless I’m wearing a long necklace the two hit each other and that annoys me. I found a cool bracelet on Etsy (which I’m not linking to, as it’s a limited edition thing and I’m paranoid someone will buy it – or already has – before I get paid :P ) but that’s about it in the jewelry department so far. I’m trying to come with a set list of the things I want/need from my wardrobe so I’m not just aimlessly dropping money once I get paid, and so far I have:

-more long sleeved shirts – sweaters or cardigans would be nice for layering. HT used to have a cute cardi, maybe it’s on sale by now. Actually, nope, still $36, so I’ll probably pass. It’s not THAT cute. A classmate at school mentioned she got her striped button up sweater at Kohl’s for $16 and I think she said they have B/W, so I’ll probably go see if they still have them when I get paid. Probably 3 long sleeved shirts/sweaters/cardigans all together.

-more shirts in general. I have like, four. I could probably use 1-2 t-shirts(the London Calling shirt can fulfill one of these, and probably another band shirt, both to recon), and 1-2 half or 3/4th length sleeve shirts.

-more SHOES dear god. Probably at least one more pair each of heels, flats, and boots. So far I’ve got:

and either the aforementioned dream booties, or these:

or both…haha. yeah I have a boot thing. But probably just the booties if I can get my grubby lil paws on ‘em.

-at least two new, GOOD bras – all of my bras now suck, and I think I might have gone up a size (which I hope not, because I’m sure 34E is a pain in the ass to find anywhere…)

- one more pair each of dark jeans, medium or light jeans, and black pants. I’m really annoyed because these Converse jeans I got at the thrift store and subsequently took in to make skinny jeans fit PERFECTLY – ohsogood – when I first got them and now they’re super loose. I’ve worn ‘em a few times without washing so maybe they’re just stretched out, I sure hope so, because then I can cross off dark jeans.

- I would also like to get more skirts and dresses. I’ve got a t-shirt I’ve been meaning to recon into a dress, and a skirt will be made this weekend, but I’d like one more of each.

I’m trying to keep these fairly vague because we’re going to spend a whole day shopping at thrift/vintage/mall stores in Springfield, so I don’t want to have it all planned out before then and be so anal about sticking to a plan that I lose some good finds, but I really don’t want to go out without a budget or a plan and just spend $300 on junk, ya know? Of course, I won’t be buying this ALL at the same time (wish my paycheck was big enough for that!) – it’ll probably be gradually over 2 months or so.

Along expanding my closet line, I have a pair of heels that I LOVE to wear and are super comfortable when I put on – but something about them makes my feet sweat. Haha, TMI, I know. They’re made of leather, so they should breathe. I cannot figure it out for the life of me but as soon as my feet start sweating, they get slippery and then it’s all downhill from there.

Swapping is also a thing, I need to actually go post my intro post on that flickr group and put some of my stuff in there. One of the girls on PRD flaked out (GRRR) on a swap for some Vision Streetwear shoes, so I should put those up too, along with a pair of skater shoes I’ve worn maybe three times. I’m just not sure anyone will want them as it doesn’t look like many people on that group share my style, so to speak.

I also REALLY need to finish the swap hat and art doll this weekend. I have nothing to stuff the damn doll with though, and I’m so broke it’s not funny, so I’m not sure how I’ll solve that predicament.

and now I really, really need to go to bed. I didn’t realize how long this had gotten or how late it is (2:08 AM!! yikes!!).

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One Response to “late night ramblings”

  • Milla says:

    Yo, Michelle ;-)
    Thanks for the pimp, you rock!… Yep. that picture of him is dreamy…
    those shoes are to die for…
    I wish I could wear heels …
    I need to get a coat and some gloves.
    I am freezing :-)

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