No outfit today. In fact, you can probably count on there not being an outfit until Friday or so, when I can dress casual-casual instead of business-casual and thus use some pieces of my wardrobe you haven’t seen six times already. I’m also slightly crampy today (urgh which means it’ll be worse tomorrow, I thought BC was supposed to help with this!) so I’m uber-lazy.

I’m kind of disappointed, I think my silly ex-assistant-manager at Hot Topic made a mistake - he told me to come in today after two so I could pick up some of his t-shirts to take in (haha, I’m a personal t-shirt) and he could go ahead and pay me what’s owed for the last time, but that I should call first to make sure he remembered them. Well, I did call, and Jenny (manager) said he doesn’t come in until four thirty. LAME. I’m hoping I can talk him in to procuring the shirt and skirt I want from Hot Topic at the employee discount price…that’ll make them around $30 instead of $52. I’ll call him on break tonight at work and see when else he works this week and mention it to him. He’s ridiculously laid back, I’m sure he won’t mind. Maybe I can even trade the skirt and shirt at employee discount price for taking in his tees, depending on how many there are!

I also forgot to mention, Courtney and Coni came over last night and we conducted our swap. Courtney got a pair of jeans and two pairs of shoes out of the deal, Coni got a pair of shoes and a shirt, and I got a pair of black(ish) skinny jeans that need taken up a little, a pair of pinstriped pants that I’ve already taken in to make skinnies from, and a blue and white striped shirt. Not too bad, really. I’m also trading a pair of shoes for a super cute saint bracelet from a monastery in…Barcelona I think? on flickr. Exciting!

I can’t wait to buy another tube of that Kiss Me Mascara. I love the look of heavily mascaraed eyelashes but I’m always regretting it that night/the next morning as I’m trying to get it out of my eyes. And off of my face.

Oh! Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! If you don’t know where your local voting location is at (like I didn’t), you can check here. They have a link to your state’s list as well so you can double check. I’ll be crossing my fingers for the outcome I want and I’m sure it’s going to make tomorrow night at work really interesting. Or annoying, considering some of the people I work with. I guess we’ll see, right?

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