So the outfits will come tomorrow, maybe. I might just be uber-lazy and not do it at all, haha.

In the tattoo parlor I always go to, I saw a really awesome picture on the wall. B/W, it was a woman getting a tattoo AGES ago - she almost looked like a flapper. Cory said he got it from a book on the history of tattoos. AND I WANT A COPY. But can’t find it anywhere on the interwebs :( I found this book, though, which looks like it could very well have the photo in there. Looks good anyways, so maybe I’ll find the photo in it!

Also, I’ve been meaning to post this, courtesy of Wet Seal. Five pocket denim leggings? Yeah, I think those are called jeans.

I wonder if I could find this magazine in stores around here. It looks interesting. Probably super expensive though!

I feel TERRIBLE right now. I hope I don’t seriously come down with anything because dammit, Coni’s coming over tomorrow! I’m hoping to get some sewing done and watch Iron Jawed Angels and generally enjoy myself.

Still not liking the second season of Dark Angel. They HAD to have switched writing teams or something. The music got worse too. And the different transgenics? Umm most of them are lame. It’s like they came up with Joshua and the lizard-esque guys and then gave up. The panther in the third or fourth episode just looked like someone wearing a black jumpsuit ffs.

And now it’s off to bed for me! Cross your fingers for me that I’ll feel better tomorrow!

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