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Eye Candy: Shoes

November 25th, 2008 by Michelle

On the shoes note, I sent the Guess Borda back. I’m not sure if my feet are a little wider than normal or what but I personally found them REALLY uncomfortable. Like, after sitting in them for 20ish minutes my feet were starting to ache. They cramped my ball-of-foot area so badly it wasn’t funny. This is contrary to everything I’ve read on them, so I might try buying another pair in a half size up later, but this time around I decided to just get my money back for the sake of some Black Friday shopping. I also don’t think they mesh with my wardrobe as well as I thought they would, so I might find another pair of mary jane heels.

I have in fact already found two that might replace them, Gillian by Sofft (I am leaning towards these, because they are a. less expensive and b. will probably be pretty comfy)

And Molly by Dolce Vita, which are supercute with their retro flair, but are more expensive. I would just post the picture but that is, as far as I can discern, impossible to do from, so bah. This means much less eye candy and many more links.

I absofreakinglutely LOVE these teal heels. The shade of teal, the silver edging (for some reason, I am crazy for silver and teal, and also silver and black), the cute chunky heel…love it all. These will definitely be in my closet sometime in the near future. The plum ones are pretty nice to look at as well, but  much prefer the teal.

Irregular Choice is made of win. Examples:

These wedges are cute, I’m not crazy about the minor split-toe thing going on, but hey.

I would probably find them more wearable (although slightly less pretty) in black:

These heels are amazing and inspired, although I’m not very sure I would wear them. They make me think of something I would see on fashion forestry, except that her’s would be vintage and probably way cooler. These spaceship heels are probably something I would wear more, although I think I’ll just look at them and not think about aliens. I have kind of a crazyass phobia of aliens. Once of my friends from cosmetology school regularly wears an owl necklace and professed to have a love of owls - these shoes made me think of her. And these are on-sale, although probably a little too classy for me!

I’m sure the last thing I need is more boots, but these black boots from Ruche are cheap enough to be justifiable:

As are these from ModCloth:

Last but not least random, I have for some reason decided I want to own a retro-inspired nightgown. Something pretty and flowy. Weird, amirite? Also, damn near impossible to find!

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    I had a pair of Dolce Vita black flats, and within less than a year, the soles and heels had holes in them! And I was only wearing them 2x a week-ish. It made me horribly upset…

    Those Ruche boots are so hot! I love them..

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