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Things I Love Thursday

November 27th, 2008 by Michelle

-only having to spend two hours with family for Thanksgiving, haha.

-that we don’t have to bottlefeed Wesley any more! YAY!

-speaking of Wesley, I gave him a quick bath a few minutes ago, and now he smells SO much better. Also, I think Wesley might be a she. hah.

-shopping, yay!

-My Betseyville boots. Know I’ve mentioned these before, but I love ‘em.

-My handbag strap broke yesterday. I love the fact that my vintage sewing machine sewed through four layers of leather with no problem, so it’s fixed now.

-I made a sale on!

-I finally got the bracelet I swapped for over flickr. and it is exquisite.

To give you an idea of the sale, it’s only about an inch tall. I thought about giving it to Coni as a Christmas present (she loves religious kitsch) but I think I’m going to give her this necklace instead and keep this little beauty of a bracelet all to myself.

-Wists! So nice to have everything in one spot.

Hmm that’s all I’m coming up with right now. But isn’t the bracelet pretty?!

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