Things I Love Thursday

-watching my cats run around chasing each other. even if I yell at them for knocking things over, it is hilarious to see Giles running from Wesley (who is approximately an eighth of his size).

-shopping for clothes online. ohmygod. this is so bad for my wallet, just because my wist keeps getting longer and longer haha. I’ve become obsessed with looking at various crinolines and crinoline-esque skirts over the last hour or two - I could totally make these if I wanted to, except I hateeeee dealing with tulle. such a mess. it gets all over the place.

rockin bones long poofy tutu

rockin' bones long poofy tutu

like that? yeah, I think I would actually pay $100 rather than have to deal with that much tulle, haha. better start saving.

turquoise pettiskirt by bluebonnetsnbows

turquoise pettiskirt by bluebonnetsnbows

yes, that is a child wearing that. but uh, the waist is adjustable and I loveee that color.

-listening to music. for some reason, it has been forever since I’ve listened to music while surfing the ‘net. probably because it makes it harder for me to concentrate on reading long articles and it slows down the computer a bit. but uh, totally worth it. makes me happy. also, where is my mind just came on and now I want to watch Fight Club.

-this shirt:

london calling shirt by therage at

london calling shirt by therage at

um. WANT. except I’m not sure it’d fit me, I’d probably get the dreaded boob-button-gap. damn. the look could be replicated though… *adds pink button-up to list of items to thrift*

-this post, by Gala!

-I’m touching up my hair later today! the blue has faded a bit (held up pretty well though) and I might put a teensy bit of uncolor on the pink bits to make them…more pink. hah.

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