Swap item and a fascinator!

I was going to do a daily outfit post, but uh, around the middle of the day I started feeling icky and pretty much just spent most of today in a tank top and my underwear hahaha. So! I am going to post about what I did for my PRD swap partner, as her package is waiting at home for her (I think she’s out for a few days. or something. at any rate, she hasn’t PMed me saying what she thought yet, and it is making me twitchy.) and I’m 99% sure she doesn’t read this blog anyways.

She likes pink and black, and the Clash as well as Joe Strummer (a lady of taste!), so here’s what I did:

The image is stencilled (I think I might do a stencilling tutorial…hm) and the rest is freehanded. I was going to make her a roll-up soft case for her knitting needles, but I didn’t have enough fabric for what I intended to do, so I wrapped it in what I did have, so she can do something with it.

My productivity for the day was this:

not a very good picture, but the best not-a-close-up I could get. Here’s a close up:

that shows the color a lot better. And here is one of me wearing it. Note my absolute failure at de-purplefying and re-pinkifying my hair. le sigh. also the cigarette smoke from Matt, my photographer.

The fascinator took a LOT longer than I thought. That fabric rosette? was a bitch and a half. I tried using the gathering foot on my Rocketeer and I’ve never had a problem with it before, but it would just. not. work. I’m not sure it was meant to be used with two layers of material (which kind of sucks because I had been contemplating biting the bullet and just making a crinoline/crinoline-esque skirt, but I’ll be DAMNED if I am gathering that much tulle by hand!). So I basted it by hand and gathered it that way (and about halfway through realized I could have just basted on the sewing machine…), and then kind of randomly tacked down bits of fabric to make it look a little more flowery and a little less tubular. The rosette took the longest time out of all the components, but jeez, I’d say I probably spend between two and three hours on it. Lots of hand-sewing. I’ll be wearing it tomorrow so you can expect more pictures then!

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