Daily Outfit 12/13/08

so my batteries died right after I took this photo haha. this was the only photo I got. sweater from Pac Sun, skirt and belt from Wet Seal, tights from Target, Sofft shoes, secondhand necklace.

So, we went shopping today, I got a ton of fabric and also a scarab ring from the Salvation Army for $2. I got enough tulle to make a petticoat, which I finished 10 or so minutes ago and it was a PAIN IN THE ASS holy crap. (maybe I’ll do a tutorial on that too) But when I’m done with all of this craftiness, I’ll have a petticoat that can be worn as a skirt, and two cute new skirts. There will be photos, of course. Not tonight because my batteries freakin’ died. I also got my Trashy Diva dress today! SQUEE. Photos of that too. It’s kind of a funny story because Matt put it on his Paypal and it got sent to his billing address, which is his parent’s address (STILL. I keep trying to get him to fix it, but eh.). We got a call from his mom the other day - “Uhhh honey…you have a package here from ‘Trashy…Diva’?” And then she got more confused when Matt told her it was my wedding dress.

I had today off, which was nice. Lunch at an Italian restaurant with Matt’s parents (they brought down my dress, as well as some stuff for Matt). And crafting. What more could ya want, right? I’m super-psyched for Friday so that I can pay for my boots and start them being sent over here from Germany!

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