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It Never Hurts to Ask

January 2nd, 2009 by Michelle

So, you may recall me mentioning these Bronx boots a while ago:

But the only places I could find them in stock ( and had them listed at 171.99 or thereabouts. And one seller on eBay, who had them listed at the same price. I sighed and filed them away to watch for on sales. Today I got paid and I had decided all I really have enough $$$ for (and only because I’m selling several things on eBay, really) is one pair of shoes. I was planning on buying the Zari studded mary janes (yes. on-again, off-again, I wanted them three months ago, and then I decided I didn’t, and now I do) but couldn’t decide if I wanted to or not, and in browsing my eBay watch list I came across the boots. I saw that they had a “Make An Offer” option up so I offered them $75 - nearly $100 less than their asking price, mind you. I figured that they’d obviously deny it buy no harm no foul. Wellllll, long story short, I guess I’ll be buying the Zari shoes in two weeks as they accepted my offer! WOO-HOO. It was a *little* bit (just like…5-10) more than I was planning on spending but what the hell, I got a pair of boots I wanted desperately, that were originally $215 and now $171, for $75. Oh hell yes. Way to start off the New Year’s right! The only thing I’m a teensy bit worried about is that they’re a size 39, one size up from what I normally wear - but all of the shoe sites seem to rate Bronx shoes as running small. Then again, that’s a phenomena I see all the time with Euro-based shoe companies…as people buy their US size (or what the company says is their US size) without bothering to find out their Euro size and just buying that. At any rate, I’m sure they’ll fit fine, and if not I can always employ the wonders of ball-of-foot cushions and Insolia. The moral of the story is: it never hurts to ask! Unless you’re a cranky person calling the Best Buy hotline because you saw something on sale yesterday, and today it’s not on sale, and you want it for the sale price. Then it hurts to ask, trust me.

Through the Fashionable Housewife (which - blech - I have on my google RSS reader because sometimes they post good sales and such, but the constant focus on weight annoys the piss out of me…how much weight do I want to lose in 2009? how about none!) I found a link to Yummie Tummie, which actually look like shapewear I could get behind. They’re meant to be seen, for one - I would have no problem investing in a couple of shapewear pieces but oh dear god they are all so UGLY. U-G-L-Y they ain’t got no alibi. (anybody else remember that rhyme?) I can totally agree with giving a good foundation to your outfit but I am not wearing granny panties up to my ribcage, no siree. However, these are just normal tank-tops or t-shirts - with a hidden panel of support around the stomach. Some of the reviews I read (on the site of course, which obviously will be a bit biased…) even suggested that they help with posture.

Which is another one of my New Year’s goals, improving my posture. I don’t know if my ever-expanding boobs (seriously. I laugh at the thought that at one point I had C cups and thought they were big.) are the root of the problem, or the lack of exercise, or (most likely) both, but my posture has never been great and has got really bad over the last year.

Anyways, back to the non-fugly shapewear. They’re not cheap ($62, ouch), but I’ll definitely be watching eBay for a new one, and see what I think.

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    I’m intrigued by these Yummie Tummies– though I admit, I’d be worried that since I have a long torso, the panel would cut off in an unfortunate place that would leave an unhappy bulge…

    And that’s fantastic luck on your boots! I really like the heel on them, and since you know you love them, they’re obviously a better choice right now that the mary janes. If the studded mjs are meant for you, they’ll be around next payday ;)

  2. Michelle

    I’ll let you know how long the regular length one is when/if I get one and I think the long is 3″ longer than that, so maybe that’ll help some.

    I know right?! I can’t believe it, I am psyched!

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