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January 14th, 2009 by Michelle

Oh I’ve been a bad bad blogger. No entries in almost a week! I’ve been pretty busy, I’m working on a commissioned smoking jacket for a friend’s sister’s husband (say that three times fast) as well as some saloon-y skirts for myself. In an eyeblindingly bright fuchsia brocade, no less!

I also ordered these shoes from on Monday and received them today (with free shipping - I have to say I’m impressed; they’ve stepped it up since the last time I ordered anything from them!), and they are CUTE. Comfy too. Ridiculously so even. I ended up ordering the coffee as the black in my size wasn’t on sale. A little bizarre, but there you have it.  Pictures will come, along with the pictures of the purse and everything else…my camera is still dead and I keep forgetting to buy batteries. lame lame lame.

I’ve been looking for top hats and hats of other persuasions on eBay lately, to spruce up with some feathers, and came aross this on Etsy:

The Peacock Heart Mini Fedora

The Peacock Heart Mini Fedora

Holy crap. I want it! She has a few other gorgeous things as well, including some truly awesome (and sadly, way out of my range) bustle-skirts.

Also, I switched all of my items over to Artfire and I’m planning to sell from there exclusively now on. Apparently ShopHandmade, while appearing great, is not entirely scrupulous - they have code built into the webpage so that when a seller is signed in, at least one of their items is always featured on the front page. I wouldn’t find this so entirely suspicious except that when a fellow Craftster sent them an email asking about it, it was forwarded to the company head with a note reading similar to - “Do you want to answer this or should I? It could really hurt us if it gets out on the forums…”. And after my experience with Etsy (which I still haven’t blogged about, but will eventually, it did eventually get resolved but through no help of Etsy and months of effort on my part) I can safely say I will NEVER be listing there again and will try and purchase items through seller’s websites rather than Etsy when possible.

and now, gentle reader, I will be leaving you, to work on the smoking jacket and saloon skirt a bit before going off to bed. I hope you’re having a great week!!

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    Her work is beautiful! I love the styling, and it’s very inspiring.

    And please email me about your issues with Etsy– I’ve been setting up a shop there, and wondering if I should cross post pieces to Artfire because of issues like this…

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