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Your Wardrobe Unlock’d

February 3rd, 2009 by Michelle

So. I’ve been looking into making my own corsets, decided to just go ahead and do it - as I’m not finding modern bras very helpful to my back and certainly can’t afford to buy several corsets (I’m still planning on buying from Damsel in This Dress, which I meant to do a week or two ago and it slipped my mind, but I want to try making my own). I haven’t ordered any of the supplies just yet, but I did get the Truly Victorian corset pattern, as well as The Basics of Corset Building (and another Gogol Bordello CD and some books on badass women of the wild west. cough.) I am definitely looking forward to starting on these projects and in the meantime I stumbled on Your Wardrobe Unlock’d through the corsetmakers community on LJ. And there is a WEALTH of information on there. I got a one month subscription so I could see the article/lesson on drafting a Victorian corset to fit your measurements (which I haven’t even started yet, but it looks comprehensive from a quick skim through, and was recommended by several people on the LJ community). A quick look around the site reveals a wealth of information for anyone interested in costuming or period inspired garments - I was intending to cancel my subscription after a month but I think I’ll keep it, actually. I would definitely recommend it! I’m hoping to purchase the actual materials to make the corset as soon as I get a refund on a pair of shoes from eBay that didn’t fit. I am really excited about this project and will post updates with the progress once I get started!

In other news, I quit my job, but have several prospects lined up (and an interview that I’ll be heading to in a little less than an hour as well). Wish me luck!

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