Decline Designs

I really, really…

February 20th, 2009 by Michelle

wanted to like this commercial for MAC for Hello Kitty. And expected to! But I’m sorry, a grown woman (I *think* she’s grown, although, of course, really skinny) wearing that dress is just…disturbing.

I think that’s what people think of when they think of Lolita fashion, and it understandably skeeves them out. (am I the only one who uses that phrase? Matt insist so…) Poofy knee length skirts, I have no problem with. Poofy skirts that stop right below the ass…well…ew. Yuck yuck yuck. Not to mention that with the poofy skirt stopping right where her legs begin + super-high heels, combined with the way she was walking, brings to mind a spider.

On a happier note…Russian dancers! with Run DMC!

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