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Firefly Fashion

February 22nd, 2009 by Michelle

Geekiest post to ever grace a mostly-fashion blog? Quite possibly!

Among the many many wonderful things about Firefly, the wardrobes and costuming are definitely to be counted. Each crew member has a relatively specific style that’s fairly consistent throughout the series. And they are something to behold! Partially out of laziness, and partially because the men’s styles are a little more boring, I’ll only be covering the females’ outfits here.

(all screencaps are from Can’t Take the Sky)


Inara, for those of you who don’t watch the show, is a Companion (which is basically a courtesan-type figure). She is extremely graceful and always dressed to the nines, as her job would require. I don’t think she’s shown in a skirt shorter than mid-calf length the entire length of the series or throughout Serenity, and most of her outfit are glamorous without being loud, with a heavy Asian influence.

Inara - by declinedesigns on

For a look similar to Inara’s, I’d look for Asian inspired jewelry, long skirts (at least mid-calf length), and well-fitted clothes - maybe an obi belt as well?


Zoe’s style is the most masculine of the lot, if you can call it that. With her figure and the tight fit of the clothes, masculine certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind! There’s an obvious utilitarian and military influence on her style, though, for obvious reasons (Zoe is the captain’s right hand woman and served with him in the war that precedes Firefly, and is one of the resident badasses on board).

Zoe - by declinedesigns on

Yes, I am aware that that is the wrong gun. Hush.

For a look like Zoe’s, I’d suggest fitted menswear-inspired tops - fitted button up with a vest over it, but stick at least one of the pieces being in a brown or sepia tone to keep things from feeling too formal. Khaki or brown fitted pants, capris if you like, with tall riding or engineer boots. Add a belt on top and you’re good to go!


Kaylee is the ridiculously upbeat and almost disturbingly intuitive mechanic on the ship. Her style reflects the fact she has to be ready for working on the engine at any time, but there’s still a definite feminine influence. You can tell she’s a girly-girl at heart who ends up being stuck in the engine room by necessity!

Kaylee - by declinedesigns on

Kaylee generally wears cargo pants or coveralls with some sort of cute floral print beneath. Also worn regularly is a vest, to me it looks almost moto-vest style but with a straight-up-the-middle zipper and in (I’m guessing) a gray heavy cotton-based fabric. However, apparently NOBODY anywhere makes a freakin’ vest like that, at least that I could find, hence the denim vest that looked vaguely engineer-style to me. Note the necklace that would come off easily if caught in an engine. Clever, no?


River, admittedly, has less of a style and more of a uniform: drapey and/or tiered dresses or skirts with combat boots, sometimes with a sweater or crocheted item on top of the outfit.

Terrible picture, I know…trying to get River’s boots into the scene. She’s on the right, in the pink.

I actually did two looks for River, one closer to what she’s shown wearing and one that takes some liberties (meaning, I made a River inspired outfit that I would wear, ha). Getting the look is simple enough: tiered, usually printed, skirt, combat (or combat inspired) boots, and sweater or wrap on top. Voila!

River - by declinedesigns on

By the way, those boots on the right? Would TOTALLY buy and wear and love them to death if they weren’t off eBay…with the auction ending last December…and not in my size. DAMN.

Check out some of the other great costumes from Firefly:

I love the decorative lacing on the corset. It’s too bad that I don’t think that would actually be good for a corset in real life.

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