Things I Love Thursday: Link Edition

Obviously, I would normally be doing several smaller posts with links interspersed but since I’ve been non-posting obviously that’s not an option! I have, however, been keeping track of things I did want to post about, so here’s a veritable smorgasboard of link deliciousness!

Ashe Mischief posted the first in a series called Curious About Corsets and I’m looking forward to reading the rest – there’s a lot of myths about corsets and informed consumers are always a good thing!

Guest post by Fay Grimm at Yes And Yes titled 5 Ways to Show Your Sewing Machine That You Love It – adorable! And yes, my sewing machines have names. Although I’m still working on naming the Rocketeer.

New blog to watch: The Demioselles. Definitely looking forward to reading what these ladies have to say, since standard sizing is a pretty sticky subject.

I don’t think I’ve posted about Clockwork Couture here before, but it is a fabulous new(ish) steampunk-themed clothing store. The woman who runs it, Donna Ricci, regularly posts on the steamfashion community and seems to be a super-sweet person, not to mention her dedication to getting cruelty-free products is admirable. They recently updated the store with several new items, many of which are ADORABLE.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret Thigh Highs

Moulin Rouge Cabaret Thigh Highs

It is a LOT harder than you’d think to find a cute pair of vertically striped thigh highs! I’ve seen a few that were lacey in between the stripes, which is a good look but I’m so picky – these are a dead ringer for what I’ve been looking for.

Ladies Ruffle Vest

Ladie's Ruffle Vest

Great layering piece, and I love the use of ruffles to add some feminity to something traditionally viewed as more menswear.

Ladies Casual Cycling Capri Pants

Ladie's Casual Cycling Capri Pants

I used to have a pair of plaid bondage pants – these capris remind me of them, except for a lot more, ya know, feminine. I love the dusty pink color with all of the buckles and etc…I really want a pair.

The jewelry section is definitely worth looking through too – there’s gems like the Absinthe Necklace, Compass & Keys Charm Necklace, and the Laboratory Chaterlaine. Want? Yes, please.

There was a fantastic post on Craftster, showing off clothes that a Swedish design student (see her website here) made in her fashion curriculum. Definitely worth checking out – great eye candy!

Also, a random site from an ad I found in BUST – B & Lu. VERY cute fashion, starting at a size 14. In fact, I kind of want half the things from the website. The testimonials are absolutely glowing as well, and it looks like they have good cause to me – affordable, cute fashion for bigger gals, I’m just wondering why I haven’t heard of them before!

That’s about it for now, although there is of course, more to come. In my laptop-lacking boredom, I took on an old-school papercraft project (which will be posted as soon as I get it all finished), which meant going through my huge stack of old magazines. I found a lot of stuff I’d found before and forgotten about, and just a lot of neat stuff, so I’ll be posting all of that too.

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  1. I’m flattered to be included on your list… and there are several other posts I’m excited about as well! The Demoiselles, especially.

    I think I had heard once about B&Lu, but someone they escaped my radar… I’m glad you shared the link! The prices are nice, & I like that things are so afforable. (I think the link may be a bit broken, though? It led me to your site…)

    Glad to see you posting again, dear!

  2. Whoops! Fixing that link now – thanks for letting me know!

    Thanks for the comment – I’m so glad to be posting again! Missed it a lot more than I realized I would :)

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