Daily Outfit 5/2/09

Wedding pictures will be up later, probably in a big photo post with other pictures too. For now:

Thrifted cardigan, DIY’d bleached tank, high waisted Converse skirt, belt is from work (I about died, was digging through the belt rack looking for some brightly colored ones, when I found this one, with the original tags for $120 still on it - it was marked $6!), new Fluevog slingbacks! I am maybe showing some retro influence here, hm?

Yup, the Fluevog sale was yesterday, I was pretty happy with my haul. But I was kind of disappointed, I think the really good stuff (i.e. either of these shoes that I’ve been having serious lust for, when I got there, all that was left was a pair of 11s in each) probably went first thing on Friday morning, and what wasn’t gone then went Saturday morning - we talked to some people at a pub down the street who said people were lined up at 10 (the sale started at 11, we got there at 11:30 or so due to taking the REALLY LONG WAY on accident) and that they’d talked to someone who drove up from Atlanta (!!!). On the bright side, this means those pairs I’ve been wanting will probably start showing up on eBay since I’m sure half of the people who were there were probably just buying to resell. It was pretty busy and they kept putting out new stuff - I snagged three pairs, one of which was wrongly in the men’s section, one of which was put out while I was there, and one that was the last pair in its size (and there was only one other one left!). I looked for shoes for Ashe, but pickings were slim!

Total original retail price: $719. I paid $120. Hell. Yes. The shoes on the left are in the Angels series, the middle are in the Teapot family, and the ones on the far right look much cuter on, I promise! Pictures will probably come later.

I like Chicago so far, although the drivers are freaking insane. IN-SANE. For serious.

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4 Responses to “Daily Outfit 5/2/09”

  • Brandy says:

    love the jacket and the belt

  • You look SO cute! I love the cardigan– it’s so funky & hot.

    Nice haul on the shoes, dear! I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to find your studded ones, though :(

    If I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU! for at least keeping an eye out for Ashe shoes.


  • Michelle says:

    Thanks guys!! :)

    Oh you’ve said it more than enough Ashe!! Just wish I could have found something for you. But I’m sure we can both find some gems on eBay soon, hopefully!

  • dreamsequins says:

    Ditto on the belted cardigan!

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