Daily Outfit 5/4/09

I feel totally narcissistic doing this many outfit posts in a row, but I figure it’s better than no posts at all. Oh well!

Daily Outfit 5/4/09 by you.

Shirt by e.5.charlie, vintage silk blend scarf from work, Converse pencil skirt, Fluevog Pekoe (found out the name! they’re still on 6pm) slingback heels, bracelet from work. I felt like a chic French woman - Winona was right, it’s all in the scarf - except for a. the big skeleton on my shirt, and b. I am probably way more foulmouthed than any Parisan. This is the shirt I ordered from Karmaloop Kazbah at for eight dollars. Already totally worth it and I’m probably going to watch for more of their stuff in the future. It’s very very comfy, although a little long for my taste. I don’t think I mentioned it on here, but the other shirt ended up being sold out in every color by the time I ordered it (even though the website didn’t show it as such. THANKS KARMALOOP). I like the design so much I might just end up ordering it from Method NYC direct and paying the damn $30.
We went to the Field Museum yesterday and it was great. All kinds of geeky stuff. Today we’re going to the Sears Tower and the Shedd Aquarium and hitting one or two more thrift stores. I might go back by the Fluevog store today or tomorrow after I call to see if they have any of the Sunshines in, to see what size I’d wear (so I know before I put ‘em on lawaway). I’m still getting used to how much chillier it is here than back in Missouri - I don’t think it’s got higher than 75 the entire time we’ve been here, it was regularly hitting 80+ in the last few weeks in Joplin. What can you do, right? (except for carry a jacket with you everywhere….)

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2 Responses to “Daily Outfit 5/4/09”

  • dreamsequins says:

    I gotta do more outfit posts! I like the little scarf thing you’ve got going on. Very cute.

  • Michelle says:

    You should!! I feel really odd doing so many in a row, since I haven’t done too many in ages. It’s kind of neat to look back through the flickr album though. But I think it’s fun to look at other bloggers and see how they dress day to day. Oh and thanks, I like the scarf too :)

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