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Marvelous Monday!

May 11th, 2009 by Michelle

This is a start of a new thing here at Decline Designs. I know a lot of people have a hard time getting up and going on Monday after the break of the weekend and so, from now on, on every Monday I’ll be posting happiness-inducing tidbits, whether they be links, products, or just general Things Worth Looking At TM. In fact, another purpose of it is to keep my Things I Love Thursday list from being entirely composed of links! Enjoy, I hope it spices up your afternoon a bit!! (and yes - this was supposed to go up this morning, but I left the house at 8:30 AM without posting it and didn’t get back until now!)

  • SheBreathes has an interview with Deborah Lyons of Mechante of London. This woman makes some mouthwatering shoes.
  • Rabbit Write on what happens when you leave your hometown.
  • Ashe Mischief has been writing a wonderful series on Developing Your Wardrobe Palette.
  • Obama’s new budget eliminates abstinence only funding!!
  • These Seychelles pumps are awesome. The heels are glittery, for crying out loud! I think I need a pair in black and in gray.
  • Again with the Seychelles…these are also amazing. Metallic leather is having a moment with me, I think. Also wooden heels/platforms.
  • This post by Cheap JAP is so made of win it’s hard to put into words.

Also - I decided since I don’t have any really good photos, I’m not going to do a full Chicago recap. BUT I do have to tell those living in the Chicago area…check out Buy Choice Resale. (Yes, Gala was right. Yelp is incredibly helpful.) You NEED to do it! Kathy, the owner, is ridiculously personable and even though the shop is small - there is a lot to look and most of it is really good. Total props for also have a decent plus size section - this was not one of those places where the sizes stop at a six! Since I have taken on the slightly insane very organized task of photographing my entire wardrobe so I can import it to my iPod and create outfits using Touch Closet (I never said I wasn’t a huge dork, ok?!), I have decent pictures of my finds:

This skirt is SUPER cute in person - it’s a much truer, prettier navy than it appears here. Kind of a funny story behind it. I recognized the label as something vaguely expensive and then my curiousity was piqued even more when, seeing it at the counter, Kathy said “Ohh, this is what we in the trade refer to as a fancy schmancy brand, isn’t that right dear?” (or something to that effect - I’ve slept since then). So I went home and looked it up - it’s an Elie Tahari skirt, which, after a quick glance at ShopStyle, confirms it would probably be in the neighborhood of $200 new. I paid $21 + tax. SCORE.

I am not sure why (I think it’s the color scheme) but these remind of the circus. Which of course, meant I had to try them on! They’re marked an 8.5 but somehow fit me, although I think I need to take them to the cobbler and have him punch another hole in the strap. They’re pretty comfortable too - makes me want to buy more Seychelles (see above ;) ). These were also right around $20!

Oh and I lied. One photo from Chicago that’s too good not to share:

I’m probably just incredibly silly but this makes me giggle every time I see it.

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  1. Ashe Mischief

    Nice score on the Seychelles! When I worked at Urban Outfitters, I’m pretty sure we had those in stock (and all the gals loved them ;)

  2. dreamsequins

    Woo! You got some great buys! I love Marvelous Mondays. It’s so… Marvelous. :)

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