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Things I Love Thursday

May 14th, 2009 by Michelle
  • This song by the Ting Tings. My mom left it on the laptop when I got it, and even though it’s totally not something I’d normally listen to (what IS it?! electro-pop?) I cannot get enough of it!
  • Apricot, of Apricot Tea, started up a new website called Ask Apricot! And she is having a giveaway so be sure to check it out!
  • I’m not sure what it’s been about this week, but I haven’t had any writer’s block at all! And keep coming up with new ideas. I’ve been writing them all down of course :)
  • Chocolate cake!
  • Discovering new shoe brands to check out and scouring for sales! (although my wallet does not like this so much)
  • Both of the cats are getting fixed next week! Sweet!

That’s all I can think of right now - how is YOUR week going?

2 Responses

  1. JillVicious

    I got to laugh at local politicians, and I did a ton of work yesterday, making today easier.

    Oh, and the new Rancid video was released yesterday, and the residual awesome is still making me happy, too.

    I also thought I’d mention that I’m currently obsessed with Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. I’m not sure why.

  2. Michelle

    Oh there’s a new Rancid video?! I have to check that out! Thanks for letting me know!

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