Marvelous Monday!

This video, found via doublespeak on Livejournal, is awesome. (her aesthetic and sense of style is awesome too – her outfits are to die for!)

I agree with everything he says on education wholeheartedly!

  • Mrs. O’s No Jackie O. (And That’s A Good Thing!) at Cheap JAP. Did I already post a link to this? Hm. Oh well.
  • IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) has relaunched and is now a social networking site! It’s so much fun to poke around on, go have a look!!
  • Self Loathing Coated in Butter at Casual Blasphemies. Right on.
  • These photos of Lie Sang Bong’s F/W 09 collection are to die for.
  • You’ve probably already seen it, but this post at Queen Gilda is great. Love it.
  • Remember Dream Sequins from the wonderfulicious guest post? Of course you do! Go check out the giveaway on the blog that’s going on right now in celebration of 100 posts (yay + congrats!).
  • I have a confession to make. I really really have a magazine problem. Yesterday a friend and I went to Books A Million to get some coffee and flip through magazines, and while she was satisfied with the second PostSecret book, I lugged a stack of several magazines that was, no joke, about six inches high, to the table. Why are international magazines so much better than our’s?! I looked at AnOther, which had too many ads for my tastes, Sportswear International – which I liked, a lot, but didn’t get up ending and I was very confused by the name since I didn’t see a lick of sportswear in it!, WWD Accessories, which has a ton of good shoe eye candy and I nearly bought, W, which I did get, and Lush, which I also got. Among others which I don’t remember right now – I was looking for Lula, but alas, they don’t carry it! I didn’t actually read them before buying, just flipped through and looked at the editorials, but they looked like the best out of the bunch! Also, I’m super glad I had my 5′8″ish friend with me, because I could not reach even the second to top shelf despite the fact that I was wearing near 4″ heels. Anyways, if you have access to international magazines, I highly suggest checking Sportswear out – I’ll let you know what I think of Lush!
  • I love these B Store shoes – the heel shape is awesome. After looking at their website, I can safely say they make some cool shoes; I like these and these too. Although it looks like the second is Opening Ceremony, not B Store. Anyone heard anything about how comfy or not they are?
  • I also LOVEEEEE and want these Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. I think I would get the salmon with the black heart. So drool-worthy!
  • Not shoe or fashion related, really, BUT, a redesign is coming soon! I’ve got it mostly worked out and I am soo excited!

What’s marvelous about YOUR Monday?

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