Marvelous Monday!

  • I tried on these shoes, in black, at TJ Maxx the other day. They were super-comfy, but I thought the black was a little plain for me. Turns out Amazon has them, at the same price (for some of them anyways - the black pair was $30 in store and is $65 at Amazon), and I love the purple! I had been looking for a pair of purple shoes anyways (to match my hair!) and I think this will be it, as soon as the moving craziness dies down. Now I just need to find a nice blue pair for the next time my hair is blue.
  • I also love these shoes. The chunky heel, platform, peep toe, heel detailing, cutouts…just love it all. Not so much that it’s referred to as a clog (which is, admittedly, kind of a turn-off for me!), but it looks like a great summer shoe and pretty comfortable for a heel!
  • And due to the aforementioned moving, I won’t be taking part in this sale, but Karmaloop has some pretty awesome Naughty Monkey heels (purple again!) on sale at half off.
  • These photos of the magical world of Rowanjoy (via The Swelle Life) are positively drool-worthy. I want some. The interview is good reading too! Lovely stuff!!

That’s it for this week! Sorry for the briefness, but things are pretty crazy around here. We were supposed to move yesterday and had some setbacks, so we’re moving tomorrow. I don’t think posting will be too terribly affected, even if the internet is not set up yet at the house (fingers crossed I can get it set up ASAP!) I’ll find some place with wifi. Expect a TILT post and a style series post later this week!

You guys have to hear this story - we had scheduled for Giles to get fixed last Thursday and both of them to get their vaccines updated then too. Me, with my bright ideas, decided it would be easier to put the crate in the car and then carry the cats out to it. We tried to do so and our first mistake was that I was holding Giles and Matt was holding Wesley (Giles is rather “his” cat, and the same with Wesley and me). Giles flipped out and bolted, as there is apparently a neighbor-cat in season at this moment. He also scratched me up all to hell. I was devastated and on the verge of tears all the way to the vet with Wesley; the receptionist brightly said “Oh, well, let’s just reschedule for next week!”. To which my reply was a wailed “We’re moving to TEXAS on Sundayyyyy!”, with a lot of sniffling. I was convinced we wouldn’t be able to find him and Matt would be terribly upset and it would be all my fault. When I came back home after doing some photos with Alicia (to be posted whenever she’s done editing them!), I saw him sitting at the corner of the house. I ran over to him, elated, only to have the hussy cat from across the street run away, and Giles run back under the house. The little shit wouldn’t come out for anything, not even left-over fried chicken. Matt tried when he got home as well, to no avail. We put it out of our minds and went out to eat with his parents, then he tried again to get Giles out - no luck! He suddenly tells me he has an idea and explains it to me. I’m extremely skeptical but agree to participate anyways, as he goes outside to block off any exits from under the house. I watch as he takes the panel off in the bathroom (it’s there to make for easy access to the plumbing) and then play a video of an in heat cat that I’d found on Youtube. Giles rockets up from under the house in approximately 10.4 seconds. We rejoice in our cleverness as he looks around all disappointed.

I rescheduled and he’s getting fixed today, probably as this is being posted! So hopefully, he’ll still be a little doped up for the ride to Austin, and also hopefully his presence will calm Wesley down, who cried all the way to the vets and all the way back.

Now that I’ve told my inane crazy cat lady story, what is making YOUR Monday fabulous?!

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