Comfortable Cute Shoes Series: Privo

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually tried these out myself (yet!). But there are rave reviews on almost every pair and an employee at the store I used to work at said they were awesome and had amazing padding; so I’m going ahead!

The Brand: Privo is owned by Clarks, who also makes comfortable shoes (some are cute, some are very schoolmarm-ish). Privo “represents a fashionable alternative to sneakers with a unique mixture of athletic personality, style and of course comfort.”.

The Price Range: As far as I can tell, all of the shoes are under $120; pretty reasonable. Most are in the $70-80 range. Of course, if you look at the sales on Amazon and look on eBay, you can find a pair for a cool $20-40. Not bad!

The Comfort: Although, as stated, I haven’t actually WORN any, judging by the reviews on Zappo I’m going to go with an 8 or a 9 out of 10.

The Look: A lot of the shoes seem to be really going for the sporty look, which isn’t my thing. But there are several winners, too!

Privo Stretch Boots

Privo Stretch Boots

Privo League Mary Janes

Privo League Mary Janes

(a very similar style is available in red/burgundy as well!)

Privo Kristie Flat

Privo Kristie Flat

I LOVE these. Gray or silver and purple is always a winning combination. There’s also some adorable peep-toe flats too!

What do you think about Privo? Yay or nay? I’m sure they won’t be taking up the majority of my shoe stash any time soon, but they seem like a good place to pick up some basics.

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