Defining Your Personal Style: Having “Go-To” Outfits

This is more of a project for after you have a good grasp on your personal style, but it is definitely something to think about if you have the time! When I asked other Twitterers (is Tweeters the correct term? hm…another useless thing to ponder) what topics they’d like to see me cover, one of the suggestions was what to do when running low on time, sick, or lazy. Having “go-to” outfits solves this problem very easily!

The requirements for a go-to outfit:

  • Simple and easy to put together! Something that suits your style but is maybe pared down a little bit.
  • As few pieces as possible.

With those in mind, look at your closet and see what fits the bill. I highly suggest something one-piece, like a dress or a romper, that’s not too fancy and made out of a nice basic material (cotton, jersey, etc.). Pick out a base, then go dig through your jewelry or accessories and find one or two that accent it. I have a designated pair of flats to wear in situations like this, since I hate flip-flops (they make me feel dirty!); I highly suggest finding a pair of reasonably priced, go-with-everything, comfortable flats that can be dressed up or dressed down.

What scenario might you need a go-to outfit in, you ask?

  • You’re home sick and miserable, it’s 2 PM and you  haven’t showered yet. In the midst of lounging on your couch and watching Buffy on DVD while eating soup, you realize that you’re out of kitty litter/milk/something equally important. This means you need to brave the outside world, unfortunately!

This is the most desperate of situations and thus requires the quickest, most basic fix. Dress, flats, something to cover your hair (hat or scarf), and sunglasses to cover any eye-circles. I wouldn’t even bother with makeup, just make sure you don’t have soup speckles on your face! This is pretty similar to Gala’s incognito outfit.

  • You have the day off and have been lounging about happily all day, when you get a call from your sweetie asking if you want to go out. He or she will be there in 45 minutes.

This is slightly less dire. Since you’re not sick, I’m going to assume basic hygiene has been observed here, and that your hair looks okay – if it doesn’t, time to pull out the cute hat again. I’m telling you, an adorable hat is a totally worthwhile investment. Put on the dress, match your accessories to your shoes, put on hat if applicable, do your most basic makeup routine (which for me is concealer, loose powder foundation, blush, and mascara). Not uber fancy, but you will look pulled together and going-out-worthy.

Similar situation: your bff calls and wants to go shopping, you can wear the same outfit although of course make sure the shoes are comfy enough to shop in!

These are just two scenarios using the same dress; it helps to have another outfit in mind if say, a potential employer calls and wants you to be at a job interview in an hour. A professional outfit, a bare-bones basics outfit, an embellished version of the basic outfit – these three should get you through just about any situation. My go-to outfit would probably be my black exposed zipper Target dress (which, apparently, they aren’t selling online any more, so no link for you!) and some very, very battered Hot Topic flats with a turqoise and black rose pattern on them. It’s about time for them to pass the torch to another pair of flats and I’ve been searching for some likely candidates. Anyways, this outfit can be easily accessories with silver jewelry, is comfy enough for lounging, and looks good. What’s YOUR go-to outfit?

(might I add, that now I really want that dress? So cute!)

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17 Responses to “Defining Your Personal Style: Having “Go-To” Outfits”

  • Chelsey says:

    My go-to outfit of the present:
    Blue skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters, my feather-printed black converse, and my Dita Von Teese H&M t-shirt + whatever accessries I feel like rocking. Comfy and easy :)

  • Ainara says:

    I find this article really interesting and useful, it really is worth reading!!! Thanks for posting your “defining your style” series, I am loving reading every single bit, and I’m looking forward for more!!
    A kiss from Bilbao, Ainara

  • birdie says:

    Such a great idea! Your outfits look put together, but comfortable enough to accommodate even the sickest person.

    Also that dress IS way cute.

  • amanda lee says:

    I love this idea. I have an amazing outfit that is my go-to for days when I’m blindsided by sickness, last-minute plan changes, hangovers and unexpected opportunities–a vintage grey skirt with heels, a tank in black or a jewel tone, a neck kerchief, and some big sunglasses. Unobtrusive, glam, and uber-comfy.

    Great post! :-D

  • najeema says:

    I’ve been pondering go-to outfits recently, since I’ve become super lazy. My go-to outfit for now is straight-leg medium was jeans, a longer tank top, and my AA raglan sweater. Add some sneakers or flip flops and maybe my spike bracelet and I’m done. I actually need to get this sweater in another color since I can’t stop wearing it.

  • Michelle says:

    @Chelsey – Ohh that sounds CUTE. Funky Converse = a win.
    @Ainara – Thank you dear, you’re too sweet!! I’m really glad you like the series :) (and what a pretty name you have!)
    @Birdie – Comfort is always a good thing, especially when rushed…and yes…I think I might need to own that dress sometime soon!
    @Amanda Lee – That sounds ADORABLE and very well pulled together. I think it’s safe to say you’ve definitely mastered the art of the go-to outfit!
    @Najeema that sounds cute, but it seems like it’d be too hot for summer! (I think you’re on the East coast though, right? So brutal summers are probably not as big of a worry…)

    Thanks for reading everyone, love your comments!

  • Michelle says:

    Ehh, could I have said “I think” more in one comment? No more comments right before bedtime!

  • HauteWorld says:

    Great post! My go-to outfit would be skinny jeans, top or tee and flats. I agree a dress and romper are probably easier to coordinate, but in some cases the first outfit is actually faster to put on if you’re just going out for groceries. If I”m going out to a restaurant or something that requires me to more stylish, it’s definitely a dress though!
    HauteWorld´s last blog ..Lobby (Barcelona, Spain) My ComLuv Profile

  • Alicia says:

    Great tips, my dear!!! All of my go-tos are jeans and a white tee…LOL

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