10 More Places + Ways to Find Inspiration

After posting in the personal style series about finding inspiration, I thought I’d make another list of wacky and not-so-wacky ways to find inspiration:

  • Books! Pretty obvious, I’ll give you. Coffee table books - maybe one on a subculture? Orrr vintage fashions? Rock posters? Or of course; there’s always fiction. Alice in Wonderland is a terrific example of a fictional work that’s been used countless times for inspiration. Think of your favorite fantasy heroine - what would she wear?
  • Tarot cards. Seriously, check out Aeclectic, the artwork on some of them is fabulous! What would the Queen of Wands wear to a modern dinner party? Lounging around the house?
  • Architecture. What would the Parthenon wear if it was a person? Big Ben? The Eiffel Tower?
  • If you have a child, or a small cousin, let them dress you. Sometimes little kids pick up on things adults miss, and while you might end up looking like cupcake vomit, you might also find some unexpected combinations that look FANTASTIC.
  • Graffiti and street art! You might not have a local Fafi, but I bet there’s some beautiful work near you. Or you can just buy this book and flip through it (which is probably what I, o lazy one, will be doing - I haven’t read it but I’ve heard it’s great!)
  • Study up on art movements! Or maybe just your favorite one. Dress as Cubism for a day. Or Rococo. Or Impressionism.
  • Read about historical figures. What would the Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire wear if she was alive today? Elisabeth of Bavaria? Boudica? Marie Antoinette? Wait, I went ahead and answered that one for you:
If Marie Antoinette lived today…obviously she would love Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarintino! She carefully dyes her hair a light pink, diluting the dye with conditioner every time and changing into an old vintage slip beforehand, so that she doesn’t stain any of her clothing. She pierced her ears twice so that she can wear studs on top and dangly earrings on bottom! She wears as many hair accessories as she can fit on her head and she loves to artfully arrange her brooches into little scenes. And she always, always carries a box of macaroons in her purse in case she gets hungry while shopping! (Along with her nail polish of the day, so she can do touch-ups if need be.)
  • Look at vintage chinaware and see if you can think of a way to translate it into clothing. One of the most memorable posts that I’ve read on the Corsetmakers community on LJ was a series of corsets done to match a teacup collection.
  • Nature. Check out butterflies, flowers, natural desert rock formations, and anything else you can find for color schemes, textures, and shapes.
  • And once you’re done looking around you, look to the stars! Look at nebulae, the aurora borealis, galaxy shapes, etc.

(those last two ideas were courtesy of a blogging brainstorming session with Ashe Mischief - thank you dear!)What’s inspiring you lately?

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4 Responses to “10 More Places + Ways to Find Inspiration”

  • I love this post! Just reading it gave me inspiration and letting my mind wander showed me what ideas have been hiding under the cobwebs in there. Thank you!
    Jennifer Nicole´s last blog ..Awakened News: Link Love My ComLuv Profile

  • I agree with Jennifer Nicole, it’s a wonderful post! Just brainstorming with you brought so many interesting mental and visual ideas to mind!
    Ashe Mischief´s last blog ..The Dramatis Personae: The Duchess [Georgiana Spencer] My ComLuv Profile

  • apricot tea. says:

    Amazing post, Michelle. Just what I needed this moment, where I’m feeling very stumped about where my style is heading. You really made me think! Thank you for this. :]
    apricot tea.´s last blog ..shop apricot’s closet; summer frostings. My ComLuv Profile

  • dreamsequins says:

    I love the idea of asking a child or small cousin to dress you. Actually, I’m open to new style ideas from anyone, whether it be a friend with an entirely different look from me– or a stranger stylist. It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective on aesthetics. I also enjoy the idea of mining historic figure style. It’s obviously where designers look, so why not you? Another source of inspiration for me, as a writer and blogger are non-fashion reading sources: poetry and general culture mags like The Atlantic and New Yorker are a few of my new go-tos for inspirational vibes.
    dreamsequins´s last blog ..Can We Borrow Your Shoes? My ComLuv Profile

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