Daily Outfit 7/26/09

I thought I’d keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple, since, you know, I’ve got matching shoes and hair…

Fluevog Sigourneys
Petticoat by me
Secondhand top, amethyst necklace, jingly bracelet, and costume rose ring (over-accessorized? nahhh!)

Went to a clothing swap/housewarming party today! I brought in some stuff I hadn’t worn in a while to see if anyone else wanted it, and came out with a two dresses, accessories, and some other stuff. This top almost made it in to the swap items, actually – I think I bought this in March and have worn it twice since. I like it though, I think it’s just a case of not bothering to work it in to the rest of my wardrobe. At least with me, that’s hard to do, because I buy new things and then forget I have them after a week (which is ridiculous! I really don’t own that many clothes!) so I don’t consider them an option when making outfits in my head. Silly Michelle!

I also hadn’t worn the petticoat in a while; I think I was worried about how I’d fare wearing synthetics in this heat. The housewarming party was inside, though; and it actually does fairly well in the heat since it’s so light and airy. The airiness is almost a problem, I’m continually worrying that my butt is hanging out since the satin is so light I can’t feel it! Then there was the time when I walked outside on a windy day and the first thing that happened was my skirt hitting me in my face. Thankfully, no one was outside to witness my Marilyn Monroe-esque moment. Anyways!

And, I assume you’ll notice, I switched up my hair. I picked purple and red because it’s something I haven’t done yet; I know purple looks good but it’s been a while since I’ve done red. I’m still experimenting with my wardrobe palette, finding out what fits and what doesn’t, and I thought I’d see if I could fit some red in as an accent color – I think this will definitely make it easier, don’t you? Hopefully it’ll help me hammer down my palette some more; what I’ve got as of now are pink, purple, and blue for the main colors; with yellow, orange, and red as accents. I keep debating on green; I very rarely wear it though. Anyways, it’s Special Effects Cherry Bomb in the front; Pimpin’ Purple in the back with a little bit of RAW Purple tossed in for good measure. It’s been a while since I’ve done true purple and it was much darker then, I really like how this is a bright purple!

Also, here’s two awesome giveaways you should look at: District of Chic and the Year of Living Thriftily are both giving away winner’s choice of Mink Pink item at Chickdowntown. How cool is that?

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