A Shoe Sale of Amazonian Fluevogian Proportions!

So, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that every time I discover a new brand or find a shoe I like, I should immediately search for it on Amazon. Frequently the better price will be somewhere else, but just as frequently, Amazon has a rock-bottom price. Another tip: It’s definitely worth watching the item for a few weeks to see how the price fluctuates; generally they get marked down for a week or two, go back up (but not to full price – just $10-30 higher than the original sale price) for a week, and then prices plummet. Something like that is what’s apparently happened with the Fluevog shoes at Amazon…check these prices out! (disclaimer: affiliate links ahead!)

John Fluevog Parker $244.95 $36.74 in black

John Fluevog Erika $234.95 $107.01 (or $75.18 in Cappuchino/Ivory, or $112.29 in Cobalt/Cappuchino)

I hear spectator flats are supposed to be big for fall, now your chance to pick some up!

John Fluevog Helen $258.95 $38.84

John Fluevog Audrey $248.95 $79.66

And the pièce de résistance…

John Fluevog Body Part $358.95 $114.86

There are, of course, others as well; click this link for all of them. If I were you, I’d check out your favorite shoe brands too; I noticed some Irregular Choice shoes for super low prices too. AND, on several shoes, there’s a promotion going where if the purchase is over $80, $20 is automatically taken off. Happy shopping!

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