Daily Outfits + Photo Recaps

Yup, that’s me and my little sister. As you can see, “little” is purely referring to age here. The only reason I’m the same height as her is that I’m wearing my new JUMP boots with a bit of a heel.

They’re uber cute, although my expression is a little…off here, haha. I was telling Matt to turn the camera the other way, and then he took the picture. And never took another one. Oh well!

Target skirt, secondhand top, vintage necklace, JUMP Triptic boots. The boots are really comfy, although not quite walk-5-hours-in-first-wear comfy, which is what I did. We just really did a LOT of walking and now I’m letting my poor feet rest for a few days.

And they brought me down a surprise!

It was my mom’s when she was younger, I guess they found it in my grandma’s garage. It’s a Schwinn, I think she said it was 1963? It is a wee bit big for me, but I can still ride it and will do so with glee and abandon!

Sunday they got in town around one or two, and we went out to eat at Garcia’s, a Mexican restauarant down the road. After that, us wimminz went shopping - we hit Buffalo Exchange, which I’d only previously been to once, and I didn’t stay for very long then.  I wasn’t very impressed with it honestly, especially after hearing Cheap JAP’s tales of the NYC Buffalo Exchange. The pricing was REALLY weird - a pair of F21 shorts for $13.50 (so, you know, all of a dollar less than buying them new) and a pair of Miu Miu flats for $25. What?! Anyways, we also hit Cream Vintage, where I got a black slip skirt for a whopping $4.95. Awesome. After that and hitting a few thrift stores (and getting rained on pretty hardcore in the process, I might add), we called it a day.

Monday, we hit a few more shops and then went to Barton Springs with the intent of swimming. We changed our minds after we got there, though, and just walked around a bit.

There were lots of pigeons.

You remember my mom’s King Cavalier Spaniel, George? I spent a lot of the weekend referring to him as Georgie Porgie. He’s SO CUTE. It was hilarious though, because despite the fact that Giles is nearly as big as George (he is a pretty big cat!), he was terrified of the dog and spent a lot of time hiding behind the washer. What a scaredy cat. *rimshot*

There’s two sides to Barton Springs, separated by a fence; one side is $3 for admission, the other one has signs posted saying no swimmin allowed, but that didn’t stop anyone!

I snapped this picture of the skyline in the car, at some point during that day. It looked great outside, it was just HOT!

Then yesterday, we went to Goodbye Hello Consigment on Manchaca, where I found a pair of slightly wide-legged bermuda shorts from the Limited for $7 and got a Nine West purse for $10. She’s having a half off sale all this week and it culminates on Saturday with a $5 sale for all of the leftovers - I’ll definitely be going back, because she wasn’t done putting out the sale items by the time we left. Then we hit Atomic City, where Ashley found the Nightmare Before Christmas purse she’d been searching for ALL weekend, and I discovered a store that will be very bad for my budget - he has a great selection of Fluevogs, including several that are sold out/nearly impossible to find online, sans eBay (including some black Haights in my size, that are muchmuchmuch cuter in person than in photos). There’s a lot of other cute shoes too and the owner is super nice. Then we got ready to go to Schlitterbahn, a water park in New Braunfels…

Not the most flattering shot, but hey. I found the vintage swimsuit at Buffalo Exchange, I think it was $12, and I also found Ashley’s cute little retro number at Ross (or Marshalls, I forget) for $13, down from $115 (!!!). I did not wear the high heels to the water park, I just thought they went well with the swimsuit! My mother and Ashley were convinced that I was just trying to fix the height ratio some. Pff. I did wear the red lipstick though, ha!

The waterpark was okay, I mean…it was a waterpark, you know? Long lines, hot sun, blistering hot concrete (I’m surprised it didn’t do lasting damage to the bottoms of my feet!), wet rides. I went down one ride and nearly lost my contact + bumped my head pretty good, so I didn’t do a whole lot after that. Although it was pretty funny, because as I was sitting and waiting for everyone else to get off a ride, I saw someone pointing at me out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked and there was a group of 2 or 3 girls, probably around 13-14, one of them was pointing and one of the other ones had purple hair with pink bangs! I laughed and waved, it was pretty cute. I need to touch up my hair, in between the swimming and all of the sun exposure (one more reason I need a parasol!) it’s faded pretty badly. Will probably be doing that tonight.

My family left this morning and came by to say hi, and I won’t lie - I got a little sniffy after they left. But I’ll be seeing them again in early October (this time, we’re driving up there!), so it won’t be all that long. Not to mention I’ll be picking up a webcam soon, so I can try this newfangled Skype invention out.

Anyways - that was the end of my weekend/beginning of my week. I hope you guys are having a good week too!

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5 Responses to “Daily Outfits + Photo Recaps”

  • Love the outfits! And I’ve been lookng for a swimsuit like that for ages. Sounds like you had a great time with your family!
    Jaka Merriman´s last blog ..Absolute Beginners My ComLuv Profile

  • dreamsequins says:

    I love your retro swimsuit and your silver boots!!! It’s cute that your sister is a bit taller than you. I’m actually about 5 inches shorter than my sis, who is about 3 years younger. Yipes!
    dreamsequins´s last blog ..Tutu Crazy My ComLuv Profile

  • Michelle says:

    @Jaka - Thank you! I totally lucked out, my mom pulled it off the rack for Ashley and she didn’t like it, but I was like “Heeeeeeey…”

    @Dreamsequins - Thanks!! Haha, yeah, I’m wearing heels in both of those pictures - I think flat-footed she’s probably a good 2-3″ (at least!) taller than me, and she’s 2 1/2 years younger. I’m glad someone else knows how it feels! ;)

  • Alicia says:

    Those boots! You and sis are adorable. Score on the bike, too!

    I need to hang out with my fam soon.

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks, Alicia! The boots are Triptic by JUMP (not sure if I mentioned that up there, I probably did!) - I found them on eBay, Amazon might still have some too…

    Yeah, call me a sap, but I totally loved the family time!

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