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Marvelous Monday!

Paloma Faith - Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

Paloma Faith - Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

  • One of the best DIY’s I’ve seen in a long time: Leather OTK Boot Spats.  Hello, way to join in on a fall trend without shelling out the big bucks!
  • This editorial at Haute Macabre is effing awesome: Circus, Circus.
  • Ashe Mischief has a touching post on the anniversary of Katrina.
  • I think this is absolutely adorable. A mother and grandmother making a little girl’s back to school clothes – based on her sketches!

I guess Kirsten Dunst was filming a music video? All I know is, looking at her outfit makes me smile! Now I want a pair of pink mary janes!

How was your weekend? and I hope you have a happy Monday!

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Wardrobe Challenge: No Black

We all get stuck in our own little sartorial ruts sometimes, and when I find myself in such a rut, the easiest thing to do is to issue myself a challenge. The challenge usually makes me think outside of my usual box and gets the creativity flowing enough to push me back out of the rut and back onto the road to being happy with what I’m wearing!

Black is the easiest neutral of all, and the go-to neutral for many of us. I do love black, I won’t lie, but it has its problems. It can sap the liveliness from other colors or your complexion, not to mention the fact that every little piece of lint shows up on it! A good starter wardrobe challenge is to go a week without wearing any black (barring accessories). It can be a lot of fun and it’s a good chance to stretch your color-experimenting skills.

“What?!”, I hear you cry. “How can I go a week without wearing any black at all?!” Well, let me show you!

I find the best way to start is picking out three colors from your wardrobe palette, to keep from getting overwhelmed by all of the options. Here’s my wardrobe palette:

Staple colors: Pink, purple, and blue (all shades of all three, especially turquoise blue and jewel-toned shades)

Accent colors: Red, orange, and yellow

Neutrals: Black, gray, cream, and navy

So there’s quite a bit to work with, even without the black. In case you couldn’t tell, the palette for the above outfit is gray, yellow, and turquoise. To be fair, there are small accents of black – the band around the beret and the straps on shoes. But I think that’s okay for the challenge, since they’d be hard to remove!

To make putting the outfit together even easier, just pick a color from each of the categories. Build a base with the staple and neutral color, and then add pops of the accent color. Another option is to pick a staple color instead of a neutral, but use a light enough version of it that it can function as a neutral, shown here with pink.

It’s also important to pick different color intensities, as well. Pairing bright orange with bright turquoise with gray would be hard to pull off. But accents of a subdued orange in an outfit comprised otherwise of a  rich royal blue and a nice dove gray could look wonderful. In the above example, I used a darker, deep purple shade, with a mid-range gray and a bright yellow. There would actually be less yellow than there looks at first glance, by the way, because the yellow tank is meant to be worn under the gray one! Little extra cleavage coverage, if you will.

Obviously, I was constructing outfits that I would wear, so they might not be perfectly suited to your tastes. But the methods should definitely hold true, and I totally recommend trying to go without wearing black for at least a day or two. It helps out a lot as far as looking at your wardrobe more creatively goes.

Do you think you could go without wearing black for a day? A week, even?

(PS – if anyone knows where to find an adult sized version of the pink skirt in the 2nd Polyvore, please clue me in. I just used a kid’s skirt and sized it up…and now I’d love to have a similar skirt but can’t find one anywhere!)

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New items in the shop!

70s/80s Floral Day Dress M/L Grunge

70's/80's Floral Day Dress M/L Grunge

Lovely 70’s floral day dress, tank top straps, 100% rayon. The straps have been taken in at the shoulder, as shown in picture. In lovely condition, no flaws, zips up the back. Great dress for the last days of summer – cool and breezy on its own, but will transition nicely to fall. Can’t you just see it with a leather jacket, tights, and some ankle boots? Rowrrr!

70s Lemon Yellow Draped Dress Medium

70's Lemon Yellow Draped Dress Medium

I love this dress! I listed it under evening dresses, but it could easily be dressed up or down. Gorgeous yellow color with very flattering, almost capelet-esque draping across the front and back. Drawstrings and lace at the shoulders, as shown, and it zips up the back. The tag that was barely attached (that I took off, because it got caught in the zipper) said “dry clean only”, but I think this could probably be handwashed as well. The material isn’t marked, but it feels like either polyester or some kind of poly-blend – it’s very light and breathable. Absolutely wonderful condition!

60s/70s Mod Navy Blue/White Patterned Dress L

60's/70's Mod Navy Blue/White Patterned Dress L

Lovely 60’s dress with a scoop neck and a navy blue and white pattern. No flaws, a tag is still attached that says “Fries and Schuele – Cleveland”, and handwriting on the back has a date of 1972. Polyester fabric. The dress is a little long, but I left it that way because I didn’t want to hem it too short for any taller girls out there to enjoy it!

And don’t forget, the items I listed last week are ending tomorrow, so get your bids in now!

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Birds of a Fether

I found this video via Bitching and Junkfood:

A collaboration between Erin Fetherston and director Marissa Crawford, the video was meant to be a “fashion fairytale”. It’s a neat little video, full of eye candy – poofy skirts and sequinned masks. It comes across as very Pied Piper to me – except for the part where the “leader” ducks off down an alley at the end. Perhaps a commentary on the nature of fashion, drawing inspiration from individuals on the street that then gets translated into catwalk, and then slowly trickled back down on to the street where the trend becomes ubiquitious (everyone has joined in on the “march”, so to speak). Except by that point, the trendsetter has most likely moved on!

What did you think of the video?

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Marvelous Monday!

This week is short and sweet! (and a little photo heavy…)

  • I love that I can watch the latest season of Project Runway on Total victory for those of us who don’t watch tv or have cable! (or, uh, either in my case!)
  • I love Jaka’s Wholestyle Manifesto.

  • When the Beastie Boys Met Cross-Stitch. Hahahaha.
  • We were driving around on Saturday and I picked up an Austin Chronicle, only to see that Atomic City (which, if you’re local and haven’t already been there, is a must see. Go!) was having a half off sale on everything in the store. We were literally five minutes away so we went to check it out and Matt found a pair of Fluevogs he really liked – black and red Angels. At half off they were around $65 so he went ahead and bought them. Then he proceeded to talk the whole way home about how comfortable they are and take them out of the box at every stoplight to look at them. I just about died, it was so cute.
  • Mark Reads Twilight (So You Don’t Have To) is awesome.
  • Ms. Thought has some Stylish Thoughts on…Coco, Karl, and Feminism.

And I dropped off some shoes to be repaired/stretched (along with a pair of Matt’s boots, and a leather jacket that needs restored) this morning, so it’s shaping up to be a great week already! How was your weekend?

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There Will Always Be Something

Something what, you ask? Something bad, something icky, something to worry and obsess and nitpick over.

I’m not sure how other peoples’ body insecurities manifest, but me? I tend to pick one annoying detail and obsess over it. To no end. A few months ago it was my stomach, I was absolutely I was getting a poochy stomach and was terribly upset by it. Then it was the red bump on my nose piercing (face problems are the worst – I constantly thought people were staring at it while talking to me), then I had a short period of maybe two weeks where I didn’t hear that niggling voice in my head. And what’s really messed up is that I honestly consider myself someone with a minimum of body issues! Since I’m happy with my body overall, I generally feel pretty confident about it – except for that one thing, whatever it may be.

So, two weeks or so ago, I’m sitting on the floor playing with Wesley, sans pants (as I’m wont to do when home and not going out again for the day…we all have our quirks, ok?) and I notice something odd on my thigh. I contort myself to the point where I can see it, and  I happen to have a relatively large series of stretch marks on my inner thigh. I immediately start freaking out about it, and wail to Matt, who attempts to calm me down by saying he’s never noticed them – this doesn’t help much, as they’re still there! In the midst of my overdramatic wailing, I cried “I’ve got ugly disgusting stretch marks on my legs!”.

And this is when Matt says, “Michelle. How are they disgusting? They’re not festering, or unhealthy, or covered in germs or dirt. They’re just marks on your skin. Calm down, babe.”

Which actually struck a chord and made me stop and think for a second. After I calmed down, I realized that the very first thing I’d thought when I saw the stretch marks was “Well. I have to take sailor shorts off my wishlist now, dammit!”. All summer (yes – I know it’s August, but I hear it won’t cool down here until October!) I’ve been desperately trying in vain to find a pair of sailor-style shorts, and I’ve found a few close pairs, but nothing perfect. I’ve been searching after these shorts for two months at least and I was ready to give up on wearing them, even though I have at least two outfits planned around sailor shorts floating in my head, because of a set of stretch marks. That I hadn’t noticed until I was in a yoga-esque position without pants on, and Matt hadn’t ever noticed either (and not to be lascivious or anything, but he would be in a position to notice if anyone would!). How silly is that?!

I would never tell anyone else to do that, proving yet again that we’re our own worst critics. Friends, there will always be something to nitpick at if you wanted to! And once the habit is built of nitpicking, it is a really hard cycle to break. So no more! I will now be trying my hardest to not single out any one feature, not stretch marks or zits or poochy stomach – if I can fix it, I’ll try my best, and if I can’t, I’ll ignore it and move on. I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to stick to this goal, at least at first – but I don’t think it’s too lofty of one, and it’s definitely a healthy goal. Next time you catch yourself criticising something, or thinking “Oh I can’t wear that because of this” – think to yourself: Would I say that to a friend who was worried about the same thing? Within reason, you’ll find the answer is usually no. Exceptions are possible. One that springs to mind is a busty lady going braless and fancy free while wearing a tube top, as that usually doesn’t end well and I speak from experience. But that’s within reasonable concerns (”I don’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction”) as opposed to body image issues (”These shorts expose my pasty legs”); and so a different barrel of monkeys.

Have you ever had a body image issue that kept you from wanting to wear certain items? How’d you overcome it?

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Sale at!

Right now, is running a promotion for $20 off any order of $50 or more. I’m abstaining from shoes for a while* because, well, the rest of my wardrobe is getting mad at me for not paying attention to it, but I thought I’d pass the good news on to you and show you some of my favorites from the site:

Betseyville Olivet $94.99 $74.99 with code

I love these! They’re sort of like the Fluevog Haights, but with more of a rocker-girl edge.

Dollhouse Rembrandt $76.99 $69.99 on sale $49.99 with code

Nothing like classic wingtip detailing with a pop of color.

Charles by Charles David Gazelle $154.99 $139.99 with code

And these…these are just awesome. Cage-esque without being over the top, and as always, I’m a sucker for metal detailing.

The code to use to get the $20 off is happy20 and it’s valid until the twenty-third. Happy shopping!

*I’m keeping the definition of a while loose because I honestly don’t know how long I can go without buying shoes. Probably like, a month. Maybe two. I’ll let you know how long it lasts, ha!

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Guest Post at the Demoiselles!

I wrote a guest post for the Demoiselles and it went up today. In case you aren’t a regular reader of TD (why not?!), they have an amazing blog that covers body image issues, sexism in advertising, and a whole host of other things. I love the Demoiselles and applaud Miss Elle and Jen for their work! So definitely go check it out!

(note: there will be another, although short, post up later today. I’m having some serious issues with my wrist and I’m not sure what triggered it, as I haven’t been typing any more than  usual, but it makes typing big chunks of text pretty hard.)

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New in the shop!

Slouchy black leather 80s cowboy boots w/metal accents

Slouchy black leather 80's cowboy boots w/metal accents

Brown 70s Pleated Skirt M Boho Western

Brown 70's Pleated Skirt M Boho Western

60s Orange Plaid Day Dress Mod Medium

60's Orange Plaid Day Dress Mod Medium

Man, I love that orange dress. If it fit me a bit better I would totally keep it. It makes me think of Dorothy.

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Marvelous Monday!

Dali 1957

Dali 1957

And HOW awesome is this?! First liberty spikes ever!

Miss Blue Lips

Miss Blue Lips

How was your weekend? I hope it was fabulous!

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