Looking Forward to Fall

A chill is in the air, the leaves are starting to turn – fall is almost here! In most parts of the country, anyways – here it’s still regularly hitting 95 degrees. But it’s been raining a lot more lately, and definitely beginning to cool down (95 is better than 105!) so it’s time to start thinking about my fall wardrobe. Or more accurately, fall wardrobe philosophy – I don’t think it’s necessary to purchase new clothes every season!

For fall, I’m thinking…

  • More gray than black in outfits, with accents of dark, rich colors. Royal blue, deep purple, and wine especially.
  • Lots of hats and hair accessories! These, of course, are something I always love (but never seem to find time to make/dig out at shops), but hats are especially useful for fall.
Noir Ruffle Tank

Noir Ruffle Tank

  • More feminine shoulder accents, instead of military esque. Vintage glittery brooches pinned on, ruffles on shoulders, that sort of thing.
  • Lots of thin, light layers. Chunky sweaters are going to be in, I know, but I don’t think they’ll be very flattering on me. I especially want some long, sheer cardigans in a few different colors.

  • I’m definitely wanting a few pairs of gloves – but pretty ones, not mitten-y ones.
  • Lots of leggings and tights! Since I’m sure I’ll be able to wear a lot of skirts here, unlike Missouri, where if a skirt was worn in the dead of winter, it would be sorely regretted, no matter how many layers were involved. Specifically on my wishlist are black lace-patterned tights/socks, vertical striped thigh highs, and opaque tights in purple, yellow, and turquoise.
Buttoned Up Heart

Buttoned Up Heart

  • Chunky jewelry in slightly “off” colors. Pewter instead of silver, brass instead of gold.

  • A general feeling of destroyed elegance. Lots of deconstructed lace, shredded details, that sort of thing. But with more of a vintage frock exposed to the elements feel, instead of a grungey one.

That’s my vision for this fall and winter. I’m looking forward to experimenting some, since I won’t be quite so limited by the weather here (see: won’t have to be wearing thick socks and long sleeves and as many layers as humanly possible, all the time!).

What are you feeling for fall?

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10 Responses to “Looking Forward to Fall”

  • Betsey J says:

    I’m going to be deconstructing my clothing all over the place for fall and keeping it grungy.
    Betsey J´s last blog ..Captured: Anna Dello Russo My ComLuv Profile

  • You’re SO lucky to not have to worry about the downside to fall/winter dressing… which is how bundling up can destroy a look!

    Also, I think Fall always makes me want new clothes–it’s that back-to-school feeling ;)
    Ashe Mischief´s last blog ..IFB Presents: Links á la Mode My ComLuv Profile

  • Alicia says:

    Looking forward to light, drapey layers; leggings and cool tights; dresses (weird, I know), and cool boots.

    And I’m with Ashe; it’s hard to curb the “new clothes in fall” feeling. =D
    Alicia´s last blog ..Soon Come… My ComLuv Profile

  • Michelle says:

    That sounds lovely, BetseyJ! Deconstructed can look so, so great when it’s done well.

    Ashe – yeah, I’m looking forward to being able to think about my clothing in a way other than “Okay. It’s 25 degrees outside. What can I wear?”. ha. Fall makes me want new clothes, but I meant that, you know, it’s not necessary to buy a whole new wardrobe come every season! Unlike some people would have you believe!

    Alicia – I think a dress with a leather jacket, boots, and tights looks fabulous and that would be a great fall look. Especially for relatively moderate places – I think you’re in LA, right? So that’d be perfect! I just love boots. Half of my shoedrobe would be boots if I let myself do that!

  • Katie says:

    I’m looking forward to SPRING hehe. I love the girly dresses :)

    Katie´s last blog ..Elvira – Mistress of the Dark My ComLuv Profile

  • Kristen says:

    I love the destroyed elegance style!

  • Steff says:

    Wonderful to see that lovely ArtLab black tank with ruffle – those are perfect for any season really!
    Steff´s last blog ..kjoo + cameos = perfection My ComLuv Profile

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