Saturday Shoe Lust: Boots Edition

With the onset of fall (although it’s beginning to look like fall will never hit Austin!), I always start looking at and lusting over boots. I’m not sure what it is in particular about boots, but they bring out the worst of my shoe fascination. Or the  best of it, if you want to talk about snagging things at a deep discount after obsessively watching them for weeks on end. What’s a girl to do? Obviously, show off all of my current boots wishlist to you, in hopes that you share my love and I feel less like a freak. And then we can all obsess together! Mua ha ha. The totally healthy way to handle things.

Cri de Coeur Jessica

Cri de Coeur Jessica

Cri de Coeur shoes are high quality, handmade, and comfortable (aside from being vegan!). I love wrap-around strap details like this pair of booties has – but why are they velvet? Could there be a less practical material to make boots out of, really?! Sigh. With how much I hear it rains in Austin during winter, I’m not sure I can justify picking up a pair. I’ll probably go with their Estelle pump for the same wraparound detail, but in a more practical faux patent. If you live in a drier clime, check out Cow Jones Industrials (cutest store name EVAR) or Endless for a better sale price.

Apepazza Bologna

Apepazza Bologna

And Apepazza. You couldn’t come up with a more appealing name for this boot? What made you think of bologna?! Anyways, these boots aren’t cheap, but Apepazza is supposed to be good as far as comfort goes, and I love that they come in gray (plus have the same sort of wrap-around detail as the above booties).

Gee Wawa Larue

Gee Wawa Larue

These booties are quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Mid-range heel? Check. Cut outs? Check. Beautiful gray shade? Check. Ribbon lacing? Check. Back zip? Check. (That’s another weird detail that always catches my eye.) I’ve never heard of the brand though, so I’m hesitant to spend that much money on a pair of their shoes. This will be a pair that will be obsessively watched with hopes of it going on end-of-season clearance.

Corso Como Gianna

Corso Como Gianna

And these. I’m saving for them as we speak/type/read. I actually want the far more practical black leather but they’re styled/shot very unflatteringly in those photos, I have a strong feeling they’ll look much better in person. I was looking for a go-to boot, something I could put on with almost anything and it would look great, that would still be comfortable enough to walk in for several hours. These are it. The heel is walkable (and hello, it’s Corso Como, which means comfy!), the bow adds the perfect touch of feminine elegance, and the drop above the bow elongates the leg . Or I could just say: WANT.

Budget Buys

The boots above too rich for your wallet at the moment? Here’s some super cute pairs that won’t break the bank:

Mossimo Velika

Mossimo Velika

I’ve been looking for a pair of bootie-esque lace up shoes for months. The other day in Borders, I spotted a girl wearing these absolutely adorable shoes. She told me she got them at Target, and voila! Shoes found. They’re all man made materials (don’t look it, though!), but are comfortable and stable, judging from the reviews on the website and my quick walk up and down a few aisles in them. At that price, I’ll be picking one up now and then picking one up when they go on clearance for when the first pair wears out!

Bakers - Buttons

Bakers - Buttons

I love these boots. No, the peep toe won’t be practical for all of winter, but aren’t they cute? They’re like a sassy modern take on witchy Victorian boots. The reviews on the site say they’re comfortable, and at $60 (marked down from $90) you can afford to buy some great insoles (Superfeet, ahoy!) even if they aren’t.

Hot Kiss Shai

Hot Kiss Shai

Last but not least, Shai by Hot Kiss rings in at $50, down from $60. Love the metal detailing.

If you’re looking for something in between, I have you covered too! DSW is not very blogger friendly, so I can’t embed pictures, but the SM Zesst is a super cute slouchy suede bootie that comes in several colors (black, brown, and taupe) and is marked down to $80 from $140. There’s also the Zigi Soho Valance ruffle boot, also in suede. It comes in black, brown, and a rich royal purple – just in case you’re looking for that perfect color accent! It’s $100, which isn’t too bad, especially considering it’s knee high and real suede.

There you have it! All of the boots that have been on my mind over the last few weeks. I feel much better after sharing. So, tell me dear reader, what boots (or shoes) have you been lusting over lately?

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7 Responses to “Saturday Shoe Lust: Boots Edition”

  • Freya says:

    Yum. I’m thinking I have to buy boots as my fall purchase.

  • Alicia says:

    I want the thigh high boots that Bakers has to offer, but I’m scared that it may be a passing fancy…

    What I really want is nude mary jane wedges.
    Alicia´s last blog ..Chain, chain, chain… My ComLuv Profile

  • Those Corso Comos are de-lic-ious! And I love the buttons on the Baker’s pair, but you’d definitely need insoles because Baker’s isn’t known for their comfort!
    Fajr | Stylish Thought´s last blog ..Fall Fashion Checklist My ComLuv Profile

  • Elle says:

    Are those the lace up ankle booties you were talking about? If so, they are ADORABLE! They’re NOTHING like what I was talking about when I said “lace up ankle bootie” – they’re so much better!

    I LOVE THE APPEZAZASDAZAs! Why did you have to show me those – I need them!
    Elle´s last blog ..Guide to Vintage Coats! My ComLuv Profile

  • Michelle says:

    Freya – you can NEVER have too many boots!

    Alicia – ooh, a pair of nude mary jane wedges would be great! Have you seen the 80%20 Lily wedges? There’s a gray one that’s close to a nude color, & I can vouch for their comfortableness!

    Fajr – I know! There’s 3 reviews on the Bakers site that say they’re comfortable, but I don’t think I can believe that about a 4.5″ heel!

    Elle – Aren’t they cute?! Were you talking about the sort of granny looking lace up ankle booties? I agree with you on those, they’re not very flattering to most people…I think some can pull them off though! And yes! The Apepazzas are great! Amazon has the gray ones on sale for $220something, which still isn’t cheap, but is better than full price!

  • Those Apepazza boots are really gorgeous…!!!!

  • indiana says:

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the photos of the Target and Bakers booties. I love all those buttons! I’ve got to get in to Bakers and try those on, stat!
    indiana´s last blog ..Steller Seller: Buy Definition My ComLuv Profile

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