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So, it’s been a little over a year since I started writing here. I’ve been taking stock things over the last month or so and I thought a post about it was in order!

When I started the website, I really intended it to be a face for my online store. Obviously, things have changed since then. I’m having much better luck financially with seamstress work than than I ever did selling, and in the event that I do get back into designing & selling lines of pre-made items (which, admittedly, will probably happen – I’ve been fostering a burning desire to learn more about millinery for over a year now), I’m not sure how much effort I’ll put into my online store, since the online handmade marketplace is full of nasty things like underselling. There’s a good chance I’ll put more effort into the local market than online, at least at first. Anyways! Point being, I’ve been blogging off and on since I was 13 or so. When putting up the site, I thought “You know – I miss blogging! I’ll definitely set up a blog on here.” And that was that.

In between then and now, I’ve taken down the store and the blog has become the main focus. There are other things (like the vintage shop – which, by the way, will be re-stocked after this weekend; picking up fall/winter items in Missouri), but they’re side projects. I had forgotten how much I loved writing when I started this and very quickly remembered!

Now more to the point of the post: when naming the blog, I named it for the clothing & accessories I was making. Since that’s not the main focus any more, I don’t feel like the name fits. I’ve been waffling over this for probably 4-6 months ¬†and finally decided that I should change the name of the blog. Looking back now, I wish I’d changed it when I had started to think about it, and I’d rather do it now at one year than in two or three.

This isn’t going to happen immediately, I haven’t even decided on a new name yet (although Wicked Whimsy or Wicked & Whimsical are both strong contenders, I’d appreciate any thoughts!). I just thought I’d give you guys a heads up that a re-naming & redesign is coming soon! I’ll keep the old domain name and just have it forward to the new one; I’ve already paid for another year of it, so I might as well. When the change comes, I’d appreciate it if you would update your links, bookmarks, and RSS readers ASAP!

Aside from that, I’m so glad I’m past the one year mark now! And that I have all of you lovely people here with me. Your comments & support mean so much, they make my heart happy!

Enough sappy for this post. Onward!

As of this post being published, we’re on the road to Missouri. Wish us luck getting through Dallas unscathed. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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4 Responses to “Decline Designs: State of the Blog”

  • Tamia says:

    Great idea reviewing your original purpose and making changes accordingly. Methinks we should all be doing this on a regular basis (ignore the Medieval-speak, I watched Ever After).

    I rather like the name Wicked Whimsy. It gives me a chance to practice my increasingly annoying faux-British accent and use the “wh” sound where it should really only be a hard “w”.

    Have fun in MO!
    Tamia´s last blog ..Dig if you will these pictures My ComLuv Profile

  • Claire says:

    I, too, enjoy Wicked Whimsy. It rolls off the tongue quite nicely :)

  • I totally stink at naming things myself, but the Wicked Whimsy idea sounds like an inspired one! Also – have fun in MO!

  • Alicia says:

    Good luck babe!!!
    Alicia´s last blog ..102109 My ComLuv Profile

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