Marvelous Monday!

I typed this up Sunday morning & as of your reading this, we’re on our way back to Texas. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend (very exhausting!), but fun nonetheless. Anyways! Here you go!

  • Jen’s What About Wednesday post this week was about comparing yourself to others & how it can go wrong. I loved it!
  • Yes and Yes strikes again: How to go Vegetarian (Without Alienating Everybody or Eating Only Peanut Butter).
  • Investment Dressing: Why it’s no investment at all.
  • Older Ladies of the Street (& why I love them) at Bits & Bobbins.
  • Style Amor has some supervillainess costume inspiration for you!
  • Miss Destructo has some tips on standing out from the crowd.
  • It’s Only Life or Death” – Interview with John Unger at the Art of Nonconformity. Also, on the interviewee’s personal site, an entry about the three best things to happen to him.
  • And two great giveaways I think you should know about: win lots of fun supplements (am I the only one who gets excited by supplements? hmm.) at Ginger Won’t Snap, and you can win a free handbag at Handbag Heaven!
  • Another awesome thing about this weekend was that the thrift gods totally smiled upon us. Not only do I have lots of vintage goodies for the shop (that will be listed after dry-cleaning, of course – so look for them later this week), but we got a 60″ (or so? maybe a little bit bigger or smaller) working flatscreen HDTV for $75 at the Salvation Army. Can I get a HELL YES?! Our tv has been dead for two months or so now and we’ve been watching everything on the laptop, it will be quite the change to have an actual tv and such a large one at that!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend & are starting the week off on the right foot!

PS – After lots of skimming & marking all as read, I got my Google Reader down to zero. Of course, after this weekend of intermittent computer access it’s back up at 236 (at 10 o’clock Sunday morning). Sigh. It’s a neverending battle I tell you!

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