About Decline Designs:

Decline Designs is about making fashion fun and developing unique personal style. This site is for the woman who knows what she wants and damn the trends! From articles on developing your personal style, to the series on finding cute and comfortable shoes, there’s definitely something here for everyone. It’s about loving everything about yourself from head to toe, including the way you look!

About Michelle:

I’m a 20 year old from a tiny little town in southwestern Missouri. Seriously, my graduating class was 65 people! I’ve been making clothes since I was 14 or 15, gradually becoming more interested in the “fashion world” so-to-speak. I actually went to one semester as a fashion design/fashion merchandising double major, but it was also in a small town and it was rather more…conventional? shall we say, than my tastes. (read: the professors and most of the other students were absolutely not a huge fan of my green-and-purple mohawk!) I moved back and tried my hand at cosmetology school; it wasn’t a perfect fit either. I’ve just accepted that fashion and style are my true loves! My husband and I just moved to Buda (about 5-10 minutes south of Austin) in June and I am so excited about the opportunities living near a bigger city will offer us! Aside from writing/fashion, I love sewing, reading (mostly fantasy-type things, I love just about everything by Neil Gaiman), and my cats!

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