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Good things come to those who wait

Remember the Bronx Gillian boots? First mentioned in DECEMBER? Well. I finally got my pair.

Sorry for the huge pictures. Camera’s being a bitka again.

Anyways. How much do I love them? A LOT. They’re a teensy bit big, I just need some cushions to fix that - but it sure makes me glad I ordered two (!) sizes up! The leather is super super soft and so is the suede lining. Delicious. And they’re also comfy to boot! I only had to have the “bronx boots” search saved and emailed to me daily for, oh, four months. Totally worth it to get a $200ish pair of boots for $35 with shipping.

Also, a slightly better picture of the new hair, although I’m making an Olsen-esque face. Promise it wasn’t intentional!

I seem to have an ethereal glow. Anyways. I’m done with my gratuitiously large pictures of inane things. Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

P.S. - I, apparently, ordered the last pair of teal Inge boots in a 7.5 available. I find this crazy amusing for some reason.

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oh shoe gods…

why do you mock me so?!

Those of you who have been reading a while will remember the Bronx Gillian boots I lusted after so, only to get extremely close to getting them for $75 (retail is $175+) and then the seller told me they’d been water damaged. SIGH. Today, whilst browsing the archives of Haute Macabre, I found a link to these boots:

Black Slouch Buckle Vegan Wedge Boot

Black Slouch Buckle Vegan Wedge Boot

Which are pretty close to the feel of the Bronx boots, and I really like them (despite the fact that wedge boots are apparently highly controversial ; ) ). Only to realize that they’re out of stock and Alternative Outfitters is no longer carrying them.


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Daily Outfit 12/19/08

shirt from hot topic, necklaces are secondhand and from sweetheartsinner on etsy, bracelet is from Tryst by Kerry, petticoat is DIY! as is fascinator, tights are from target, fishnets from HT, mary janes by Sofft.
hahaha I laughed so hard, we were at Wal-Mart because Coni needed to cash her paycheck, I went to the bathroom (which, by the way, is not fun when you’re wearing a poofyass skirt, pantyhose, and thigh highs on top of the pantyhose). I was washing my hands and a WM employee walked in and said “Oh! Are you in a play?!” I smiled and said “Oh, no.” “Oh. Well. You look adorable!”. hahaha.

Jaysus. The mall was INSANE today. And so was Jo-Ann’s.

Today’s haul:

-Christmas presents for dad, mom (had to order off amazon and pay EIGHT DOLLARS for two day shipping because nobody around here carries the damn dvd *grumblegrumble*), Logan, decided to make a fascinator as the rest of Ashley’s present. also, the Dark Knight, for Matt, which I gave to him early for Christmas. We were going to watch it tonight but by the time we got home it was 8:30 and it’s over 2 1/2 hours long, since I wanted to go to bed earlyish that was a bad idea.

-got underwear and this superamazing exfoliating soap that smells like…WOAH. It’s mango mandarin soap and jeezzz it smells like rainbows and kittens and everything good. yummm. for like $6-7 together.

-this fabric on sale at Jo-Ann’s and some clearance sequiny type fabric. sale fabric will be made into a skirt, and the sequiny stuff will be a top.

-also got a wonderfully terrible leopard-and-zebra pink and black zip-up cardigan, NEW tights from Target (still packaged), a turquoise and greenish pair, and a pair of mid-calf boots for $15 from Goodwill.

I stayed under budget! Was so proud of myself!

oh and…

so cute. awwwwwww.

Sara over at Farpitzs posted this picture earlier today:

Which I guess is Dree Hemingway. But I don’t care who it is because I WANT THOSE BOOTS.

These are the closest I’ve found, they aren’t very slouchy though. These don’t have the chunky heel. These are also pretty close and I do like them, but they aren’t slouchy at all. Sara’s going to give it a go, we’ll see what comes up.

And while looking, I found these which are so delightfully…I’m not even sure I know the word. hahaha.

and these, which aren’t what I was looking for but are so badass they’re on my wist now anyways. I mean, they have writing on the heel. and sole. and a raven imprint in the leather. How can you GET cooler than that? I’m waiting on my Christmas money to buy the blue slouchy boots (I would just buy the slouch black ones, put a modified belt around ‘em, and be done with my dilemma, but all that’s left is a 10. sigh.) since Endless is having that buy two get 20% off sale. And they might be having a better deal day after Christmas.

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Lazy lazy lazy!

No outfit post for today either because it’s more of the same. See how bad I need new clothes? haha. It’s the zebra cardigan with the black tank, black pants, and Irregular Choice flats. again. I was going to wear my Day of the Dead heels but I wore them to go get my car inspected (which took like 30 minutes longer than I thought it would and I ran out of things to do halfway through, bah!) and I think I am finally giving up on them. No matter what I do they still make my feet sweat terribly and they’re a little too big despite the added insoles. Coni and Courtney and maybe Alicia if I can talk her into it (but she probably has to work) are coming over this weekend and we’re trading clothes and etc. so I’ll probably end up giving them to Coni. The thing I’m most annoyed about is that I put a pair of Insolia insoles in them and was stupid enough to *ahem* superglue them in because they kept slipping. And now that’s a waste of $10 insoles. GRR.

Oh, I forgot to add to the list of great sites from the article: ShopStyle is AWESOME! Probably old news to everyone else, but it searches across several hundred websites to find what you’re looking for, and then you can narrow it by price/color/etc. They also have a function where you can keep a “look book” and make a “look”, kind of similar to polyvores. Pretty stinkin’ neat!

I think I’ve found the boots I want. It’s either this pair:

or this one:

I wanted something with a chunkier heel originally because I’m afraid of slipping and falling, but neither of them look SUPER stiletto so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I’m leaning towards the first pair right now. I might order both and try them on, and then ship back whatever pair I don’t want.

I also found this pair of Vans flats:

Which are totally effin’ cute and I think I’ll probably get them instead of the Madden Girl zebra flats I had in mind. I think these would go with more things andddddd I’m a sucker for checkers, what can I say.

Anddddd I did some trawling on the Hot Topic site, I think I’ll probably be getting this skirt instead of the black pleated one with the pink skull in my polyvore. I like the black and pink one but I don’t want to pay nearly $60 plus shipping and handling (which would probably be another $10-20) for a skirt when I have no idea if it’s going to fit right or what the quality of it is or etc. I’m definitely still getting either the tattoo print pink scarf or the pink leopard print scarf though. Looking at the VS sweaters again, they only have up to a medium in the silk and cashmere one, and I’m not sure if a medium would fit me without getting that clingy-sleeves feeling that I hate. Lame lame lame. And I must have been REALLY tired (on second thought, I think we were watching Dark Angel, which probably explains it) when I looked at the other one, because I don’t remember it being sixty bucks. I don’t know if I want it THAT bad, especially since I can’t actually see it in black first.

I am such a procrastinator. I’m going to be making my Halloween outfit tomorrow…haha. except for the cloche, all I gotta do there is sew on the sugar skull and finish the ribbon, and it is good to go. (and so freakin cute!)

Sahweet. Someone just messaged me on flickr wanting to trade for my Transport London kitten heels!

I can’t wait ’til Saturday when I can put some color on this hair and liven it up. I cannot BELIEVE how much it’s faded in just a little over a week. I’ve shampooed it twice fer cryin’ out loud! It kind of pisses me off.

Now it’s off to work. Tonight should be awesome, because I didn’t take my normal mid-day nap. I’ve been up since around eight. Tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t, so yeah. I wish I had some caffeine.

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no picture today

Because I feel like CRAP and don’t want to think about what clothes I’m wearing and will probably end up wearing the exact same thing I wore last Monday. I don’t know what the deal is, if it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep last night and ended up sleeping from 9:30 or 10 (I had been laying in bed since about eight thirty, but I’m actually a huge dork and read the wikipedia overview of the grudge yesterday and kept imagining something coming to kill me under the covers so I had a hard time falling back asleep.) to one off and on or what but I’m headachey, nauseous, feel slightly feverish, just generally shitty. I’m seriously considering telling Sharon I want to go on a leave of absence until training is over (which is ya know, like a week and a half, so it wouldn’t be THAT long). I’m prone enough to getting really sick once every winter without lacking sleep, which not only tends to lower my immune system but also fucks with my blood sugar. I’m sure it’d piss her off though and I’m not sure if she’d let me do it. Half of me just wants to say “fuck it” and put my hours on hold now instead of waiting until the end of the year. I still haven’t explained that whole thing to my parents, I’m not looking forward to it - I’m sure I’ll get a lecture about how I’m a huge flake and a quitter and rawrawrawr but it makes sense, without both of us working full time there is no WAY we’ll be able to afford getting married and moving, especially so close to each other, not to mention that if I stayed in school I would end up getting my license RIGHT before moving, so I would end up trying to get a job straight out of school in a city where nobody knew anything about the school I came from. There’s also the fact that when I decided to re-enroll, Matt and I would be married, and thus I wouldn’t be a dependent any more, and would be able to get financial aid, instead of ending up with quite so many thousands of dollars in student loans to pay back.

On a lighter (kind of…) note, I was hearing some funny noises in the kitchen earlier today and walked in there to see Giles playing with something. I went to say something along the lines of “Giles, what the hell are you doing?!” which he is used to hearing from me, along with such affectionate phrases as “DAMMIT CAT” and “you little shit!” ahem. But I stopped midsentence because he was playing with quite possibly the biggest damn wolf spider I’ve ever seen.

(the best picture I could get, Giles wouldn’t stop batting the damn thing about)

I’m not squeamish about spiders, I grew up in a house where my dad told me to let the wolf spiders be because they ate the brown recluses (which I’ve been able to recognize since maybe 10 years old, oh living in the country is fun). But dear GOD this thing EFFING. HUGE. After Giles accidentally stepped on it and crushed the last bit of life out of it, I swept it up into a dustpan to flush down the toilet and took another picture.

It doesn’t look that big here but seriously. It was enormous.

Also I would just like to say that whatever god/dess gave me my shoe taste was a cruel one, as the first pair of shoes I’ve seen that I thought “I GUESS that could be a suitable alternative to the Bronx boots if I can’t find them” is this one. Which as you can see is nearly $300. Again, I know Frye is good stuff and all that jazz but I’m not sure if I can justify that one to myself. heh. There’s also these, which could easily be toughened up a little with a skinny studded strap wrapped around the ankle a few times. And are much more affordable. I’m still going to keep hunting for the Bronx boots though!

Oh awesome. My phone appears to be not working as well. Any time I try to make a call it just hangs up in my ear. GREAT!

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Lolitas, my closet, and swaps!

I stumbled across this letter to Jezebel (I’m guessing they published something on the lolita subculture at some point before the letter) and found it really interesting, you can find the original post here.

Hey Dodai,

I’m the girl on the left of the picture. Your post was very thoughtful and well-written. Thanks for that; very few intelligent pieces on Lolita fashion exist, and as such, I felt the need to respond to the question you posed, and to the commentors below.

Lolita culture in the US is most definitely feminist. I would not be part of it if it were regressive. Lolita is incredibly female-positive in that it takes these traditionally female signifiers like lace and bows and makes them ultra-visible in a deliberately subversive way. Simply daring to be visible and loud while female is rebellious in and of itself, but daring to be visible in a way that celebrates femalehood (in a non-Pussycat Dolls way) is very feminist. I’ve noticed a trend of denigration of traditionally female things—pink is for idiot girls like Paris Hilton, fashion is for stupid girls, etc. Lolita celebrates these things with dresses titled “Poodle Parade,” “Magical Etoile,” & “Dreaming Macaron” and brands called Metamorphose Temps de Fille (the transforming time of the girl), Angelic Pretty, and BABY, the Stars Shine Bright. There are so many food and sweets-based prints in Lolita, and in a pro-ana world it’s personally pretty refreshing to see people celebrate foods that are not celery and Diet Coke.

We certainly do not do this for the attention of men. In fact, the fashion frequently alienates them. Frequently, female sexuality is portrayed in a way that is palatable and accessible to men, and anything outside of that is intimidating. Something so unabashedly female is ultimately kind of scary—in fact, I consider it to be pretty confrontational. Dressing this way takes a certain kind of ownership of one’s own sexuality that wearing expected or regular things just does not. It doesn’t take a lot of moxie to put on a pencil skirt and flats. It’s not, as some commentors have suggested, some sort of appeal to men’s expectation that women should be childlike, or an attempt to pander to pedophiles. Pedophiles like little girls. They don’t like grown women who happen to like dresses with cakes on them. I’ve never been hit on by a pedophile while in Lolita. We don’t get into it because it is some sort of misplaced pedo complex or anything, and the objective isn’t simply to emulate little girls, despite the name Lolita. “Lolita,” I’m guessing, is another example of Japanized English—as in, “picking English words without regard to their connotation and putting them in insane contexts”—since the little girl of the novel was really a tomboy. Either way, to have the fetishes of an incredibly small portion of men dictate what I wear is ridiculous! To do so is to misunderstand the objective of Lolita, which is really a harmless subculture that does not infringe on anyone else, or infantilize women in general. It is not a symptom of any cultural ill just because its aesthetic inspiration comes from a period when women were subordinate to men. Why should I be worried about sending the ‘wrong messages’ to men? Why is that my personal responsibility? Isn’t that like saying “she was asking for it”? Is the state of feminism that precarious that my wearing a bow on my head is threatening and regressive? Where is the philosophical debate about men who wear short-shorts or sandals and how they make their gender look bad?

Lolitas are usually into the fashion because they are into fashion in general: if I have a sewing or fabric question, I ask a Lolita, because she knows raschel from cluny and broadcloth from poplin from ten yards away. More than half of my loli-friends go to fashion school. We appreciate the clothing on a very technical level. The brand names do not exploit workers. The people who sew the clothing are usually lolitas. Japanese brands do not outsource the sewing work to China, which is part of why it is so expensive. If you look at a dress closely, the craftsmanship is immaculate.

The nytimes article, while it did justice to the clothing itself, didn’t have the space to really represent what the Lolita ‘culture’ is like. It is about female community! Lolitas dress up mostly for one another—for other women. The girls group together, go out on meetups, and have close bonds. Some of my closest friendships have been formed through the fashion; last weekend I spent more than eighteen hours helping with another girl’s fashion show, and housed other girls who were helping out too. We are a very diverse group. No one is excluded on the basis of race or size or even gender (there are boys who dress in lolita: “brolitas”). It is refreshing to be part of a fashion that connects and unites rather than divides. We do, however, tend to shun those who insist on being ‘ladylike,’ because clothing should not change who you are or how you act—besides, if you’re going to dress this ridiculous, it’s pretty necessary to have a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Really, if you want to know where to ‘place’ Lolita in the continuum of progressive or regressive, my answer is—Why does it need to be placed at all?

Sorry that this is so wordy! I had a lot on my mind.


This is one of the reasons fashion and clothing, esp. in subcultures, absolutely fascinate me. I had never thought about lolita subculture in that way before. I’m too tired to really ruminate on it much right now but maybe later *shrugs*. Still pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

I said I would post a picture of my closet, I finished emptying out the rest of the Goodwill bound stuff and this is what remained:

Keep in mind, these are ALL of my clothes. Everything except for a skirt and a sweater (that I crocheted and don’t hang up for fear of stretching it out). Interview clothes, school shirts, etc. And no, I don’t have some kind of freak closet. Actually, I do, the only closet in this house is in the bathroom and looks like it was added as a last thought. Hah. Anyways! Obviously, I needs me some clothes. I’m doing some thrifting this weekend and I’d really like to find one other shirt at least to wear to work, a black tank to wear under my zebra print cardigan (75% silk, $4 at the DAV!), and another pair of black pants. As far as everyday clothes go, I would love to get more long-sleeved shirts for winter, more skirts and dresses, def. some tights and leggings, and maybe another pair of jeans to paint on, as a pair I loveddddd went in the Goodwill stack. Too small any more.

Pictures taken so I could post ‘em up at PRD for swap, which brings me to my next topic. Through another blog (wish I could remember which one - I think it was an old post on Bits and Bobbins), I found a link to SwapStyle and a Flickr group which operates on the same principle. Just from a quick glance around, the Flickr group looks like it has much more interesting things up and is a little easier to navigate, I find the navigation at SwapStyle rather cumbersome. I’ll probably post a few things up there that aren’t doing so well at PRD, I’ve got a few pairs of Irregular Choice heels I never wear. At any rate, swapping is definitely a great way to get stuff for really cheap (like, cost of shipping cheap) and it’s less wasteful than just tossing it out.

I did finish the choker but don’t have pictures yet, as I can’t find my damn mannequin to put it on. I just realized I could have put it on myself and taken pictures, but it’s kind of a PITA to put on by yourself because of the lacing. The reason I found it so frustrating is because I made these sugar skull beads to sew on, spent probably close to or over an hour painting them both.

Only to stitch them on to the choker (which is crocheted out of a cotton blend yarn) and find it all messed up because of how heavy they are. FINE. Whatever. I’ll replace my kickass beads with plastic skull beads that aren’t as cool but still look alright. Only to realize after weaving in all the ends that one of the skulls was stitched on higher and further out than the other. Soooo I had to rip it off and try again. The next time I started freaking out because I thought one of them was stitched on higher than the other. After looking closer (and hysterically asking Matt for his opinion) I realized that it just looks higher, as there are shell stitches around the bottom of the choker and one skull is over the apex of a stitch, one is between stitches. Insert large sigh of relief.

I am super psyched because one of the incredibly kind members of Craftster PM’d in relation to the Great Etsy Fiasco TM (which will be posted on more tomorrow) me to let me know that her local Ross has two different kinds of Marc Ecko bags, and to see if I wanted one/which one I wanted. So, as of sometime next week, I will be getting this bag for $30 w/shipping:

Sweet? I think so.

Still on the search for the perfect pair of flat boots to get when I get paid. I really like the Frye Veronica Shortie:

(which look cuter when broken in, believe you me - I saw them in a few photos on the iCiNG blog and that’s what made me go “Oohh, I could use a pair of those!”) But I’m not sure if even I can justify spending nearly $300 on a pair of boots. Granted, boots that will probably still be around ten years from now, but still. However, there is a very similar pair of boots by Red Wing on eBay right now for $40 + $10 shipping, which is much more justifiable. Kind of sucks ’cause money’s tight now though. But I’ll probably bid on them at least.

I think I may have screwed up my ankle by trying to yank it out of some high-top Vans without unlacing them properly first. I hope not, though, because not too long ago I sprained the same ankle and couldn’t wear heels for a week and change because of it. If I can’t wear heels now due to sheer laziness when unlacing shoes, I will be PISSED. Yes sir.

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Peep Toe Boots

Are possibly the lamest thing I’ve ever seen.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Peep toe heels are, in my experience at least, uncomfortable and a bad idea to begin with. The very nature of heels pushes your feet down and forward, which resulted in a nasty ring of blisters around my toes last time (and the only time) I wore peep-toes. Aside from the fact that I don’t really think they’re that cute to begin with. But anyways. The trend has gone on to a new height of stupidity…

I have no idea who this is. This picture just came up just came up when I googled “peep toe boots”.

So now we’ve taken an already uncomfortable trend and applied it to a kind of shoes meant to be worn in the winter and fall. I.E. cold and snow. Yes, let’s expose our toes to a Missouri winter. It will be oh-so-fashionable when they GET FROSTBITE AND FALL OFF.

I guess they’re not so bad for people who live in California or places with a similar climate. Except that they’re still pretty ugly.

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