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Marvelous Monday!

  • I tried on these shoes, in black, at TJ Maxx the other day. They were super-comfy, but I thought the black was a little plain for me. Turns out Amazon has them, at the same price (for some of them anyways - the black pair was $30 in store and is $65 at Amazon), and I love the purple! I had been looking for a pair of purple shoes anyways (to match my hair!) and I think this will be it, as soon as the moving craziness dies down. Now I just need to find a nice blue pair for the next time my hair is blue.
  • I also love these shoes. The chunky heel, platform, peep toe, heel detailing, cutouts…just love it all. Not so much that it’s referred to as a clog (which is, admittedly, kind of a turn-off for me!), but it looks like a great summer shoe and pretty comfortable for a heel!
  • And due to the aforementioned moving, I won’t be taking part in this sale, but Karmaloop has some pretty awesome Naughty Monkey heels (purple again!) on sale at half off.
  • These photos of the magical world of Rowanjoy (via The Swelle Life) are positively drool-worthy. I want some. The interview is good reading too! Lovely stuff!!

That’s it for this week! Sorry for the briefness, but things are pretty crazy around here. We were supposed to move yesterday and had some setbacks, so we’re moving tomorrow. I don’t think posting will be too terribly affected, even if the internet is not set up yet at the house (fingers crossed I can get it set up ASAP!) I’ll find some place with wifi. Expect a TILT post and a style series post later this week!

You guys have to hear this story - we had scheduled for Giles to get fixed last Thursday and both of them to get their vaccines updated then too. Me, with my bright ideas, decided it would be easier to put the crate in the car and then carry the cats out to it. We tried to do so and our first mistake was that I was holding Giles and Matt was holding Wesley (Giles is rather “his” cat, and the same with Wesley and me). Giles flipped out and bolted, as there is apparently a neighbor-cat in season at this moment. He also scratched me up all to hell. I was devastated and on the verge of tears all the way to the vet with Wesley; the receptionist brightly said “Oh, well, let’s just reschedule for next week!”. To which my reply was a wailed “We’re moving to TEXAS on Sundayyyyy!”, with a lot of sniffling. I was convinced we wouldn’t be able to find him and Matt would be terribly upset and it would be all my fault. When I came back home after doing some photos with Alicia (to be posted whenever she’s done editing them!), I saw him sitting at the corner of the house. I ran over to him, elated, only to have the hussy cat from across the street run away, and Giles run back under the house. The little shit wouldn’t come out for anything, not even left-over fried chicken. Matt tried when he got home as well, to no avail. We put it out of our minds and went out to eat with his parents, then he tried again to get Giles out - no luck! He suddenly tells me he has an idea and explains it to me. I’m extremely skeptical but agree to participate anyways, as he goes outside to block off any exits from under the house. I watch as he takes the panel off in the bathroom (it’s there to make for easy access to the plumbing) and then play a video of an in heat cat that I’d found on Youtube. Giles rockets up from under the house in approximately 10.4 seconds. We rejoice in our cleverness as he looks around all disappointed.

I rescheduled and he’s getting fixed today, probably as this is being posted! So hopefully, he’ll still be a little doped up for the ride to Austin, and also hopefully his presence will calm Wesley down, who cried all the way to the vets and all the way back.

Now that I’ve told my inane crazy cat lady story, what is making YOUR Monday fabulous?!

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Gratuitous Cute for the Day

Wesley REALLY likes the new boots. A lot. She has a habit of doing this with my other pairs of shoes too, but I’ve never caught her. (yes - it’s a she. turns out, our sex-guessing skills are really bad with the kitten in question is three weeks old.)

I swear, Giles was loving being on my lap. For some reason, he looks mad. I have a theory that our cats have two facial expressions, and two only: extremely happy and really pissed off. c

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Daily Outfit 1/1/2009

What I wore to bring in the New Year…

no talking in the library!

no talking in the library!

The pencil skirt is from, $14.99 on clearance and about $20 with shipping, it arrived the 30th.  Although I was really confused because it came in an box with a Target sticker on the side - I didn’t see the sticker and was like “umm…I didn’t order anything from Amazon…what?!”. The shirt is the DIY’d button up from Old Navy. Stencilling tutorial coming tomorrow probably. That backpatch is from my very first Clash shirt ever. *sniff* It’s getting a bit ragged.

kind of funny since the only place I actually went was to the mall to hang out for, like, two hours with some of my friends. It was quite entertaining - I don’t go shopping much any more (offline at least), and after nearly two years of the crazy hair I don’t know if I’ve just become completely oblivious to the stares or if I just wasn’t paying attention, but Alicia found the amount of stares highly amusing. Apparently, while we were eating, a woman was walking by and stared the whole way, craning her neck eventually…about to turn a corner, she looked away from me, then paused, took a few steps back, and looked again. As if it was an optical illusion. Heh.

Also - I touched up my hair (which is a pity because the bottom had FINALLY faded to pink, sigh) and got it cut, in case you can’t tell. It’s not too different in the front but muccccch shorter in the back.

I’ve done a LOT of sewing the past couple of days, and pictures will definitely be up before the end of the weekend. In the meantime, to tide you over…

he doesnt quite understand sharp objects yet...

he doesn't quite understand "sharp objects" yet...

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first off, the dress! which is darker in real life but shows up VERY aqua with flash, go figure.

as you can see, it kind of wants to bunch a bit in the back. I think some double sided tape will be in order on the big day.

here’s the crinoline (pettiskirt?):

ps- I do not recommend twirling in heels. those are relatively small heels and I almost fell over when I tried to walk straight.

and the Day of the Dead skirt I finished tonight!

with the petticoat underneath. It was kind of funny because both the petticoat and the day of the dead skirt, I kept thinking, oh my god, I wasted all that time, these look TERRIBLE! (with the sugar skull skirt, I kept thinking I looked like a kindergarten teacher, hah) and then I looked at the pictures and I was like - hey! that’s exactly what I wanted it to look like! sweet! This is one reason we need to get a full length mirror. I wonder if that ever happens to other crafters? Probably not ones who have mirrors!

and now for some gratuitous cute! (yes, again. this may well become a regular feature haha.)

I’m about to hunker down myself for the night. The weather is nastaaaaay out there (looks like there’s already an inch of ice on the roads) and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 23 degrees. LAME. It’s not supposed to get above freezing until Thursday, and then it’s supposed to rain all day. At any rate, let’s just hope we don’t lose electricity for several days like has happened to a lot of people the last two years with the ice storms. The one we got two years ago when I was still living with my parents, we were out for four days! yuck! But yes, hunkering is about to commence. Hope everyone elses’ weather is better than mine!

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so cute!

Bottle feeding abandoned kitten

Bottle feeding abandoned kitten

Tell me that doesn’t just warm your heart! I think we’re going to name him/her Wesley (since our other cat’s name is Giles…haha…get it? *cough* anyways…). He/she (I think it’s a she, but I’m not entirely for sure, so I keep bouncing around the pronouns) is kind of a handful but what can you expect, right? Wesley’s sleeping right now, I fed him this morning once I got home from taking Matt to work and after that I laid him back down, he’s been asleep almost an hour now. It kind of makes me worry for when I start working during the day - I hope he’ll be ok 8 hours alone by himself because I don’t think I’d have time to come home on my lunch break. I probably won’t be working a day shift until Saturday though, so since he should be almost three weeks old by then I’d think he’d be fine.

Anyways, on to topics that aren’t kitty-related. Like I mentioned, after some deliberation I’ve decided to keep the Betseyville boots. I’ll post a review later today, during one of Wesley’s other naps, haha. I still haven’t got my order from Wet Seal, which wouldn’t perturb me so much except that when I checked my tracking, the UPS site says it’s been in the same spot since the seventh. WTF UPS. NOT APPRECIATED. Oh wait, that was last night. Now it says it’s arrived in Lenexa, KS. About damn time. That probably means I’ll get it tomorrow, sweet. Still waiting on the zebra print leggings, the swap stuff from PRD, and my books/dvd. The books are probably going to take effing. forever. to get here because they’re being shipped media mail and I just got the shipping notice from one of them TODAY. I paid for the darn thing on Friday!! grr. That just seems a little sloppy to me.

I’ve already decided what I’m spending my shipping portion of my next check on. The Guess Borda shoes that were aforementioned, of course. At least one good bra and hopefully two. And I’m not sure if I remember how I found it - I think I found a badass Japanese punk-style vest on wists and then searched eBay, and then found this seller, etc. But I want THIS!:

Japanese Kera Punk Kimono Bow Dress

Japanese Kera Punk Kimono Bow Dress

Um. Yes please! I’m not even sure what I’d wear it with, I just know I NEED it. I also like this jacket, this skirt, and this skirt. Although I’m not a big fan of the wrap on that last one, I think it looks better with it but I’d probably be taking off or covering up the crosses or something.

We’ve started watching the second season of Dark Angel and I’m not liking it as much. Number one, Jessica Alba doesn’t look as good with straight hair, so I have no idea why they’d start styling her hair that way when it’s kind of an abrupt change for no reason. Number two, the whole Max and Logan thing is starting to irritate me. There’s a difference between holding something out for tension and dragging something out in a way that just ends up exasperating your viewers. Not to mention it looks like they’re setting up for some kind of lameass love triangle (we just finished episode two last night) and if so, YICK. I wonder if they switched writers or something between first and second season because there’s an obvious downgrade in quality already it seems to me.

We also watched the Incredible Hulk, which was alright. It wasn’t as good as everyone made it out to be, I’m sure it was a vast improvement to the first one, and Edward Norton = teh yum, that about sums it up. I wish it would have had a little more comedy or something, the only part in the movie we found really funny was the part where he says “hungry” instead of angry…and that was mostly because I made a joke about that a few weeks back, since I’m hypoglycemic and you REALLY wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry!

Now Wesley is awake again so I’m going to try and take care of him and put him back to sleep and then go take a shower. Expect the review at some point today, hopefully, I have some stuff to list on eBay as well and need to get it all done before work. I hate going in at two and getting off at ten thirty, it seriously just eats up my whole damn day. Can’t wait until I’m on a day shift!

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no picture today

Because I feel like CRAP and don’t want to think about what clothes I’m wearing and will probably end up wearing the exact same thing I wore last Monday. I don’t know what the deal is, if it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep last night and ended up sleeping from 9:30 or 10 (I had been laying in bed since about eight thirty, but I’m actually a huge dork and read the wikipedia overview of the grudge yesterday and kept imagining something coming to kill me under the covers so I had a hard time falling back asleep.) to one off and on or what but I’m headachey, nauseous, feel slightly feverish, just generally shitty. I’m seriously considering telling Sharon I want to go on a leave of absence until training is over (which is ya know, like a week and a half, so it wouldn’t be THAT long). I’m prone enough to getting really sick once every winter without lacking sleep, which not only tends to lower my immune system but also fucks with my blood sugar. I’m sure it’d piss her off though and I’m not sure if she’d let me do it. Half of me just wants to say “fuck it” and put my hours on hold now instead of waiting until the end of the year. I still haven’t explained that whole thing to my parents, I’m not looking forward to it - I’m sure I’ll get a lecture about how I’m a huge flake and a quitter and rawrawrawr but it makes sense, without both of us working full time there is no WAY we’ll be able to afford getting married and moving, especially so close to each other, not to mention that if I stayed in school I would end up getting my license RIGHT before moving, so I would end up trying to get a job straight out of school in a city where nobody knew anything about the school I came from. There’s also the fact that when I decided to re-enroll, Matt and I would be married, and thus I wouldn’t be a dependent any more, and would be able to get financial aid, instead of ending up with quite so many thousands of dollars in student loans to pay back.

On a lighter (kind of…) note, I was hearing some funny noises in the kitchen earlier today and walked in there to see Giles playing with something. I went to say something along the lines of “Giles, what the hell are you doing?!” which he is used to hearing from me, along with such affectionate phrases as “DAMMIT CAT” and “you little shit!” ahem. But I stopped midsentence because he was playing with quite possibly the biggest damn wolf spider I’ve ever seen.

(the best picture I could get, Giles wouldn’t stop batting the damn thing about)

I’m not squeamish about spiders, I grew up in a house where my dad told me to let the wolf spiders be because they ate the brown recluses (which I’ve been able to recognize since maybe 10 years old, oh living in the country is fun). But dear GOD this thing EFFING. HUGE. After Giles accidentally stepped on it and crushed the last bit of life out of it, I swept it up into a dustpan to flush down the toilet and took another picture.

It doesn’t look that big here but seriously. It was enormous.

Also I would just like to say that whatever god/dess gave me my shoe taste was a cruel one, as the first pair of shoes I’ve seen that I thought “I GUESS that could be a suitable alternative to the Bronx boots if I can’t find them” is this one. Which as you can see is nearly $300. Again, I know Frye is good stuff and all that jazz but I’m not sure if I can justify that one to myself. heh. There’s also these, which could easily be toughened up a little with a skinny studded strap wrapped around the ankle a few times. And are much more affordable. I’m still going to keep hunting for the Bronx boots though!

Oh awesome. My phone appears to be not working as well. Any time I try to make a call it just hangs up in my ear. GREAT!

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End of the Weekend

And it was wayyyy too short.

Coni and Courtney arrived, just late. It was fun though - PJ DIY day. hah. Coni made me change into PJs as soon as they got here - I got the muslin totally done for my leather jacket (should have taken some pictures while it was one) but then discovered I don’t have near enough leather. I messaged the guy on eBay I bought the original leather from, hopefully he’ll have some more (but it’s kind of a long shot because I bought it back in like, August). Totally lame because I really wanted to finish the jacket today.

and that was without the sleeves even…

BUT, I did start on a houndstooth purse reconstructed from a vintage skirt - I bought the skirt a LONG time ago, before I had an appreciation for vintage clothing (ah, the follies of youth :P ), only to be annoyed with the fact that it sat at the waist…I cut it into mini and put an insert in so that it sat at the hip. Too small for me and honestly I did kind of a sloppy job anyways. I was going through my closet, putting stuff aside for Goodwill, and found it…I couldn’t bear to throw it out because the fabric is just so nice. It’s got a great texture to it. Sooooo the skirt will become a pleated handbag, that’s this week’s project.

We also got a scrap of t-shirt fabric (from Courtney, who was doing her first t-shirt recon and was soo nervous) and made a little cape for Giles.

He did not appreciate the effort though.

I also managed to get all of my stuff (except for the hair bows, and I think I might just not relist those and leave them on my myspace, or maybe delete them altogether and just keep them for myself *shrug*) on ShopHandmade. It was pretty easy, although still tedious, because I had been hellbent on getting all the new photos up on Flickr and tagged and described them all there. So all I had to do was copy and paste.

I did have a stroke of bad luck though - I had my cell phone sitting on the chair armrest (alas, my pjs do not have pockets), and when I sat down my arm brushed it. Would you believe it, it fell RIGHT into my glass of water. I immediately took the battery out and let it dry for several hours (just put it in like 20 minutes ago, and that happened at 6 o’clock), and it looked like it worked fine. Until it started calling Coni by itself, and then when I called her back to explain, it hung up on her by itself, and then when she called me back all confused, it wouldn’t let me pick it up. Yeah. Awesome. It appears that none of the keys are working and the only way for me to answer a phone call is to have the phone closed when they call and then open it. Of course, I’m pretty broke right now and don’t have the cash to get a new phone. LAME.

I mentioned the Frye Veronica Shortie boots I was lusting over, found a similar pair on eBay and snagged ‘em for $24.99 + shipping. They’re still actual riding boots that are supposed to hold up well, so I’m happy. Check it:

The Frye boots

The eBay boots

Not exactly the same, but close enough, and over $200 cheaper. Really weird though, because they were listed as a men’s size 7, and when I had her measure the inside toe to heel, she said it was just about 10″. Which is exactly the same as my Vans toe to heel. Maybe they were a women’s shoe and she just assumed it was men’s *shrug*

I really don’t want to admit the end of the weekend is here, because tomorrow starts the training. Not sure how I’ll do with the business casual dress code (although it IS pretty lax…no jeans and a t-shirt was all I was told, which leaves a whole lot open for enterprising minds like mine), but I’ll probably post my efforts. I’ve been meaning to start doing daily outfit photos whether I post them or not, so I might as well start. But, for now, I’m giving in to reality and going to bed.

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I’m waiting on Coni and Courtney to get their asses over here, we’re doing a DIY day today…as of now they’re ten minutes late. In the meantime, though, I got pictures of the choker, as well as re-taking pictures of alllll my other inventory, aside from the hair bows. I’m trying to get them listed on ShopHandmade, which is where I’ve decided I’ll sell my things until I can get a shopping cart and such up on here, and possibly after that as well - they seem like a great site and I love the helping the environment aspect of it, but I keep running into an error with the photo uploader, so all I have up right now is the choker. I’ll post my favorite pictures from the “shoot” (aka me with a self-timer camera in front of a homemade backdrop ;) ) here…I decided if I was going to have to spend an hour and some taking pictures, I was going to have fun with it dammit!

and my personal favorite

Now I want to be a flapper for Halloween!

There’s a lot more, in fact, these don’t even touch the sewn items, but this is getting a little image heavy, so you can view the rest of my stuff here if you’d like.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize that I’m in desperate need of a root-touch up. It’ll be coming either this Tuesday (*crosses fingers*) or next Tuesday, depending on the moneyflow situation…I’m doing a different color then too, which is why I’m letting the green fade. I very much dislike the color it is now, but Coni thought it was pretty. Each their own and all that jazz.

I’m totally planning on getting a better camera with my first or second paycheck. Nothing fancy, just probably a better zoom and one that doesn’t have the damn date/time stamp function. I can’t turn it off and it drives me crazy on this camera. Then I’ll have a camera to stick in my purse and take around with me, and a nicer camera to leave at home.

Psh. As of now, they’re 25 minutes late. Losers.

Also, I’m pretty sure my cat is insane, because he is carrying around a plastic bottle cap like it’s a trophy, occasionally throwing it on the ground and batting it, then picking it up and running from room to room with it. The joys of a spazzy cat. I really wish he’d stop tearing holes in the cat pan liner because it kind of makes cleaning it out a PITA.

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