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Everyone Hail to the Pumpkin Song

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday, like so many other people out there! I’m a bit late to the game with this post, but there’s still plenty of time to come up with a kick-ass costume. Want some ideas? Here’s my three favorite costume ideas for this year:

I love the idea of a female V costume. Sleek black dress, boots, gloves, etc. It’s not as far fetched as it may seem, as in the original graphic novel Evie took up the mantle & the costume after the original V died. Cons: Having to wear a mask all night. In fact, that’s the only thing that made me decide not to do it!

I’m sure Alice in Wonderland costumes will be a big thing this year, with the release of the new Tim Burton film in March. Do a little twist on the idea by making the Queen of Hearts into a flapper! Even curvy girls can wear a flapper dress, although I’d stay away from drop-waisted dresses and just go with a sleek dress that has some fringe along the skirt. Cons: The only real con I can think of is wearing heels while walking all night & possibly drinking, but put some ball of foot inserts in and you’ll be fine!

This idea came about when Ashe mentioned on Twitter that her friend was going as Coraline. The Other Mother! Perfect opportunity to wear retro inspired clothing with a dark twist. Do red or black red lips & fingertips, a pair of black heels, and exaggerated shapes (one of the items she wears in the movie is a bustled polka dot pencil skirt, which I imagine would look fab, but couldn’t find one. DIY project, mayhaps?). She wears several different outfits in the movie, so you could do anything from something like this, to a pair of black capris with red flats and a cream sweater. The trickiest part would be the button eyes – I think a suitable solution would be getting round sunglasses & painting button holes on them. Cons: Having to wear sunglasses all night. Totally worth it, though, because you know anyone who recognized you would be worth talking to!

I will definitely be doing the Other Mother costume & maybe the Queen of Hearts costume, if I find a reason to wear two different costumes. All that means is I have to find some place to go to Friday and Saturday nights!

Need some more ideas? Check out Ashe Mischief’s two Halloween posts, Retro Chick’s suggestions, and Jennine’s ideas on costumes from your closet. In between all of these ideas, you’re sure to look great and have a good time on the best night of the year!

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what is the reasoning…

behind someone buying a leather jacket, that looks EXACTLY like most of the leather jackets out there, typical moto style, at a thrift store for $20 tops, and then trying to sell it on eBay for $200? Seriously?

I’ve been looking on eBay for moto jackets, since that Wet Seal one I was going to buy (for $26.50…sigh) is apparently discontinued. And of course the cheapest one in cotton that I can find is like $50-60 bucks, and the leather ones are higher. LAME. Time to hit the thrift stores, I guess! It doesn’t even have to be that particular style, but I REALLY need a black jacket since all my current ones (ha, I say that like I have a lot, I have all of two) are either army green or camo.

Anyways, here’s some pictures of how my Halloween costume turned out:

Those heels are the Hot Topic ones I mentioned the other day. I made the mistake of wearing them because I didn’t think they’d be THAT bad and I thought they’d look better than my flats. IT WAS HELL. Jesus. Never again with the ill-fitting, sweaty-footed, lacking-arch uncomfortable cheap heels. And I have a coworker who doesn’t understand being willing to plunk down $100 for a pair of shoes.

Anyways, I made the dress today last minute and was surprised at how well it came together. Usually when I procrastinate it has terrible results. It’s not particularly flattering on me at the moment, since straight up and down dresses are not made for girls with curves, but I’m planning on taking it in, turning the neckline into a sweetheart style, and splattering it with bleach. Should be def. wearable after that.

It was pretty funny today, I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m not sure how the subject came up, but at work I mentioned to a male coworker that I’m spending a lot of my first paycheck on clothes as a lot of my closet doesn’t fit any more or isn’t flattering. He goes “Oh, you lost weight?”. I laughed and said “No, I gained weight.” (insert face of “oh my I just made a faux-pas” here) “You look fine!” “Haha, well, I just gained about 20 pounds, and only put about an inch on my waist, the rest went to my butt and here.” *gestures at chest* He leans over and says “Your boyfriend must be very happy!”. It was hilarious, just the way he said it. I told him Matt thinks it’s great, but he doesn’t have to buy the new clothes, and he told me he thinks Matt should chip in. Fantastic idea, no? ;)

Although, I guess it’s not just the fitting issue that’s making me want to do this – for the LONGEST time I literally could not afford new clothes. If I got anything it was once every few months and it was definitely from thrift store (or like, a half off of clearance promo plus my employee discount at Hot Topic). While I worked at Target I could go shopping and afford it sometimes, but from when I quit there in April (for that STUPID barista job that turned out to be a huge bust – thanks to the lying asshole manager who wanted to pay us less than minimum wage) to now, money has been so tight I couldn’t even think about buying nice shoes or any new clothes or anything, really. And it’s been made worse by the fact that I HATED borrowing money when I was out of a job, after the barista job, so for about two months (until I started working at HT again, which wasn’t exactly oodles of money anyways) I was pretty much living off my credit card. That wasn’t helped by the fact that in the same timeframe our ASSHOLE roommate decided to move out the day before rent was due and that meant I had to buy some stuff for the apartment and put it on my credit card. I did make a few frivolous purchases, but it was seriously mostly things like food and gas. You know, the petty little things. And after starting school, I was wearing a school t-shirt and black pants most of the day Monday through Friday, so it was really easy to just throw those on without thinking and then just throw on a different t-shirt when I got home. About two months or so ago I started to realize that it just kind of made me sad, because I used to really enjoy putting together outfits and here I was just throwing whatever on, and I couldn’t buy anything to help because I didn’t have the money. Only when I went through my closet did I realize how bad it had gotten, how nothing in there fit any more and I hadn’t noticed due to wearing the same things every day. That, and buying a pair of jeans that actually fit, and didn’t cut into my waist and hips, and remember what it was like to have clothes that FIT and don’t make you feel like a fat lump of lard. So, I am so excited to have actual options. I will still, unfortunately, be spending a lot of my day in uniform (polo and khakis…awesome) but two days out of my work-week I should be able to wear nearly anything I want, and of course there’s my days off too!

Wow, I totally did not mean to write a novel about my financial history, haha. It’s off to bed for me now though, Matt’s already there and I wouldn’t want to leave him snuggleless. Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween/Samhain!

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