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How to Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors + Keep It That Way: A Guide

As you can see, I have had nearly every color under the sun. Also a mohawk. And this collage doesn’t even cover it all! One of my favorite color schemes was during a camera-less period - when it was very short with bangs, neon orange in the back, purple in the front, and a skunk-stripe of green in the bangs. At any rate, here it is now:

I get questions and comments on my hair all the time. I’ve had unnatural hair colors for nearly three years now, with a few periods of normal-ish hair. I of course can’t say it’s something I’ll do until the day I die, but I LOVE having it this way and it’s sort of become my trademark (esp. in a town as small as this one!). When I had to have “normal” hair, it just didn’t make the day as great, silly as it sounds. At any rate - this post is for those who love the candy colored hair too, and want to know how to do it to themselves (or inflict it on their friends/family…muahahaha!), or are just curious about the process!

(obvious disclaimer: I am not a professional and cannot be held accountable for any bleach and/or dye related havoc!)

How do you get it that way?

With bleach and dye, of course! For a bleaching FAQ, check here. (the other memories are also great reading!) She covers most of the basics including the color theory you need to know to work with hair, and does it well. It’s pretty basic: bleach hair, rinse out, shampoo (and condition, probably just for ease of combing, but nothing too intense, see below!), put dye on (using the same method as the bleach, to make sure you get it everywhere!), leave on for a while, rinse, tada!

Re getting hair white: It is hard, and will probably damage your hair. The first time I got any part of my hair white it was a total accident and I just kept it that way; the second time (with the green and white, where I’m making that oh-so-attractive face) I was bleaching out from purple, which made things a lot easier as it was already toned! If you’re bleaching out anything that is red or orange based (which will be almost everything except for like, an ash blonde or light brown), you’ll want to pick up some toner or make your own - I used a tiny tiny TINY (like, less than pea sized probably) of RAW purple in a bunch of conditioner and it worked great for me.

What do you use?

Mostly, Special Effects dye. I’ve always had great luck with it and found it to be the longest lasting. Punky makes a great turqoisey color (the picture with purple and green-blue mohawk? that’s Punky Apple Green) which lasted a decent chunk of time too. I’ve also had good luck with the RAW Purple Passion and True Blue. I don’t use Manic Panic a lot myself, but I’ve heard good things about After Midnight Blue. To be fair though, everyone’s hair is different - I’ve seen friends have Manic Panic’d hair wash out in literally two shampoos, but when I used it (in one of the reddish pink shades, forget what it was) it lasted a while, and I keep a tub of Vampire Red around for mixing.

Speaking of mixing - yes, you can mix semipermanent dyes! Doesn’t matter what brand, or colors (although of course there are bad ideas, like say, red and green, which will just make poop-brown). I myself really like to mix colors any more, it seems to make the result a little more multidimensional. But I also have a pretty crazy dye collection from 2ish years of this, so I know mixing is not as feasible for beginners. A note about mixing though; I’m not sure why but when you mix several dyes, the result tends to be VERY dark for the first few days until it fades a bit. See the top picture with red and blue hair? The purple on the side was mixed, and it appeared near-black for several days until fading to a rich purple. My theory is that there’s so much pigment it just takes a while for the real color to show through. That might be poppycock though.

About “permanent” and/or “professional” brightly colored dyes: I’ve personally found them to be overpriced and only last as long as SFX anyways. I’ve only seen a few in action, but there you go.

Doesn’t that fry your hair?!

Repeat after me: CANDY COLORS DO NOT DAMAGE HAIR ANY MORE THAN NATURAL ONES! Very common misconception! In fact, bleach is the only part of the process that actually damages hair - pretty much all of the dyes the average consumer can get their hands on are vegetable based semipermanent dyes, which means that they’re sort of like very very pigmented conditioner. You’ll notice that you don’t need to mix the dye with developer, meaning it contains no hydrogen peroxide at all. This very fact is why it’s ok to leave semipermanent dyes on for hours; I usually leave it on for 2-3 for maximum saturation. Some people say there’s no noticeable difference after 45 minutes, but I’ve done a few experiments and I definitely noticed a difference.

It is, of course, a great idea to invest in a protein conditioner or treatment just to make sure your hair is in tiptop shape after the bleaching (but use this AFTER the dye - you want your hair as porous as possible so that the dye will soak in well!), but unless you were trying to say, bleach out black, or are already dealing with very damaged hair, your hair will probably be fine.

How do you keep it bright so long?

It’s a pain, I’ll tell you. The main thing is not shampooing my hair in every shower - which is easy enough for me, but might be harder for some hair types. I will say that when I first starting doing this, it made my hair a little gross for about a week until my scalp adjusted to it. A lot of times, people overshampoo without knowing it, which just makes the scalp dried out, which makes it produce more oil. So when the overshampooing is stopped, the scalp is like “MOAR OIL PLZ” anyways, and it takes a while to get used to the new routine. Shampooing with dye-friendly shampoo (no sulfates for you!) also helps.

The second thing, which is not as easy, is washing your hair in cold, or at the least, lukewarm water. Hot water drains the color out like crazy. It’s a pain, for sure, but if you want to extend the life of your color, there you go! These tips work for “normal” hair colors too, and I’ve heard stylists tell them to clients who are getting red dye jobs (red is one of the hardest colors to keep in, since the color molecules are so large).

Finding a job with colored hair:

This can be tricky. As far as short term (i.e., you’re a student and just want something part time), I really liked working at Hot Topic, despite the various things you hear (”OMG dude yer a sellout!!!”), it’s on the Forbes Best 100 list, and is a fun environment. There’s also Target and Spencer’s Gifts, off the top of my head - and it never hurts to ask, either! If you’re in a bigger city, you’ll have a LOT more luck with this, especially if you’re a creative-minded individual - jobs in the arts seem to be much more accepting of funky personal style (candy colored hair, piercings, tatts, etc.). There’s also these memories in the dyed_hair community that have some suggestions. However, sometimes, unfortunately, you just have to play by the rules before you can break them (great post by Birdie!).

But you’re so pretty, why would you dye your hair THAT color?!

Because it’s my hair and I wanted to. Eff off.

Just kidding, hope none of you were planning on asking that question! My answer in person is usually a slightly more tactful “I like the color” and a smile. Unless the person in question is being intentionally rude,  in which case they might get the above answer. Or my personal favorite - “Well, THAT was rude! You must be so embarrassed.”. That works in a variety of situations, by the way.

People will stare at your new hair. I tell myself it’s because they’re not used to seeing so much concentrated awesomeness in one spot. But sometimes they just think I look dumb, which really, happens even when normal hair is had. It doesn’t bother me at all and writing about it makes me think of a situation at Target - one of my coworkers told me they loved my hair but they would NEVER be brave enough to do it. Why not?! Especially if your employer doesn’t care! Have pink hair! The happy stares and “Look, mommy, she’s like a My Little Pony/Rainbow Brite!” from five year olds will more than make up for the crotchety people who are probably just pissed off about something else and taking it out on you.

In that vein, I will share a heartwarming story, possibly my best crazy-colored-hair related one. A friend and I were at the food court in the mall; at the time her hair was light pink and mine was dark blue. A relatively “normally” dressed woman came up to us and asked if she could speak with us for a minute - we exchanged “Oh great, here we go” looks but nodded anyways. She pulls us aside and says, “Well, girls, my daughter LOVES your hair” - this is where we notice the little girl, probably around four, hiding shyly behind her mom - “but she is too shy to say anything, so she told me ‘Mom! Those girls must be rock stars, with hair like that! Can you get their autograph for me?’ ” And the mom hands us a little pink sparkly notebook.

CUTEST THING EVER. Of course we agreed. And things like that, my friends, are why having crazy hair is beyond worth it - even if I didn’t love seeing it in the mirror every morning.

So! That covered everything I could think of. Any more questions? I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability, promises!

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Good things come to those who wait

Remember the Bronx Gillian boots? First mentioned in DECEMBER? Well. I finally got my pair.

Sorry for the huge pictures. Camera’s being a bitka again.

Anyways. How much do I love them? A LOT. They’re a teensy bit big, I just need some cushions to fix that - but it sure makes me glad I ordered two (!) sizes up! The leather is super super soft and so is the suede lining. Delicious. And they’re also comfy to boot! I only had to have the “bronx boots” search saved and emailed to me daily for, oh, four months. Totally worth it to get a $200ish pair of boots for $35 with shipping.

Also, a slightly better picture of the new hair, although I’m making an Olsen-esque face. Promise it wasn’t intentional!

I seem to have an ethereal glow. Anyways. I’m done with my gratuitiously large pictures of inane things. Back to your regularly scheduled programming!

P.S. - I, apparently, ordered the last pair of teal Inge boots in a 7.5 available. I find this crazy amusing for some reason.

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Hair pictures!

Or picture, more accurately:

True Blue by RAW and Atomic Pink/Virgin Rose by Special Effects

True Blue by RAW and Atomic Pink/Virgin Rose by Special Effects

I wish the bottom was a bit less magenta and a bit more pink but I’m sure it’ll fade there given a few days. My nose piercing is still a little red, but at least I got the dried blood off it. I’m liking the stud more than I thought I would - it makes me feel very Moulin Rouge. Go figure. Also in this photo is the necklace I scored yesterday at a secondhand store (it’s looped around twice here - the second loop goes a good 4″ past my boobs, it is a LONG mofo of a necklace!) and another scarf from Hot Topic.

I will hopefully have a post of some substance up within the next 24 hours. Sweartogod. If nothing else, I’ll probably be finishing Eccentric Glamour soon (wish it was longer!) and I might post a review of it.

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here it is:

that is not a hickey on my neck. I think I would rather it was. Instead, that metal chain I was wearing on Halloween gave me an allergic reaction (which I thought it might, but thought it might not because I only wore it for a few hours, and also the itchies didn’t start ’til the next morning) so I have random itchy rashes all over my neck. BLEARGH.

it turned out so very RED. Also, it’s not uneven, there was dark brown there before so the red just made it darker. I was going for a pinky-red color but it’s just bright ass red. I’m still iffy on it, but then again, this is the first time I’ve ever done red all over, as opposed to black and red:

I was being a fairy for work, I don’t normally draw straws on my eyes.

or blue and purple and red:

holy huge photos batman.

but anyways, I think red is actually the only color I haven’t done over most of my head. so maybe that’s why  feel weird about it. I keep getting compliments on it though. Whatever, right?

we saw Zach and Miri Make A Porno today. It was alright. Definitely not as good as most of Kevin Smith’s stuff, but alright.

so excited!!! I get paid on Friday!! shopping spree, here I come!

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a heartwarming incident

We were at Crown Video today checking out the next few discs of Dark Angel and I wanted to see if they had Iron Jawed Angels because I’ve been meaning to rent it for AGES. When I went up to the counter to ask, there was an older woman checking out, and when I asked she said “Actually, I’ll stick around for this, because I’ve been trying to find it too. They didn’t have it last time I checked. I’ll probably have to get it off the internet.” “Well, I’ve been meaning to rent it for ages, and it sounds like something I’d really like, I keep hearing how good it is, so I hope they have it!” “It’s probably too radical for the likes of Joplin, Missouri, honestly…” This is when the person behind the counter tells us that nope, they don’t have it. I say “Well, I guess it’s the internet for us!” And she laughed and agreed while leaving.

It’s probably not a big deal for anyone else, but it certainly made me happy. Strangers around here being nice to me is weird enough what with the purple hair amongst other things.

Anyways, I’ve got a pile of hair dye on my head right now (semipermanent, I’m not trying to fry it), but I’ll post pictures later!

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Today’s been pretty good so far! Matt stayed home from work part of the day so we got to sleep in together and cuddle. Even if the cat was consistently trying to wake me up the last two hours or so - I’m pretty sure he gets lonely while we’re sleeping haha.

I made an entry for the aforementioned iCiNG contest:

GalaDarling Contest Entry by declinedesigns

I wanted to make something I would wear. It’s the first Polyvore I’ve ever made and I’m sure my chances of winning are extremely small, but they’re surprisingly fun to make so no loss right? Not to mention I found this pair of boots that I NEED:

Of course, the place they were linked to on Polyvore is this site, which is written in a language I don’t recognize (maybe German or something?). I can’t find them anywhere on the internet. But they’ve got all five star reviews on that site! ARGH! I wonder what the shipping would be.

(FACT: I am a huge dork.)

I also got my purse today in the mail! *jumps up and down* (I was literally doing this as I heard the mail man coming.) SmittenHeart from Craftster (her Etsy is here) was kind enough to buy it from her local ROSS for me and ship it my way. She even included a little card - what a sweetheart! :)

And! My boots! They came today as well. They’re a little big - but not uncomfortably so (I’ll probably stick an insole in ‘em just in case), I like my boots a little roomy anyways. I can walk in them for sure, and they’re comfy, and make me look badass, and that’s the most important part.

Speaking of shoes, here’s today’s outfit/makeup (CASUAL FRIDAY!):

Boots: eBay, roughly $40 w/shipping

Jeans: Converse one star, $4 at the DAV, taken in in the legs (they were flares) and brought up like, four inches. They don’t make jeans for short people I tell ya what.

Clash shirt: Clearance at Hot Topic (which reminds me, there’s a London Calling shirt I want SO BAD there…need to put it on my “to buy with paycheck” list)

Bangles: again, clearance at HT

Jacket: not sure exactly where or how much. I’m thinking it was $30 at Goody’s two or three years ago, it’s held up fairly well but is starting to come apart on lining around the armholes.

Makeup is Medusa’s makeup (which is an AWESOME brand, mineral makeup that’s cruelty free and comes in fun colors, you should totally check ‘em out!) eyelinder with some Jane black eyeshadow on top of it, and a lighter eyeshadow as a base, OPI My Big Break lipstick…I decided it was a little vampy for work by itself so I put some clear gloss over it, not sure if that helped or hurt, haha. Looking at the pictures it looks like it toned it down a lot.

You can also see my new hair color - it’s growing on me. I kind of wanted something a little redder, but the purple is red-toned enough for me and it looks pretty good. You can’t really see it in the pictures, but there’s a dark red-brown in there too, between the red purple, going all around my head. I wish that would have been a little darker as well. But eh.

I found this blog post called Shop From Your Own Closet via the IFB weekly links - it’s got some good tips. Not all of them apply to my situation - but I will be definitely taking notes of the accessories I’d like to get (more bracelets, def. some bright leggings and probably a basic black pair too) because once I do get some new clothes, they’ll GREATLY expand my options. Especially since I love wearing skirts but winter is coming fast, so leggings are a must for me. I’ve also got some clothes that don’t quite fit any more but I want to reconstruct them into something else (a shirt with a great design on it that will probably be stitched onto a skirt, a shirt with a Clash back patch from my first ever Clash shirt *sniffle* that will be put on a new top, etc.). I’m going to try and get those knocked out this weekend as well as my cloche and that purse to put on my ShopHandmade site.

There’s also a post on Retro Chick about Anya’s style on BtVS. Pretty sweet stuff!

Since I started this post off with an acronym, I’ll end it with one - TTFN!

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The bleach yesterday caused a chemical burn or gave me an allergic reaction or something. All I know is that I have a huge oozing scab/sore on the back of my head that hurts like a mofo and that I’ve been having bad headaches since. The rest of my scalp is really tender too. It kind of sucked to comb my hair, really. So it turns out today is not a skip school and sleep in day, it’s a skip school and have a vicious headache and neckache and go to the doctor day. I’ll probably be sleeping in tomorrow since Matt won’t be at work and damned if I’m going to miss a sleeping in with Matt opportunity.

The photos will be up later today and then we can decide if the haircolor was worth all this mess.

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