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what is the reasoning…

behind someone buying a leather jacket, that looks EXACTLY like most of the leather jackets out there, typical moto style, at a thrift store for $20 tops, and then trying to sell it on eBay for $200? Seriously?

I’ve been looking on eBay for moto jackets, since that Wet Seal one I was going to buy (for $26.50…sigh) is apparently discontinued. And of course the cheapest one in cotton that I can find is like $50-60 bucks, and the leather ones are higher. LAME. Time to hit the thrift stores, I guess! It doesn’t even have to be that particular style, but I REALLY need a black jacket since all my current ones (ha, I say that like I have a lot, I have all of two) are either army green or camo.

Anyways, here’s some pictures of how my Halloween costume turned out:

Those heels are the Hot Topic ones I mentioned the other day. I made the mistake of wearing them because I didn’t think they’d be THAT bad and I thought they’d look better than my flats. IT WAS HELL. Jesus. Never again with the ill-fitting, sweaty-footed, lacking-arch uncomfortable cheap heels. And I have a coworker who doesn’t understand being willing to plunk down $100 for a pair of shoes.

Anyways, I made the dress today last minute and was surprised at how well it came together. Usually when I procrastinate it has terrible results. It’s not particularly flattering on me at the moment, since straight up and down dresses are not made for girls with curves, but I’m planning on taking it in, turning the neckline into a sweetheart style, and splattering it with bleach. Should be def. wearable after that.

It was pretty funny today, I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m not sure how the subject came up, but at work I mentioned to a male coworker that I’m spending a lot of my first paycheck on clothes as a lot of my closet doesn’t fit any more or isn’t flattering. He goes “Oh, you lost weight?”. I laughed and said “No, I gained weight.” (insert face of “oh my I just made a faux-pas” here) “You look fine!” “Haha, well, I just gained about 20 pounds, and only put about an inch on my waist, the rest went to my butt and here.” *gestures at chest* He leans over and says “Your boyfriend must be very happy!”. It was hilarious, just the way he said it. I told him Matt thinks it’s great, but he doesn’t have to buy the new clothes, and he told me he thinks Matt should chip in. Fantastic idea, no? ;)

Although, I guess it’s not just the fitting issue that’s making me want to do this - for the LONGEST time I literally could not afford new clothes. If I got anything it was once every few months and it was definitely from thrift store (or like, a half off of clearance promo plus my employee discount at Hot Topic). While I worked at Target I could go shopping and afford it sometimes, but from when I quit there in April (for that STUPID barista job that turned out to be a huge bust - thanks to the lying asshole manager who wanted to pay us less than minimum wage) to now, money has been so tight I couldn’t even think about buying nice shoes or any new clothes or anything, really. And it’s been made worse by the fact that I HATED borrowing money when I was out of a job, after the barista job, so for about two months (until I started working at HT again, which wasn’t exactly oodles of money anyways) I was pretty much living off my credit card. That wasn’t helped by the fact that in the same timeframe our ASSHOLE roommate decided to move out the day before rent was due and that meant I had to buy some stuff for the apartment and put it on my credit card. I did make a few frivolous purchases, but it was seriously mostly things like food and gas. You know, the petty little things. And after starting school, I was wearing a school t-shirt and black pants most of the day Monday through Friday, so it was really easy to just throw those on without thinking and then just throw on a different t-shirt when I got home. About two months or so ago I started to realize that it just kind of made me sad, because I used to really enjoy putting together outfits and here I was just throwing whatever on, and I couldn’t buy anything to help because I didn’t have the money. Only when I went through my closet did I realize how bad it had gotten, how nothing in there fit any more and I hadn’t noticed due to wearing the same things every day. That, and buying a pair of jeans that actually fit, and didn’t cut into my waist and hips, and remember what it was like to have clothes that FIT and don’t make you feel like a fat lump of lard. So, I am so excited to have actual options. I will still, unfortunately, be spending a lot of my day in uniform (polo and khakis…awesome) but two days out of my work-week I should be able to wear nearly anything I want, and of course there’s my days off too!

Wow, I totally did not mean to write a novel about my financial history, haha. It’s off to bed for me now though, Matt’s already there and I wouldn’t want to leave him snuggleless. Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween/Samhain!

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Shopping Geekery

So it turns out that you can get Best Buy Reward Zone points for shopping online at places other than Best Buy…I spent some time last night researching where you could get them at, haha. I don’t know why they don’t advertise that more because you can get 3 pts for the dollar at Zappos, 4 pts for the dollar at Endless, and I think one point to the dollar at Wet Seal, Alloy, and Delias. I spent a lot of time looking at the Wet Seal site…holy crap they have a lot of awesome and CHEAP stuff. As I realized that I won’t be off the Sunday after I get paid when we had planned to go shopping(My schedule will probably be Saturday through Wednesday, which kind of sucks as it means I’ll get home from training at midnight on Friday and then have to get up and be at work at eight the next morning), I decided I’ll just do most of it online. This DOES take a lot of the spontaneity out of it but allows me to indulge in my list-making obsession, haha. Because I actually went and dug through the clearance at every site listed in the apparel partners section on the Best Buy site, and I found a LOT of good stuff. Which makes me glad I did that, because a lot of them are places I would NEVER look normally (the Buckle?). I guess that’s a lesson for the best of us. Anyways. I made a list of everything I liked and the prices, and then found them when I got home and added them to Polyvore to see what kind of outfits I came up with. This let me immediately see what was worth buying and what wasn’t. Here’s the results:

(side note: I always feel like a big twit publishing my Polyvores. everyone elses’ are these little works of art and intricate mood boards, and for me it’s just a quick and easy way to put outfits together and see how something will work for me)

classy punk by declinedesigns

dark school girl by declinedesigns

punk schoolgirl by declinedesigns

black and blue by declinedesigns

look #1 by declinedesigns

look #2 by declinedesigns

(the Hot Topic shirt looked like crap - you can see it here )

look #4 by declinedesigns

(again, here’s the HT shirt)

look #5 by declinedesigns

look #6 by declinedesigns

look #7 by declinedesigns

Yeah, that’s a lot. I was really surprised - I put the blazer in my items on just a whim and it turns out I actually found a lot of good uses for it. I also realized that I apparently have an insane love of turquoise and pink, especially together. I also realized that it seems I am just not drawn to long-sleeved shirts. I guess my style tends more toward layering than just wearing a long sleeved shirt to beat the cold. I’ll probably get one or two in basic colors anyways. I also went ahead and ordered the two Hot Topic shirts (that didn’t show up right) because they were marked down to half off clearance (sweet!) so it figured up to $10 each with shipping.

So, here’s how it stacks up - once I buy everything (I will probably end up waiting ’til my second paycheck for some of it, but a lot of this stuff is clearance so I want to buy all the sale stuff ASAP) I’ll have spent $235. For a jacket, a blazer, five skirts, two dresses, four shirts, and a cardigan. Which figures out to about $15 an item. Not bad! Accessories are another matter entirely, and I counted leggings as part of accessories…so yeah. That’s an extra $50 or so. Still pretty good for a near-total wardrobe overhaul. And I also want to get a few pairs of shoes too haha.

I’m planning on getting a cashmere blend sweater off eBay still, and probably getting one more pair of jeans from a thrift store, as well.

But now! I have to go put my makeup on for the Halloween party tonight at work! I’m not doing anything exciting after I get off work, so I’m pretty psyched about dressing up. Pictures will come tonight or tomorrow.

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so today…

was not so productive after all. Worked an hour and a half on a skirt that ended up looking like crap and is actually too small for the applique that consists of the design from a t-shirt that’s too small. I got frustrated and I’ve been sitting here on the couch watching the first discs of Dark Angel with Matt since. We also rented Amelie which probably won’t get watched until Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s on my list of movies to watch - I’m coming up with some movies that I want to watch for the aesthetic if nothing else, and kept seeing Amelie everywhere. Sounds like a good movie too.

Matt’s been going on about Dark Angel for a while and it’s actually not too shabby. The writing could be better (but then I hold everything up to Whedonverse standards), but the premise is interesting and the characters are strong. Also, Original Cindy KICKS ASS.

The failed skirt attempt will probably become the dropped-waist skirt of my flapper dress. I think, using it, I have enough fabric to make the dress with. The only thing is I need to come up with some kind of cover up because I’m going to be freezing my ass off, I’m sure. Maybe I’ll just wear some leggings with it, haha.

I’d really like to get some of wire and clips so I can hang up inspiration photos (I have TONS of clippings from magazines) in my sewing room. I was going to try and find a picture of what I want to do, but I can’t, rest assured it looks really cool though, according to my fine tastes and hey, what better judge is there, amirite? Or maybe I’ll be a lazyass and just get a huge corkboard. I need to do SOMETHING though because we moved at the end of August and 75% of our posters are still lying in a pile in the bedroom.

Anyways, it’s now almost midnight and I should probably go to bed so I’m not dead to the world tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll just end up coming home from school early and taking a massive nap, but eh.

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I go to school with people like this. It makes me sick. In fact I’m not even sure where to start, narrowmindedness, idiocy, bigotry…blech. The fact that someone said Obama thinks white people are trash is ridiculous. The fact that people would rather vote for someone who left a town smaller than Joplin with a several million dollar deficit, under whom rape victims were charged for their rape kits, whose preacher led an ACTUAL WITCH HUNT and ruined a woman’s life for power, than a black man, is fucking sad. I’m scared for what will happen to this country if McCain wins. The thought literally makes it hard to sleep. I’m not saying Obama is perfect, but for god’s sake look at the alternative. If I got raped today and found myself pregnant because of it, I would want to get an abortion. If McCain and Palin had their way, I wouldn’t be able to, and would be forced to either get a dangerous back-alley abortion or carry the baby to term, having to live with an obvious reminder every day of the horror I went through, and then put the baby up for adoption so it could get shuffled through the adoption/fostercare system (which, of course, we all know ALWAYS turns out the best for the kids. absolutely always.). That alone is enough to make me not want to vote for them, aside from the many other factors. And I know most of the polls lately have shown to be in Obama’s favor, but I watch thinks that like video and hear people who should really be smarter than that saying things like “Well, I’m not racist or anything, but I mean, his middle name is HUSSEIN for crying out loud!”. And I want to cry for our country’s future.

Also, the fact that the people in the video is what people think of when they think of “working class white people” just kills me. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately since I’ve been reading some up on race privilege and some comments on the articles/blog posts make it out like anyone who isn’t formally educated or middle class is automatically going to be an ignorant idiot. Which, you wouldn’t think would be an intelligent assumption, as we all know there’s several reasons people can’t or don’t go to college - money, lack of support from family, or in my case, that I just didn’t think it was right for me. Does this mean I’m an ignorant hillbilly? No. I taught myself how to read common Egyptian tomb inscriptions in eighth grade. I have read voraciously from the age of 5. I scored a 32 on my ACT. I am not an idiot. And the fact that someone would look at the way I live now or the financial bracket I’m in now and assume that I’m a bigot or that I would lower myself to vote for someone like McCain/Palin, burns me up. The one essay I have read lately that I feel addresses my POV is Hey There, Joe Six Pack, which is a pretty good read. Or I thought so anyways.

In other news, I am a bad bad girl and we didn’t actually do dishes last night, nor did I finish that damn choker. BUT this will be happening today, I swear on it! Since I won’t have a whole lot of free time in the next three weeks (after starting that blasted training), I’m going to try and get as much sewing in this weekend as possible. Including my leather jacket because it was CHILLY today. If my snaps for it get here in time! *crosses fingers*

Also, I have decided I’m going to be April O’Neil for Halloween, if I even get to do anything besides dress up at school (will have training that night. maybe they will be merciful and let us off.). Not sure where to start on the costume though, aside from my usual thrift store standbys. Will probably need to pick up a few things for work as well, to suit the business casual dress code.

Hopefully will be posting later today about the choker. It just needs the finishing touches, can’t believe it’s taken so long. But now, I need to run to the post office. Here endeth the post.

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