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Pretty Good Things

(Sorry for no post yesterday! I really have no excuse, except that I forgot which day of the week it is. Sometimes I do that.)

You remember Monday, when I mentioned that I’d won a giveaway from Pretty Good Things? Here’s the post about it!

Bun-Bun 2.0 Fascinator

Bun-Bun 2.0 Fascinator

Mary P. is the one-woman power behind Pretty Good Things, which has all sorts of wonderful and whimsical hair accessories. From the website: “The carefully crafted hats, fascinators and hair do-dads are influenced by current trends and pop culture (because PGT is with it) and also class and tradition (because PGT ain’t no hussy)!

Obviously, this is my kind of line!

I won one of the Take Flight Hair Clips in saffron yellow. It arrived startingly fast – I believe I won the contest, it shipped one or two days later, and then I received it just a day or two after that!

No sloppy packaging here – everything was loving and carefully put into the box so it would arrive safely. Mary included a business card and a handwritten note (on the back of the postcard) thanking me for entering the contest. My hair clip was under there, under all the tissue paper…

Adorable, amirite? And very well made too. I haven’t worn it out yet & in fact, might need to give the feathers a pick me up with some steam (as Mary also suggested in the note), because the cats got ahold of it the first night I had it…and then somehow miraculously got ahold of it again after I’d put it up out of their reach. Sigh. It is a testament to the quality, though, that the fascinator is still in pretty good shape aside from the feathers looking a little raggedy!

I’d definitely suggest checking the line out. Quirky, well made items that are lovely to look at are hard to find. The prices are very good too, especially considering the quality. And don’t forget to take a look at the blog, where Mary regularly runs giveaways!

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Droolworthy Indie Designer: PINaR ERIS

It all started when I saw the high waist Victorian plaid Steampunk skirt on SmashingDarling:

Do I even need to explain? No. I’ll just stare at the screen and drool.

So, then I looked up the designer’s website, and her ModelMayhem profile, and found even more goodies:

It’s a pretty perfect blend of whimsical Victorian fashion and punk influence. LOVE IT. She has an Etsy shop also!

In other news, Audi of Fashion for Nerds has finalled opened up an Etsy store with some of her gorgeous hats. And Winona at DaddyLikey is running a giveaway for a Shabby Apple dress. The dress in question isn’t something I’d wear, I don’t think, but I’m sure one of you would like it, no? And they have some other fantastic dresses, so be sure to take a look at their website.

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