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Marvelous Monday!

This video, found via doublespeak on Livejournal, is awesome. (her aesthetic and sense of style is awesome too - her outfits are to die for!)

I agree with everything he says on education wholeheartedly!

  • Mrs. O’s No Jackie O. (And That’s A Good Thing!) at Cheap JAP. Did I already post a link to this? Hm. Oh well.
  • IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) has relaunched and is now a social networking site! It’s so much fun to poke around on, go have a look!!
  • Self Loathing Coated in Butter at Casual Blasphemies. Right on.
  • These photos of Lie Sang Bong’s F/W 09 collection are to die for.
  • You’ve probably already seen it, but this post at Queen Gilda is great. Love it.
  • Remember Dream Sequins from the wonderfulicious guest post? Of course you do! Go check out the giveaway on the blog that’s going on right now in celebration of 100 posts (yay + congrats!).
  • I have a confession to make. I really really have a magazine problem. Yesterday a friend and I went to Books A Million to get some coffee and flip through magazines, and while she was satisfied with the second PostSecret book, I lugged a stack of several magazines that was, no joke, about six inches high, to the table. Why are international magazines so much better than our’s?! I looked at AnOther, which had too many ads for my tastes, Sportswear International - which I liked, a lot, but didn’t get up ending and I was very confused by the name since I didn’t see a lick of sportswear in it!, WWD Accessories, which has a ton of good shoe eye candy and I nearly bought, W, which I did get, and Lush, which I also got. Among others which I don’t remember right now - I was looking for Lula, but alas, they don’t carry it! I didn’t actually read them before buying, just flipped through and looked at the editorials, but they looked like the best out of the bunch! Also, I’m super glad I had my 5′8″ish friend with me, because I could not reach even the second to top shelf despite the fact that I was wearing near 4″ heels. Anyways, if you have access to international magazines, I highly suggest checking Sportswear out - I’ll let you know what I think of Lush!
  • I love these B Store shoes - the heel shape is awesome. After looking at their website, I can safely say they make some cool shoes; I like these and these too. Although it looks like the second is Opening Ceremony, not B Store. Anyone heard anything about how comfy or not they are?
  • I also LOVEEEEE and want these Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. I think I would get the salmon with the black heart. So drool-worthy!
  • Not shoe or fashion related, really, BUT, a redesign is coming soon! I’ve got it mostly worked out and I am soo excited!

What’s marvelous about YOUR Monday?

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Marvelous Monday!

This is a start of a new thing here at Decline Designs. I know a lot of people have a hard time getting up and going on Monday after the break of the weekend and so, from now on, on every Monday I’ll be posting happiness-inducing tidbits, whether they be links, products, or just general Things Worth Looking At TM. In fact, another purpose of it is to keep my Things I Love Thursday list from being entirely composed of links! Enjoy, I hope it spices up your afternoon a bit!! (and yes - this was supposed to go up this morning, but I left the house at 8:30 AM without posting it and didn’t get back until now!)

  • SheBreathes has an interview with Deborah Lyons of Mechante of London. This woman makes some mouthwatering shoes.
  • Rabbit Write on what happens when you leave your hometown.
  • Ashe Mischief has been writing a wonderful series on Developing Your Wardrobe Palette.
  • Obama’s new budget eliminates abstinence only funding!!
  • These Seychelles pumps are awesome. The heels are glittery, for crying out loud! I think I need a pair in black and in gray.
  • Again with the Seychelles…these are also amazing. Metallic leather is having a moment with me, I think. Also wooden heels/platforms.
  • This post by Cheap JAP is so made of win it’s hard to put into words.

Also - I decided since I don’t have any really good photos, I’m not going to do a full Chicago recap. BUT I do have to tell those living in the Chicago area…check out Buy Choice Resale. (Yes, Gala was right. Yelp is incredibly helpful.) You NEED to do it! Kathy, the owner, is ridiculously personable and even though the shop is small - there is a lot to look and most of it is really good. Total props for also have a decent plus size section - this was not one of those places where the sizes stop at a six! Since I have taken on the slightly insane very organized task of photographing my entire wardrobe so I can import it to my iPod and create outfits using Touch Closet (I never said I wasn’t a huge dork, ok?!), I have decent pictures of my finds:

This skirt is SUPER cute in person - it’s a much truer, prettier navy than it appears here. Kind of a funny story behind it. I recognized the label as something vaguely expensive and then my curiousity was piqued even more when, seeing it at the counter, Kathy said “Ohh, this is what we in the trade refer to as a fancy schmancy brand, isn’t that right dear?” (or something to that effect - I’ve slept since then). So I went home and looked it up - it’s an Elie Tahari skirt, which, after a quick glance at ShopStyle, confirms it would probably be in the neighborhood of $200 new. I paid $21 + tax. SCORE.

I am not sure why (I think it’s the color scheme) but these remind of the circus. Which of course, meant I had to try them on! They’re marked an 8.5 but somehow fit me, although I think I need to take them to the cobbler and have him punch another hole in the strap. They’re pretty comfortable too - makes me want to buy more Seychelles (see above ;) ). These were also right around $20!

Oh and I lied. One photo from Chicago that’s too good not to share:

I’m probably just incredibly silly but this makes me giggle every time I see it.

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More Link Lovin’

A few more things definitely worth adding…

-Oldie but definitely a goodie: Dressing With the Essence of Fairy Tales at iCiNG

-Sal at Already Pretty did a post on Elevator Shoes.

-An old Vogue (I think?) circus themed editorial at Dapper Kid (found via Ashe Mischief)

-Apparently Modish has a business tips section! (also found via Ashe)

I’ve also addded several great links to the sidebar - In Pursuit of Fashion, Dapper Kid, Fish Nor Fowl, Destroyx, Dream Sequins, Bonne Vie, Pony and Pink, The Curvy Fashionista, The Demoiselles, The Coveted, and Awakened Aesthetic. If I’ve left anyone out, please let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely add you!

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More Things of Note

The new VivaLaModa magazine is out, and it is definitely worth looking at! One of the designers featured is Bonzie, who’s a favorite of mine.

Love these neon cameos by KitschenSink!

Just discovered (via ads in the magazines I was flipping through) Leviticus Jewelry and I love it. Here’s my three favorite pieces:

 draped death

draped death

winged key

winged key

 pirate ships (silver)

pirate ships (silver)

Miss Elle over at Broke and Beautiful posted last week about her search for a new LBD…I immediately thought of her when I found this pattern (it even has pockets!). You can see some completed pictures of it at Pattern Review - if I end up buying it (seriously thinking about it) I’ll definitely post about how it turns out. I also found this skirt that I really like, I think I could probably construct something similar without the pattern, though.

Eclectic Eccentricity has some really cute things! (found, again, via a BUST ad) The combination of vintage bits and baubles with modern components results, in this case, in pretty romantic pieces that make me think of spring.

 Winging My Way Back To You - White

Winging My Way Back To You - White

 Hand On Heart Monkey Necklace

Hand On Heart Monkey Necklace

This is cute, but it kind of reminds me of Mrs. Coulter’s golden monkey from His Dark Materials (which I reread over the last week…SO GOOD!) and thus, squicks me out a little bit.

 Pieces Of Eight Trunk Necklace

Pieces Of Eight Trunk Necklace

 Sew Much To Do Sewing Necklace

Sew Much To Do Sewing Necklace

So cute…and so sold out. Much like the Pin All Your Hopes Vintage Brooch and the For One Night Only - Anchor Necklace.

Loving this photo shoot at Craftster. So awesome. (kind of NSFW)

Last but not least, I found this set of photos from the Circus Issue of Fashion156. (Can you tell I’ve had circus inspired fashion on the brain lately?)

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Things I Love Thursday: Link Edition

Obviously, I would normally be doing several smaller posts with links interspersed but since I’ve been non-posting obviously that’s not an option! I have, however, been keeping track of things I did want to post about, so here’s a veritable smorgasboard of link deliciousness!

Ashe Mischief posted the first in a series called Curious About Corsets and I’m looking forward to reading the rest - there’s a lot of myths about corsets and informed consumers are always a good thing!

Guest post by Fay Grimm at Yes And Yes titled 5 Ways to Show Your Sewing Machine That You Love It - adorable! And yes, my sewing machines have names. Although I’m still working on naming the Rocketeer.

New blog to watch: The Demioselles. Definitely looking forward to reading what these ladies have to say, since standard sizing is a pretty sticky subject.

I don’t think I’ve posted about Clockwork Couture here before, but it is a fabulous new(ish) steampunk-themed clothing store. The woman who runs it, Donna Ricci, regularly posts on the steamfashion community and seems to be a super-sweet person, not to mention her dedication to getting cruelty-free products is admirable. They recently updated the store with several new items, many of which are ADORABLE.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret Thigh Highs

Moulin Rouge Cabaret Thigh Highs

It is a LOT harder than you’d think to find a cute pair of vertically striped thigh highs! I’ve seen a few that were lacey in between the stripes, which is a good look but I’m so picky - these are a dead ringer for what I’ve been looking for.

Ladies Ruffle Vest

Ladie's Ruffle Vest

Great layering piece, and I love the use of ruffles to add some feminity to something traditionally viewed as more menswear.

Ladies Casual Cycling Capri Pants

Ladie's Casual Cycling Capri Pants

I used to have a pair of plaid bondage pants - these capris remind me of them, except for a lot more, ya know, feminine. I love the dusty pink color with all of the buckles and etc…I really want a pair.

The jewelry section is definitely worth looking through too - there’s gems like the Absinthe Necklace, Compass & Keys Charm Necklace, and the Laboratory Chaterlaine. Want? Yes, please.

There was a fantastic post on Craftster, showing off clothes that a Swedish design student (see her website here) made in her fashion curriculum. Definitely worth checking out - great eye candy!

Also, a random site from an ad I found in BUST - B & Lu. VERY cute fashion, starting at a size 14. In fact, I kind of want half the things from the website. The testimonials are absolutely glowing as well, and it looks like they have good cause to me - affordable, cute fashion for bigger gals, I’m just wondering why I haven’t heard of them before!

That’s about it for now, although there is of course, more to come. In my laptop-lacking boredom, I took on an old-school papercraft project (which will be posted as soon as I get it all finished), which meant going through my huge stack of old magazines. I found a lot of stuff I’d found before and forgotten about, and just a lot of neat stuff, so I’ll be posting all of that too.

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title-lacking post

Mmm yep. Nothing super interesting here. Boring khakis and polo requirement for work makes daily outfits pretty laaameeeee.

These two blog posts are amazing and you should go read them RIGHTNOW!

What Should I Wear? by the ever awesome Galadarling

You Don’t Have to Be Pretty at a Dress a Day

Who Do You Dress For? at Already Pretty

Definitely a question worth thinking about. Do you dress for yourself? Your husband/fiance/boyfriend? Impressing cute guys at shows/bars? Nothing wrong with any of these, but something to think about when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

We’re watching Hellboy II right now and it is pretty awesome. And it is also has amazing eye candy, so much so that it’s hard to take my eyes off the screen, which is why I will be ending this tiny little post now!

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