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so cute!

Bottle feeding abandoned kitten

Bottle feeding abandoned kitten

Tell me that doesn’t just warm your heart! I think we’re going to name him/her Wesley (since our other cat’s name is Giles…haha…get it? *cough* anyways…). He/she (I think it’s a she, but I’m not entirely for sure, so I keep bouncing around the pronouns) is kind of a handful but what can you expect, right? Wesley’s sleeping right now, I fed him this morning once I got home from taking Matt to work and after that I laid him back down, he’s been asleep almost an hour now. It kind of makes me worry for when I start working during the day - I hope he’ll be ok 8 hours alone by himself because I don’t think I’d have time to come home on my lunch break. I probably won’t be working a day shift until Saturday though, so since he should be almost three weeks old by then I’d think he’d be fine.

Anyways, on to topics that aren’t kitty-related. Like I mentioned, after some deliberation I’ve decided to keep the Betseyville boots. I’ll post a review later today, during one of Wesley’s other naps, haha. I still haven’t got my order from Wet Seal, which wouldn’t perturb me so much except that when I checked my tracking, the UPS site says it’s been in the same spot since the seventh. WTF UPS. NOT APPRECIATED. Oh wait, that was last night. Now it says it’s arrived in Lenexa, KS. About damn time. That probably means I’ll get it tomorrow, sweet. Still waiting on the zebra print leggings, the swap stuff from PRD, and my books/dvd. The books are probably going to take effing. forever. to get here because they’re being shipped media mail and I just got the shipping notice from one of them TODAY. I paid for the darn thing on Friday!! grr. That just seems a little sloppy to me.

I’ve already decided what I’m spending my shipping portion of my next check on. The Guess Borda shoes that were aforementioned, of course. At least one good bra and hopefully two. And I’m not sure if I remember how I found it - I think I found a badass Japanese punk-style vest on wists and then searched eBay, and then found this seller, etc. But I want THIS!:

Japanese Kera Punk Kimono Bow Dress

Japanese Kera Punk Kimono Bow Dress

Um. Yes please! I’m not even sure what I’d wear it with, I just know I NEED it. I also like this jacket, this skirt, and this skirt. Although I’m not a big fan of the wrap on that last one, I think it looks better with it but I’d probably be taking off or covering up the crosses or something.

We’ve started watching the second season of Dark Angel and I’m not liking it as much. Number one, Jessica Alba doesn’t look as good with straight hair, so I have no idea why they’d start styling her hair that way when it’s kind of an abrupt change for no reason. Number two, the whole Max and Logan thing is starting to irritate me. There’s a difference between holding something out for tension and dragging something out in a way that just ends up exasperating your viewers. Not to mention it looks like they’re setting up for some kind of lameass love triangle (we just finished episode two last night) and if so, YICK. I wonder if they switched writers or something between first and second season because there’s an obvious downgrade in quality already it seems to me.

We also watched the Incredible Hulk, which was alright. It wasn’t as good as everyone made it out to be, I’m sure it was a vast improvement to the first one, and Edward Norton = teh yum, that about sums it up. I wish it would have had a little more comedy or something, the only part in the movie we found really funny was the part where he says “hungry” instead of angry…and that was mostly because I made a joke about that a few weeks back, since I’m hypoglycemic and you REALLY wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry!

Now Wesley is awake again so I’m going to try and take care of him and put him back to sleep and then go take a shower. Expect the review at some point today, hopefully, I have some stuff to list on eBay as well and need to get it all done before work. I hate going in at two and getting off at ten thirty, it seriously just eats up my whole damn day. Can’t wait until I’m on a day shift!

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so today…

was not so productive after all. Worked an hour and a half on a skirt that ended up looking like crap and is actually too small for the applique that consists of the design from a t-shirt that’s too small. I got frustrated and I’ve been sitting here on the couch watching the first discs of Dark Angel with Matt since. We also rented Amelie which probably won’t get watched until Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s on my list of movies to watch - I’m coming up with some movies that I want to watch for the aesthetic if nothing else, and kept seeing Amelie everywhere. Sounds like a good movie too.

Matt’s been going on about Dark Angel for a while and it’s actually not too shabby. The writing could be better (but then I hold everything up to Whedonverse standards), but the premise is interesting and the characters are strong. Also, Original Cindy KICKS ASS.

The failed skirt attempt will probably become the dropped-waist skirt of my flapper dress. I think, using it, I have enough fabric to make the dress with. The only thing is I need to come up with some kind of cover up because I’m going to be freezing my ass off, I’m sure. Maybe I’ll just wear some leggings with it, haha.

I’d really like to get some of wire and clips so I can hang up inspiration photos (I have TONS of clippings from magazines) in my sewing room. I was going to try and find a picture of what I want to do, but I can’t, rest assured it looks really cool though, according to my fine tastes and hey, what better judge is there, amirite? Or maybe I’ll be a lazyass and just get a huge corkboard. I need to do SOMETHING though because we moved at the end of August and 75% of our posters are still lying in a pile in the bedroom.

Anyways, it’s now almost midnight and I should probably go to bed so I’m not dead to the world tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll just end up coming home from school early and taking a massive nap, but eh.

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