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For probably the first time…

in my life, and definitely the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of America. I know that probably sounds shitty, but I don’t really care. Think about it, Bush was first elected when I was twelve years old. I started getting interested in politics shortly afterwards…I remember, the first time I heard “gay rights” I thought the phrase was a joke. Not out of homophobia, because I simply did not understand why they would have any less rights than anyone else. Unfortunately, I got a brutal reality check when we started talking about it in class. I remember 9/11, and I remember trying to argue with my classmates about how we shouldn’t go to war with Iraq. I remember seeing photos from Abu Ghraib and being so, so disappointed and disgusted. And I was honestly so convinced that the election was going to somehow turn or be rigged for McCain that I almost didn’t dare to hope. But I was so incredibly and pleasantly surprised. I was having a really hard time not whooping and screaming at my desk last night at work when I checked the CNN page and saw that he had won. And his speech, which I read the transcript of this morning and I’m watching now, made me cry. Yes, yes we can.

Jeez and then I saw this video on iCiNG and TOTALLY lost it when the crowd started singing the Star Spangled Banner.

In other news, I went and picked up the t-shirts that need taken in from Dustin. I’m already done with them and will be dropping them off tomorrow (before I get my tatts touched up, at one). In return, he’s just going to go ahead and buy the London Calling shirt, a cool fascinator-esque hair clip, a blue plaid scarf, and some clearance panties for me at his discount and we’ll just swap. Pretty sweet! I’m debating on the Delia’s dress too now, I might be able to find a better deal for a dress on eBay or something. I’ve just never ordered anything from there so I’m a little iffy about it. There’s also a good chance that with that neckline, it will be incredibly boobtastic, and not in a flattering way. But, I’m still pretty happy because it looks like all of my stuff will be well within budget. Which means I can splurge on a certain jewelry item I’ve been wanting since like, early September. SWEET!

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I go to school with people like this. It makes me sick. In fact I’m not even sure where to start, narrowmindedness, idiocy, bigotry…blech. The fact that someone said Obama thinks white people are trash is ridiculous. The fact that people would rather vote for someone who left a town smaller than Joplin with a several million dollar deficit, under whom rape victims were charged for their rape kits, whose preacher led an ACTUAL WITCH HUNT and ruined a woman’s life for power, than a black man, is fucking sad. I’m scared for what will happen to this country if McCain wins. The thought literally makes it hard to sleep. I’m not saying Obama is perfect, but for god’s sake look at the alternative. If I got raped today and found myself pregnant because of it, I would want to get an abortion. If McCain and Palin had their way, I wouldn’t be able to, and would be forced to either get a dangerous back-alley abortion or carry the baby to term, having to live with an obvious reminder every day of the horror I went through, and then put the baby up for adoption so it could get shuffled through the adoption/fostercare system (which, of course, we all know ALWAYS turns out the best for the kids. absolutely always.). That alone is enough to make me not want to vote for them, aside from the many other factors. And I know most of the polls lately have shown to be in Obama’s favor, but I watch thinks that like video and hear people who should really be smarter than that saying things like “Well, I’m not racist or anything, but I mean, his middle name is HUSSEIN for crying out loud!”. And I want to cry for our country’s future.

Also, the fact that the people in the video is what people think of when they think of “working class white people” just kills me. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately since I’ve been reading some up on race privilege and some comments on the articles/blog posts make it out like anyone who isn’t formally educated or middle class is automatically going to be an ignorant idiot. Which, you wouldn’t think would be an intelligent assumption, as we all know there’s several reasons people can’t or don’t go to college - money, lack of support from family, or in my case, that I just didn’t think it was right for me. Does this mean I’m an ignorant hillbilly? No. I taught myself how to read common Egyptian tomb inscriptions in eighth grade. I have read voraciously from the age of 5. I scored a 32 on my ACT. I am not an idiot. And the fact that someone would look at the way I live now or the financial bracket I’m in now and assume that I’m a bigot or that I would lower myself to vote for someone like McCain/Palin, burns me up. The one essay I have read lately that I feel addresses my POV is Hey There, Joe Six Pack, which is a pretty good read. Or I thought so anyways.

In other news, I am a bad bad girl and we didn’t actually do dishes last night, nor did I finish that damn choker. BUT this will be happening today, I swear on it! Since I won’t have a whole lot of free time in the next three weeks (after starting that blasted training), I’m going to try and get as much sewing in this weekend as possible. Including my leather jacket because it was CHILLY today. If my snaps for it get here in time! *crosses fingers*

Also, I have decided I’m going to be April O’Neil for Halloween, if I even get to do anything besides dress up at school (will have training that night. maybe they will be merciful and let us off.). Not sure where to start on the costume though, aside from my usual thrift store standbys. Will probably need to pick up a few things for work as well, to suit the business casual dress code.

Hopefully will be posting later today about the choker. It just needs the finishing touches, can’t believe it’s taken so long. But now, I need to run to the post office. Here endeth the post.

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