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Eye Candy: Dances of Vice

So it’s been mentioned several times on the steamfashion community, and Doe Deere mentioned going to it, but I didn’t put two and two together until I saw the picture of Xenia in the photostream. And oh my gods, the outfits were GORGEOUS. Drool.

My favorites:

Blue hair FTW! God I miss mine. As soon as I can afford the bleach and hair dye (well, and it’s after the Easter get-together, trying to be nice to my grandpa…) my hair is SO magenta. And blue. And maybe purple. Maybe I can make it work this time?


I looooove how it looks like the front of her skirt is made of peacock feathers.

She looks like a gorgeous wood nymph, all ready to frolic!

And my absolute favorite…

I want that dress! Speaking of the dresses, several of them were done by Apatico - unfortunately the online shop isn’t up yet, but when it is, I’ll definitely be having a look.

In that vein (not really, but hey), I made a circus inspired Polyvore:

Ringleader - by declinedesigns on

(That skirt? Now on my wist. As well as a silver mask from the same site.)

Oh, and Tatterdemalion Designs at ModelMayhem has some good circus-inspired eye candy as well. Enjoy!

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I went to bed last night with the sore eye and woke up this morning - it was nearly swollen shut. eek. not cool! the swelling went down throughout the day and it was kind-of normal looking by 1-2, still puffy though. and it is still incredibly sore. I’m looking up symptoms on webMD right now but the only thing that sounds plausible, with my recurring headache and runny nose, is maybe a sinus infection or something? not quite sure why only one eye would be swollen.

I’m going to find out about my shift bid tomorrow - wish me luck!

Fetty of Brooklyn was in the latest Venus Zine magazine, and I gotta say, I like what I see. I love that there’s virtually the same design in three different price brackets - totally awesome for people like me who don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on jewelry.

There was also an ad for Right in the Family Jewels, which has some cute stuff. I want this:

in black.

Ashe Mischief at Dramatis Personae did a great post titled Bringing Back Burlesque. I love the suggestions - after seeing Moulin Rouge I’m definitely inspired to incorporate more of that sort of thing into my wardrobe. Which I was planning on anyways, for sure, but it sure gave me a kick in the pants. After reading Ashe’s post, I wanted to make a Polyvore - here it is:

burlesque my way by declinedesig

I seem to be gravitating more towards mostly-black outfits as of late, opposed to more colorful outfits. I wonder why. I don’t want to become one of those people who only wear all black! AHH!

I mentioned realizing something the other day that helped me feel more creative. It sounds SO silly, but it was super-simple: I don’t think I should try making clothes for other people any more. I think I need to stick with accessories - with clothes, I always end up totally paralyzed because I’m like “what size do I make it? what if I make it a size extra-small and the only person who likes it is an xl? what if my sizes are horribly off and nobody reads the sizing chart first and then they order the wrong size? what if I become one of those people who only stocks sizes under a medium?” and then end up getting frustrated and stuck and just not making anything at all. I think from now one, I’ll be focusing on crocheted items, purses, accessories, etc. (including hats and fascinators - I’m probably going to make a few test runs for myself before I try selling any though) rather than clothing. I think that will be a lot easier for me and make it much easier to avoid getting stuck in a rut, like I have been the past…forever and a half. AND! It means all those shirts I have stockpiled to recon into something else are MINE ALL MINE! muahahaha!

(which also makes me get into a sewing mood, lemmetellya!)

Ok. I’m going to bed now. Hopefully my eye will not be angry at me any more in the morning, hah.

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Polyvore to Real Life, Outfit #1

I wish I could think of a catchier title for that. Eh.

So here’s how one of the few outfits I could mostly replicate (*shakes fist at disappearing clearance items*) turned out.

classy punk by declinedesigns

and here it is in real life (this is actually what I wore today)


Shirt from HT, cut up the neckline myself. Skirt from Wet Seal, as are leggings, boots by Betseyville, the chain I “made” (read: clipped two old thrifted chains together) myself, in lieu of buying the one from F21. ‘Cause that’s what we punkers do, improvise. haha. The hair clip is from Hot Topic, and the necklace is by sweetheartsinner on Etsy. Yes, I have a vintage bike in my living room. I think it turned out pretty well all things considered!

Speaking of accessories, I’ve found a lot of cool ones today, mostly looking at flapper or burlesque stuff. This is some of the wonderful eye candy I came up with today (pictures are clickable - most of these are from Etsy, remember people, shop handmade if at all possible!).

vintage tattoo gypsy day of the dead calavera (dia de los muertos) sugar skull necklace

vintage tattoo gypsy day of the dead calavera (dia de los muertos) sugar skull necklace

vintage tattoo skull and rose burlesque hair pin with black feathers

vintage tattoo skull and rose burlesque hair pin with black feathers

Velvet Choker with Pink Rose and Feathers

Velvet Choker with Pink Rose and Feathers

My Turquoise mechanical heart

My Turquoise mechanical heart

Vintage Rose Brass Wrapped Necklace

Vintage Rose Brass Wrapped Necklace

alexa peacock head piece

alexa peacock head piece

Dark Sugar Boudoir Multi Chain Film Noir Flapper Couture Neck Piece

Dark Sugar Boudoir Multi Chain Film Noir Flapper Couture Neck Piece

I finally joined wardrobe_remix. I’m kind of nervous about it, like someone is going to be all “omg wtf are you wearing ladee” or something.

I love this:

What I DON’T love is that my friend totally flaked on me andddddd I’ve gotta be at work at eight in the morning. LAME.

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Shopping Geekery

So it turns out that you can get Best Buy Reward Zone points for shopping online at places other than Best Buy…I spent some time last night researching where you could get them at, haha. I don’t know why they don’t advertise that more because you can get 3 pts for the dollar at Zappos, 4 pts for the dollar at Endless, and I think one point to the dollar at Wet Seal, Alloy, and Delias. I spent a lot of time looking at the Wet Seal site…holy crap they have a lot of awesome and CHEAP stuff. As I realized that I won’t be off the Sunday after I get paid when we had planned to go shopping(My schedule will probably be Saturday through Wednesday, which kind of sucks as it means I’ll get home from training at midnight on Friday and then have to get up and be at work at eight the next morning), I decided I’ll just do most of it online. This DOES take a lot of the spontaneity out of it but allows me to indulge in my list-making obsession, haha. Because I actually went and dug through the clearance at every site listed in the apparel partners section on the Best Buy site, and I found a LOT of good stuff. Which makes me glad I did that, because a lot of them are places I would NEVER look normally (the Buckle?). I guess that’s a lesson for the best of us. Anyways. I made a list of everything I liked and the prices, and then found them when I got home and added them to Polyvore to see what kind of outfits I came up with. This let me immediately see what was worth buying and what wasn’t. Here’s the results:

(side note: I always feel like a big twit publishing my Polyvores. everyone elses’ are these little works of art and intricate mood boards, and for me it’s just a quick and easy way to put outfits together and see how something will work for me)

classy punk by declinedesigns

dark school girl by declinedesigns

punk schoolgirl by declinedesigns

black and blue by declinedesigns

look #1 by declinedesigns

look #2 by declinedesigns

(the Hot Topic shirt looked like crap - you can see it here )

look #4 by declinedesigns

(again, here’s the HT shirt)

look #5 by declinedesigns

look #6 by declinedesigns

look #7 by declinedesigns

Yeah, that’s a lot. I was really surprised - I put the blazer in my items on just a whim and it turns out I actually found a lot of good uses for it. I also realized that I apparently have an insane love of turquoise and pink, especially together. I also realized that it seems I am just not drawn to long-sleeved shirts. I guess my style tends more toward layering than just wearing a long sleeved shirt to beat the cold. I’ll probably get one or two in basic colors anyways. I also went ahead and ordered the two Hot Topic shirts (that didn’t show up right) because they were marked down to half off clearance (sweet!) so it figured up to $10 each with shipping.

So, here’s how it stacks up - once I buy everything (I will probably end up waiting ’til my second paycheck for some of it, but a lot of this stuff is clearance so I want to buy all the sale stuff ASAP) I’ll have spent $235. For a jacket, a blazer, five skirts, two dresses, four shirts, and a cardigan. Which figures out to about $15 an item. Not bad! Accessories are another matter entirely, and I counted leggings as part of accessories…so yeah. That’s an extra $50 or so. Still pretty good for a near-total wardrobe overhaul. And I also want to get a few pairs of shoes too haha.

I’m planning on getting a cashmere blend sweater off eBay still, and probably getting one more pair of jeans from a thrift store, as well.

But now! I have to go put my makeup on for the Halloween party tonight at work! I’m not doing anything exciting after I get off work, so I’m pretty psyched about dressing up. Pictures will come tonight or tomorrow.

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polyvorin’ it up

I have a feeling this is going to become an addiction:

pink/white/black by declinedesigns

fabulously 80’s by declinedesigns

I have no qualms about admitting that I love 80’s fashion, haha. (this one I entered in the iCiNG contest as well)

Although - semi-surprisingly - it’s kind of a really useful tool in several ways. It helps me see how I put an outfit together for one thing. And it definitely lets me immediately see what I would actually wear or is versatile and what isn’t - I added a ton of things to my items, thinking “oh how cute!” and then when I went to put something together, I was left staring at the screen going “yeah, it’s cute, but none of it goes together. shit.”. It’s helping me narrow down my shopping list - so far I’ve got (yes I know this is obnoxious and I just went over it last night, I am an obsessive list maker so you can feel free to skip it):

  • a black and white striped button up sweater
  • 1-2 other long sleeved shirts
  • the aforementioned shoes (update on the booties! I found the website for Bronx shoes and emailed them about the issue, and a girl on PRD, who lives in Finland I believe, said she will keep an eye out for ‘em for me, and will let me know if she sees them so I can pay her/have her buy them and ship them here.) one pair each of heels/flats/boots. any other new shoes will be thrifted.
  • at least three pairs of leggings (this is depending on how many I can find at thrift stores) - the blue/black leopard print pair from Forever 21, for sure, as well as a black pair and another solid color, probably pink or green.
  • the London Calling shirt from above, and probably one other t-shirt or short sleeved top.
  • the pink skull skirt from above, one or two other skirts, and one dress (at a total loss where to go with the dress. Some lacy black confection so I can pair it with my oversized camo jacket, some bright leggings, and motocycle boots? or a leopard or tattoo print in a retro cut?).
  • a new pair of jeans, probably in a medium wash (washed the thrifted Converse jeans today which completely solved the fit problem - yay!) and a pair of black skinny jeans. maybe a pair in an obnoxious color.
  • a few large square scarfs, maybe the one in the Polyvore above, and a few new hair bows (those I can/will DIY though, most likely, although these are pretty badass and probably something I will keep in mind). oh and probably 2 bracelets (the handcuff one from above and the Etsy one).
  • and the bras of course!

As far as productivity goes, today was a total waste. BUT Coni and Courtney, as well as a girl from training at work (oh god my house is a mess, she will think I am a slovenly pig) are coming over for some DIY’n tomorrow, so hopefully at least the skirt will get done. We just watched Chasing Amy (which is the only Kevin Smith movie Matt hadn’t seen yet) and I really should have been crocheting on my cloche or the swap hat, but instead I was coming up with a shitload of awesome and informative stuff in IFB’s archives to read. Which I am off to do now!

Oh and I almost forgot to add - apparently Google has an office in Austin, how cool would it be if I could get a job there?! Not sure how I’ll get there from a Best Buy call center, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try, right? hah.

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