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I went and saw it again with my sister last Friday and have decided that I want need the soundtrack. The film is indeed very good, so I decided to pick the book up (kid’s books are so cheap, I wish all of my books only cost $6) and…holy crap. They actually watered down the movie a LOT, if you can believe it. The book actually gave me…not quite a nightmare but a very screwy dream indeed. It’s kind of like a more modern Alice in Wonderland, if Wonderland wanted to eat Alice for dinner and Alice was a little bit more badass. The movie is a visual feast (with wonderful backing music), and the book is intensely atmospheric. Not to mention it was made by a tiny studio and you have to love that.

Is it bad that watching this trailer makes me want to see it AGAIN?

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So my laptop cord broke on Thursday or Friday evening and my laptop died soon thereafter. I did get a replacement cord in the mail today though, so no worries! You would think I’d be able to blog from the desktop, but I kind of don’t know the URL for the login page. Yup. I’m a smart one.

I ordered some corset supplies on Friday (maybe Saturday?) and the boning is already here! (I will never get used to using “boning” in that context. I feel dirty every time.) Dragontown Corset Supplies is pretty awesome, I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Also: Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography. Eye candy galore. What a talented gal!

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a heartwarming incident

We were at Crown Video today checking out the next few discs of Dark Angel and I wanted to see if they had Iron Jawed Angels because I’ve been meaning to rent it for AGES. When I went up to the counter to ask, there was an older woman checking out, and when I asked she said “Actually, I’ll stick around for this, because I’ve been trying to find it too. They didn’t have it last time I checked. I’ll probably have to get it off the internet.” “Well, I’ve been meaning to rent it for ages, and it sounds like something I’d really like, I keep hearing how good it is, so I hope they have it!” “It’s probably too radical for the likes of Joplin, Missouri, honestly…” This is when the person behind the counter tells us that nope, they don’t have it. I say “Well, I guess it’s the internet for us!” And she laughed and agreed while leaving.

It’s probably not a big deal for anyone else, but it certainly made me happy. Strangers around here being nice to me is weird enough what with the purple hair amongst other things.

Anyways, I’ve got a pile of hair dye on my head right now (semipermanent, I’m not trying to fry it), but I’ll post pictures later!

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Business Casual

Well, I’ve got about 40 minutes ’til I need to leave for work as of starting typing this. Here’s my attempt at business casual (and I think it fits the letter of the law at least!):

Zebra print cardigan - City Silk, $4 at the DAV (and I LOVE IT)

Tank top that was bleached with design by your’s truly - don’t remember where, I think it was like $5 on sale somewhere.

Tripp NYC Jeans - $40ish at HT (got ‘em when I still worked there, so they were like $23)

Irregular Choice Pin Up shoes - $27 off eBay

Bangle bracelets were part of a set I got off double clearance at HT.

Makeup: My Big Break lipstick by OPI, gold eyeshadow was a mix of Jane and Mary Kay golds with some Maybelline creme gold/white shimmer for highlighting, Jane blush, Maybelline powder, and Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I like the mascara but it’s not quite hypoallergenic enough for my eyes. I’d love to get some more of the Kiss Me Mascara - got a sample quite a while ago and LOVED that stuff. It makes little tubes around your eyelashes that don’t come off until you’re in the shower and tug on them a bit.

I did a pretty good job, I think, especially since I’ve wore this exact outfit before without the cardigan buttoned up (and I think I like it better with it buttoned, actually). I was going to wear my slightly less envelope pushing outfit today, but I figured I might as well start out with the more obnoxious one so they get used to it. ;) It’s a telecom customer service gig, so I wouldn’t think they’d be overly anal. My purse doesn’t go with the outfit very well at all - but it’s the ONLY one I have right now (well, there’s an old plaid purse which would probably clash horrible, and a green/yellow/orange leopard print crochet tote I made that would probably clash worse) so whatevs. I’m superrr psyched about getting my new purse later this week! *does the happy dance* The purse I have now was a gift from a Craftster member (as a result of the Great Etsy Fiasco - which I will post on later this week, I know I said I’d explain it Saturday) and I really do appreciate it, I’ll keep using it after I get other purses, but it just doesn’t go with everything. Also, I’m so short it hits the back of my knees when I walk, even when I wear it cross body. LAME.

One of the girls came in to school this morning with a smoothie in a bottle and was RAVING about it, she let me try some. This stuff is A-MAZ-ING.

She had the Strawberry Banana flavor, which I don’t normally like because I’m not a huge banana fan, but it was pretty good. I stopped by the grocery store after lunch with my dad and got a bottle each of the Berry Boost, Tropical Fruit, and they have a Mocha Cappuchino Whey Protein drink (42G of protein! hot damn!), which is the one I started drinking today and it is DELICIOUS. They were $3.38 each for a one liter bottle, which isn’t bad at all considering a bottle will probably last me 2-3 days. I’ve been feeling the urge to eat more green things lately as I have a bad tendency of just relying on carbohydrates, breads pastas etc. In fact I think one of the few things I’ve eaten in the last week that hasn’t been mainly carbs is mashed potatoes and green beans. Anyways, these smoothies don’t have any sugar added and are also low fat (which I don’t really care about as long as they taste good, but I know it’s a bonus for some people). The no sugar added (also - no high fructose corn syrup wooo!) is great for me because I’m a hypoglycemic - most of them have at least some protein in them which is GREAT too. Sah-weet.

So I’m making a hat and an art doll in a personal swap for a purse with a fellow Craftster member. It was supposed to be for her 1 1/2 year old and ended up being HUGE - not sure how, as I tried really hard to fit the measurements she gave me. But seriously, I can wear it. It’s a snug fit but I can :P Anyways, I wove in the end because I wasn’t sure if she’d want earflaps on it any more, since she’ll probably be the one wearing it, and PM’d her to ask - and now, she does, and I can’t for the life of me remember what hook size I was using. I remember it was a green hook and I THINK I put it back in my hook holder (I hope so haha, because otherwise I will never find the damn thing), so I’m guessing it was an I. But I’m not for sure. This is probably why I should use Ravelry more. At least I’m almost done with the hat, and I still have quite a bit left to do on the art doll (which, I really like how it’s turning out, I might do more), but it should be quick in working up. I’d like to get it done this week though. I also started a version of the cloche I posted pictures of yesterday, for me. It’s a bit chunker as it’s a worsted weight wool held with a 2-ply cotton blend iridescent yarn for most of it, it’s going to be blue (+multicolored yarn) for the bulk of it, have a black stripe, and I think instead of a rose I’m going to do a big black ribbon bow with a skull in the middle. The freaking cat took one of my sugar skull beads I spent so *&%$ing long on and hid it somewhere, I’m sure of it, because now I can only find one. So I’ll use that one on my hat and have to come up with different beads to use on my scarflette. GRRR CAT. But the hat will be cute, I’m sure of it!

Things I am excited for:

-my new purse(s)!

-completing my swaps on PRD - should be $40 richer + have a supercute plaid jumper by the end of the week :)

-starting Professor Layton and the Curious Village - just got it today (took FOREVER, I paid on the 11th!!). I’ve seen it described as a mix between series of puzzles and a point and click adventure game which sounds great. I love point and click adventure games, a while ago we downloaded the original Monkey Island and Matt and I played through it. He’s tons better at puzzles and adventure games though so I’ll probably be requiring his help some.

-beating Castlevania and Zelda

-mah boots! paid for ‘em today!

things to do (so I don’t forget! I have a feeling this will be a longgg week):

- finish swap hat and art doll

-enter Gala’s Polyvore contest!

-finish houndstooth purse before end of week!

and now I have roughly 3 minutes before I need to leave for work!

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