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Rave: Truly Victorian Patterns

The service from Truly Victorian patterns is amazing! I ordered TV 110 last weekend and shortly after ordering sent a message to Heather asking if she thought the underbust corselet patterns would work for what I want to use it for (mostly back support *glares at boobs*) and if she thought it’d work, if I could add it to my order. Well, I didn’t hear anything back so I figured she’d just been busy, and then Thursday I received my pattern in the mail. I opened the envelope, only to find BOTH patterns! Awesome! I would definitely not hesitate to buy from them again. I’ll let you know how the pattern works up but I have absolutely no worries about it since I’ve only ever heard good things.

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Lillian by Betseyville: Review

First impressions: Ooh. Shiny. They look better in “person” than they do online, here’s some photos so maybe you can get a better feel for them:

Betseyville Lillian

Betseyville Lillian

side note: I am aware that I am bordering on “forgot to wear pants today so I wore leggings instead”. But since I am intending on wearing these mostly with leggings or with just skirts, I thought this was the best outfit to demonstrate, as I don’t have anything else that works remotely. Also, this is my “new” coat from the PRD swap, and I’m not entirely sure if it fits the outfit or not, but I had to seize the opportunity to show it off anyways! Andddd ignore the lack of makeup, because I just don’t have the time today for it.

Look: I think they look great. The opening contraption of the shoe is pretty unique, here’s a picture of how it works:

It actually took me a second to figure this out, haha. The patent leather of the overlapping part feels rather thin to me, but that’s the only part of the shoe that looks like it was remotely skimped on. The heel is right about 4″, and then platform is very nearly 1″ at the thickest point. They have kind of a chunky look overall, but in a really cute way.

Comfort: These aren’t super uncomfortable, but I don’t know if I’d call them really comfortable either. The sole is treaded to keep from sliding (which is REALLY appreciated!). The heel isn’t pencil-thin, thank god, which makes it pretty easy to walk in. No feelings of teetering or anything. The platform also keeps them from being too high for comfort. After putting in an Insolia insole and a Foot Petals cushion under the ball of my foot, I found them getting much closer to pretty comfortable. However, I’m not really used to wearing heels regularly as I’m just starting to introduce them to my wardrobe, so your mileage may vary. Also, I found these pretty cramped wearing normal ankle socks. The length is fine, but the toe area wasn’t very comfortable. I switched to bootie-type socks and found them MUCH more comfortable! I’m actually 99% sure these boots were designed with this kind of sock in mind, since normal ankle socks peek above the top anyways. These are the kind of socks I’m wearing(except they don’t have separate toe holders!), in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. I think they will probably be just fine and maybe even border on completely comfortable after a little breaking in.

Overall: 4/5 stars. Could be more comfortable, but look so good it’s worth the insoles and the time spent breaking ‘em in!

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outfits and such

so it was weird, the first half of yesterday was great, and then things with swiftly downhill. I dropped my engagement ring down the sink, proceeded to flip the fuck out about it (which is a little ridiculous as it was so inexpensive - I picked it out, by the way - that it probably would be cheaper to get a new one than call a plumber), tried to get it out with a wire hanger and got the wire hanger stuck in there too. Anddd my phone was dead at the time so I couldn’t even call Matt! Of course, I get home, and it turns out that the wire hanger was actually totally unnecessary and there is a special part of the pipes that is removable especially for occasions like that. Um. Who knew.

My lunch break was a super-fiasco as well. But anyways, here’s what I was wearing yesterday and the day before:


You know the drill. Thrifted cardi, HT tank, reconned skirt, eBay boots. I was going to wear my IC flats but I’d been wearing them like three days in a row instead so I wore the boots. Let’s call it “playing with proportions”, shall we? Or something pretentious like that. It was a little annoying ’cause it was pretty chilly out and I wore the skirt for easy access to my leg tattoos - he thought they looked so good we didn’t even touch ‘em up! Just the Aset one. Go figure, right?

And yesterday:

Can you tell I was feeling a LOT better? haha.

Shirt and scarf from HT, thrifted jeans, Vans, the bracelets were a gift from my little cousin and his family after they visited Mexico (or Mehico, as Andrew would say). The eyeshadow turned out pretty well I thought - I used the L’Oreal HIP “Showy” duo, with turquoise over most of the eye and the dark blue on the crease. Then I dusted “Atlantis” by Medusa’s Makeup all over. It gave it a really pretty nice shimmer. My hair is fading towards more of a pinky-red and I really like it. I was surprised about the scarf - bought it (or obtained it, I suppose I should say, since I didn’t actually, ya know, pay for it) to try it out, and I love it! I thought it’d make me feel really douchey and like I looked like a scene kid, but not only does it look pretty cute, it’s actually really warm. AND! it matches my cloche that I crocheted. I see some cute winter outfits coming from this! I think I’ll def. be picking more up in a variety of colors since they’re like, six bucks apiece. I see this becoming a winter staple for me.

Oh - and the mascara. L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. What a mouthful, amirite? Anyways, here’s my short review, from one day of wearing it:

It is pretty awesome. No flaking or smudging, which means it doesn’t irritate even MY uber-sensitive eyes. It has crazy lengthening power - isn’t HUGE on thickening but does an all right job. Here’s a close up:

Not sure if that quite captures it. I had several compliments on it last night at work. Oh, and it comes off easily and w/out makeup remover - just splash warm water on your face several times to saturate the lashes, then rub your eyelashes (not sure how to explain the motion I use - thumb on bottom, forefinger on top, rolling the lashes in between) and tug a little. The tubes slip off easily, no smudging, no mess! And at $9, you can’t beat the price. I say five stars.

And I just found a pair of zebra print leggings for cheapashell on eBay. Take THAT, American Apparel! I also don’t believe I ever mentioned the deals I’m getting from a chica on the PRD forum who is selling a lot of her stuff. I got a Mossimo faux-fur black coat (I have actually seen that exact one at the local Salvation Army, but it was too small for me - this one is a size up), a one hundred percent cashmere purple sweater, and a mohair/acrylic/ramie pink and black striped sweater. For…TWENTY NINE DOLLARS. Oh yes.

Expect a wordy post later today or early tomorrow, as well as shopping recounts possibly. I’m going thrifting, with a goal of getting at least one polo for work and probably a long-sleeved black layering shirt, for under $10. And I’m checking the used bookstore for anything on feminism. I’m super-psyched because I ordered Iron Jawed Angels ($10 w/shipping included). As well as Eccentric Glamour by Simon Doonan, which I’m looking forward to reading, and 10 Steps to Fashion Freedom. Reviews will be posted. It turns out I underestimated my bills/credit card payments this time around, so the bracelet I’ve been lusting after for-ev-er, as well as getting my nose pierced, will have to wait. Hopefully only until I make some eBay money, yo.

Also, I totally want an Unbelievabra. Like, now.

And now I am actually going to get off of this evil contraption so I can go thrift shopping and do laundry!

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Sample Sale Sites

Alliteration FTW!

So I swiped a coworkers magazine last night at training and found an article on saving money or something similar. Point is, it had several links to sample sale sites. If you don’t know, these are the online equivalent of sample sales, where you can score higher end stuff for crazy marked down prices, and the sales only last a matter of days(two to three). The magazine stated all of them as being invite only, and I remember one of them not seeming that way last night, but that was last night and I’m way too tired/lazy to go recheck now. I’m including the invite code/URL listed in the article but if that expires, I’d be more than happy to send an invite to anyone wanting one. I signed up for all of the ones listed last night (except for ideelia, which I might have written down wrong as it redirects to a German site) and here’s my thoughts so far:

Gilt (you can sign up, I’m not sure for how long, here)

Signing up was easy enough, but it seems to me like they decided to go for a good look with the webdesign instead of making it easy to navigate. I might just be dense though. There’s also only three sales listed. It looks like most of the prices are very close to half-off of retail, with a few exceptions.

RueLaLa (can sign up here)

The markdowns vary all over the place depending on the line you’re looking at. In one boutique, many of the markdowns were only $50 taken off or so, in another, there’s a pair of Theory shoes that were originally $645 marked down to $249 (!!!). They also have a nifty feature where you can preview an upcoming boutique and have them email you a reminder before it opens. Navigation is intuitive and easy.

HauteLook ( invite code: stylewatch10)

Most of the markdowns here are 50-75% off, so great savings. I like the site layout - it’s not as pink as RueLaLa, but still easy to navigate. You can preview upcoming sales, but there isn’t a feature where you can have them email you to remind you (which would be AWESOME, I am so forgettable). It looks like there’s a new sale starting almost every day.

There were also some links in the article to some other useful sites…

ShopItToMe - You fill out the brands you want to be notified about, your size, and how often you want to receive emails, and they send you updates (ranging from daily to biweekly to weekly to monthly, etc.) via email about what stores haveare carrying the brands you’re interested in on sale. I signed up last night and got my first email this morning (I set it to biweekly) - there’s a good variety of retailers in the email, I remember Zappos, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and a ton of other ones.

There’s also, where you get a certain percentage of your purchase back by using their site to visit retailers, essentially. I signed up for it but haven’t tested it yet.

After I get a few paychecks under my belt, I fully intend on utilizing most of these sites (for research purposes only, of course!), so you can probably expect a follow-up review in a month or two.

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