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A Shoe Sale of Amazonian Fluevogian Proportions!

So, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that every time I discover a new brand or find a shoe I like, I should immediately search for it on Amazon. Frequently the better price will be somewhere else, but just as frequently, Amazon has a rock-bottom price. Another tip: It’s definitely worth watching the item for a few weeks to see how the price fluctuates; generally they get marked down for a week or two, go back up (but not to full price - just $10-30 higher than the original sale price) for a week, and then prices plummet. Something like that is what’s apparently happened with the Fluevog shoes at Amazon…check these prices out! (disclaimer: affiliate links ahead!)

John Fluevog Parker $244.95 $36.74 in black

John Fluevog Erika $234.95 $107.01 (or $75.18 in Cappuchino/Ivory, or $112.29 in Cobalt/Cappuchino)

I hear spectator flats are supposed to be big for fall, now your chance to pick some up!

John Fluevog Helen $258.95 $38.84

John Fluevog Audrey $248.95 $79.66

And the pièce de résistance…

John Fluevog Body Part $358.95 $114.86

There are, of course, others as well; click this link for all of them. If I were you, I’d check out your favorite shoe brands too; I noticed some Irregular Choice shoes for super low prices too. AND, on several shoes, there’s a promotion going where if the purchase is over $80, $20 is automatically taken off. Happy shopping!

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More (On Sale!) Shoes

I thought I would share the news, for those of you that aren’t following Savvy Circle on Twitter and/or may have missed the announcement yesterday that the promo code SALE can be used until the end of this month on already on sale items at Shoes.Com for an additional 20% off! Pretty neat, no? Here’s what caught my eye:

Dr. Scholls Kitten - originally $71, $39.76 after code

Dr. Scholl's Kitten - originally $71, $39.76 after code

I LOVE these. I’m worried they might look a little cheap in person (faux-patent is always tricky) - but…free returns, right? Dr. Scholl’s has some surprisingly cute stuff; I would have thought most of their designs would be ugly and clunky, for some reason. There are definitely some misses (the Dance looks like the unholy spawn of Crocs and 70’s clogs, amirite?) but there are other cute shoes too; I really like the Diefy. Plus - you know it has to be comfy, look at the maker!

Seychelles Bad Mama Jama - originally $91.99, $59.19 after code

Seychelles Bad Mama Jama - originally $91.99, $59.19 after code

This one is for Elle and her recent “whedgle” obsession!

Naughty Monkey Space Invaders - originally $96.99, $69.59 after code

Naughty Monkey Space Invaders - originally $96.99, $69.59 after code

I keep hearing raves about how comfortable Naughty Monkey is, I’ve been dying to pick up a pair! Also on sale in black.

Naughty Monkey Walk the Talk - originally $91.99, $59.19 after code

Naughty Monkey Walk the Talk - originally $91.99, $59.19 after code

Great pop of color for summer, and I love the hardware accents!

VIA SPIGA Petra - originally $217, $87.68 after code

VIA SPIGA Petra - originally $217, $87.68 after code

One word: Fierce. And check out the savings - about $130 off!

Also, remember the $3 graphic tee sale Old Navy had several weeks ago? Apparently this weekend is a similar sale, only with $2 tank tops. I’ll be searching out my local Old Navy! Who says updating your wardrobe for summer should be expensive, hmm?!

Update: I also just got an email from DSW with the code “SUMMERLUV” for $10 off a $49+ purchase; valid until the 22nd!

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Daily Outfit 5/2/09

Wedding pictures will be up later, probably in a big photo post with other pictures too. For now:

Thrifted cardigan, DIY’d bleached tank, high waisted Converse skirt, belt is from work (I about died, was digging through the belt rack looking for some brightly colored ones, when I found this one, with the original tags for $120 still on it - it was marked $6!), new Fluevog slingbacks! I am maybe showing some retro influence here, hm?

Yup, the Fluevog sale was yesterday, I was pretty happy with my haul. But I was kind of disappointed, I think the really good stuff (i.e. either of these shoes that I’ve been having serious lust for, when I got there, all that was left was a pair of 11s in each) probably went first thing on Friday morning, and what wasn’t gone then went Saturday morning - we talked to some people at a pub down the street who said people were lined up at 10 (the sale started at 11, we got there at 11:30 or so due to taking the REALLY LONG WAY on accident) and that they’d talked to someone who drove up from Atlanta (!!!). On the bright side, this means those pairs I’ve been wanting will probably start showing up on eBay since I’m sure half of the people who were there were probably just buying to resell. It was pretty busy and they kept putting out new stuff - I snagged three pairs, one of which was wrongly in the men’s section, one of which was put out while I was there, and one that was the last pair in its size (and there was only one other one left!). I looked for shoes for Ashe, but pickings were slim!

Total original retail price: $719. I paid $120. Hell. Yes. The shoes on the left are in the Angels series, the middle are in the Teapot family, and the ones on the far right look much cuter on, I promise! Pictures will probably come later.

I like Chicago so far, although the drivers are freaking insane. IN-SANE. For serious.

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Shoe Sale At is having an extra 20% off their shoes, already marked down 75%. Which makes for some great deals!

Jump Womens Secret Boot

Jump Women's Secret Boot

$38.68 for Coal (pictured), $33.89 for Brown.

Jump Womens Stark Boot

Jump Women's Stark Boot

All of the colorways except for silver and black are right around $40 right now. I own a pair of these myself, as you may recall, and they are much cuter in person - plus TOTALLY comfortable (when I got my new retail job, these are the only shoes I already had that I could stand in for 8 hours and not want to cut my feet off at the end of the shift). The utter comfort of this pair is what’s making me want to get the pair with the buckles above! Oh - psst - when ordering JUMP shoes, order a half size to a full size bigger. I got an eight and a half, probably could have done with an eight, but I like my shoes roomy.

Naughty Monkey Womens Tallest In Class Wedge

Naughty Monkey Women's Tallest In Class Wedge

The red colorway is the only one not on sale (for $17-20!), and it’s only available in a size 6, so not a huge loss anyways.

Jump Womens Bjork Boot

Jump Women's Bjork Boot

These shoes are cute, feminine, and funky - obvs named after the singer. $30-40 depending on the color. I swear, I’m not advertising for JUMP; it just looks like nearly all of their shoes are on sale and as I’m flipping through the sale pages, there are a LOT of duds.

Chinese Laundry Womens Paloma Pump

Chinese Laundry Women's Paloma Pump

Ivory makes for an elegant update on the classic mary jane. $17.

Not Rated Womens Check Ur Self Flat

Not Rated Women's Check Ur Self Flat

Maybe it’s the ska kid in me, but I love checkerboards. They also come in pink and blue, which are $12 each - the black is $20.

Jump Womens Bangle Flat

Jump Women's Bangle Flat

Yes, more JUMP. I lurrrve the purple. $20-30, comes in purple, coffee, black, and red storm.

Chinese Laundry Womens Arcane Zipper Pump

Chinese Laundry Women's Arcane Zipper Pump

Hot hot hot. $24 for the black.

Jump Womens Triptic Boot

Jump Women's Triptic Boot

One reviewer described ‘em as a “dressed up cowboy boot.” A graphite (pictured) pair is calling my name. All colorways are $26 except for the gold, which is $33.

JUMP Womens Serenade Pump

JUMP Women's Serenade Pump

The black is $17, the pink is $22. I love the stitching detail.

There you have it - not a lot of picks considering I sifted through 25 pages of results, but as I said, there were a lot of ugly shoes. And I’m notoriously picky when it comes to shoes as well! If you want to, you can view the sale yourself here. Oh, and did I mention that most of these pairs were $100+ before the sale?

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Sample Sale Sites

Alliteration FTW!

So I swiped a coworkers magazine last night at training and found an article on saving money or something similar. Point is, it had several links to sample sale sites. If you don’t know, these are the online equivalent of sample sales, where you can score higher end stuff for crazy marked down prices, and the sales only last a matter of days(two to three). The magazine stated all of them as being invite only, and I remember one of them not seeming that way last night, but that was last night and I’m way too tired/lazy to go recheck now. I’m including the invite code/URL listed in the article but if that expires, I’d be more than happy to send an invite to anyone wanting one. I signed up for all of the ones listed last night (except for ideelia, which I might have written down wrong as it redirects to a German site) and here’s my thoughts so far:

Gilt (you can sign up, I’m not sure for how long, here)

Signing up was easy enough, but it seems to me like they decided to go for a good look with the webdesign instead of making it easy to navigate. I might just be dense though. There’s also only three sales listed. It looks like most of the prices are very close to half-off of retail, with a few exceptions.

RueLaLa (can sign up here)

The markdowns vary all over the place depending on the line you’re looking at. In one boutique, many of the markdowns were only $50 taken off or so, in another, there’s a pair of Theory shoes that were originally $645 marked down to $249 (!!!). They also have a nifty feature where you can preview an upcoming boutique and have them email you a reminder before it opens. Navigation is intuitive and easy.

HauteLook ( invite code: stylewatch10)

Most of the markdowns here are 50-75% off, so great savings. I like the site layout - it’s not as pink as RueLaLa, but still easy to navigate. You can preview upcoming sales, but there isn’t a feature where you can have them email you to remind you (which would be AWESOME, I am so forgettable). It looks like there’s a new sale starting almost every day.

There were also some links in the article to some other useful sites…

ShopItToMe - You fill out the brands you want to be notified about, your size, and how often you want to receive emails, and they send you updates (ranging from daily to biweekly to weekly to monthly, etc.) via email about what stores haveare carrying the brands you’re interested in on sale. I signed up last night and got my first email this morning (I set it to biweekly) - there’s a good variety of retailers in the email, I remember Zappos, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and a ton of other ones.

There’s also, where you get a certain percentage of your purchase back by using their site to visit retailers, essentially. I signed up for it but haven’t tested it yet.

After I get a few paychecks under my belt, I fully intend on utilizing most of these sites (for research purposes only, of course!), so you can probably expect a follow-up review in a month or two.

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