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End of the Weekend

And it was wayyyy too short.

Coni and Courtney arrived, just late. It was fun though - PJ DIY day. hah. Coni made me change into PJs as soon as they got here - I got the muslin totally done for my leather jacket (should have taken some pictures while it was one) but then discovered I don’t have near enough leather. I messaged the guy on eBay I bought the original leather from, hopefully he’ll have some more (but it’s kind of a long shot because I bought it back in like, August). Totally lame because I really wanted to finish the jacket today.

and that was without the sleeves even…

BUT, I did start on a houndstooth purse reconstructed from a vintage skirt - I bought the skirt a LONG time ago, before I had an appreciation for vintage clothing (ah, the follies of youth :P ), only to be annoyed with the fact that it sat at the waist…I cut it into mini and put an insert in so that it sat at the hip. Too small for me and honestly I did kind of a sloppy job anyways. I was going through my closet, putting stuff aside for Goodwill, and found it…I couldn’t bear to throw it out because the fabric is just so nice. It’s got a great texture to it. Sooooo the skirt will become a pleated handbag, that’s this week’s project.

We also got a scrap of t-shirt fabric (from Courtney, who was doing her first t-shirt recon and was soo nervous) and made a little cape for Giles.

He did not appreciate the effort though.

I also managed to get all of my stuff (except for the hair bows, and I think I might just not relist those and leave them on my myspace, or maybe delete them altogether and just keep them for myself *shrug*) on ShopHandmade. It was pretty easy, although still tedious, because I had been hellbent on getting all the new photos up on Flickr and tagged and described them all there. So all I had to do was copy and paste.

I did have a stroke of bad luck though - I had my cell phone sitting on the chair armrest (alas, my pjs do not have pockets), and when I sat down my arm brushed it. Would you believe it, it fell RIGHT into my glass of water. I immediately took the battery out and let it dry for several hours (just put it in like 20 minutes ago, and that happened at 6 o’clock), and it looked like it worked fine. Until it started calling Coni by itself, and then when I called her back to explain, it hung up on her by itself, and then when she called me back all confused, it wouldn’t let me pick it up. Yeah. Awesome. It appears that none of the keys are working and the only way for me to answer a phone call is to have the phone closed when they call and then open it. Of course, I’m pretty broke right now and don’t have the cash to get a new phone. LAME.

I mentioned the Frye Veronica Shortie boots I was lusting over, found a similar pair on eBay and snagged ‘em for $24.99 + shipping. They’re still actual riding boots that are supposed to hold up well, so I’m happy. Check it:

The Frye boots

The eBay boots

Not exactly the same, but close enough, and over $200 cheaper. Really weird though, because they were listed as a men’s size 7, and when I had her measure the inside toe to heel, she said it was just about 10″. Which is exactly the same as my Vans toe to heel. Maybe they were a women’s shoe and she just assumed it was men’s *shrug*

I really don’t want to admit the end of the weekend is here, because tomorrow starts the training. Not sure how I’ll do with the business casual dress code (although it IS pretty lax…no jeans and a t-shirt was all I was told, which leaves a whole lot open for enterprising minds like mine), but I’ll probably post my efforts. I’ve been meaning to start doing daily outfit photos whether I post them or not, so I might as well start. But, for now, I’m giving in to reality and going to bed.

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I’m waiting on Coni and Courtney to get their asses over here, we’re doing a DIY day today…as of now they’re ten minutes late. In the meantime, though, I got pictures of the choker, as well as re-taking pictures of alllll my other inventory, aside from the hair bows. I’m trying to get them listed on ShopHandmade, which is where I’ve decided I’ll sell my things until I can get a shopping cart and such up on here, and possibly after that as well - they seem like a great site and I love the helping the environment aspect of it, but I keep running into an error with the photo uploader, so all I have up right now is the choker. I’ll post my favorite pictures from the “shoot” (aka me with a self-timer camera in front of a homemade backdrop ;) ) here…I decided if I was going to have to spend an hour and some taking pictures, I was going to have fun with it dammit!

and my personal favorite

Now I want to be a flapper for Halloween!

There’s a lot more, in fact, these don’t even touch the sewn items, but this is getting a little image heavy, so you can view the rest of my stuff here if you’d like.

Looking at these pictures makes me realize that I’m in desperate need of a root-touch up. It’ll be coming either this Tuesday (*crosses fingers*) or next Tuesday, depending on the moneyflow situation…I’m doing a different color then too, which is why I’m letting the green fade. I very much dislike the color it is now, but Coni thought it was pretty. Each their own and all that jazz.

I’m totally planning on getting a better camera with my first or second paycheck. Nothing fancy, just probably a better zoom and one that doesn’t have the damn date/time stamp function. I can’t turn it off and it drives me crazy on this camera. Then I’ll have a camera to stick in my purse and take around with me, and a nicer camera to leave at home.

Psh. As of now, they’re 25 minutes late. Losers.

Also, I’m pretty sure my cat is insane, because he is carrying around a plastic bottle cap like it’s a trophy, occasionally throwing it on the ground and batting it, then picking it up and running from room to room with it. The joys of a spazzy cat. I really wish he’d stop tearing holes in the cat pan liner because it kind of makes cleaning it out a PITA.

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