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New items in the shop!

70s/80s Floral Day Dress M/L Grunge

70's/80's Floral Day Dress M/L Grunge

Lovely 70’s floral day dress, tank top straps, 100% rayon. The straps have been taken in at the shoulder, as shown in picture. In lovely condition, no flaws, zips up the back. Great dress for the last days of summer – cool and breezy on its own, but will transition nicely to fall. Can’t you just see it with a leather jacket, tights, and some ankle boots? Rowrrr!

70s Lemon Yellow Draped Dress Medium

70's Lemon Yellow Draped Dress Medium

I love this dress! I listed it under evening dresses, but it could easily be dressed up or down. Gorgeous yellow color with very flattering, almost capelet-esque draping across the front and back. Drawstrings and lace at the shoulders, as shown, and it zips up the back. The tag that was barely attached (that I took off, because it got caught in the zipper) said “dry clean only”, but I think this could probably be handwashed as well. The material isn’t marked, but it feels like either polyester or some kind of poly-blend – it’s very light and breathable. Absolutely wonderful condition!

60s/70s Mod Navy Blue/White Patterned Dress L

60's/70's Mod Navy Blue/White Patterned Dress L

Lovely 60’s dress with a scoop neck and a navy blue and white pattern. No flaws, a tag is still attached that says “Fries and Schuele – Cleveland”, and handwriting on the back has a date of 1972. Polyester fabric. The dress is a little long, but I left it that way because I didn’t want to hem it too short for any taller girls out there to enjoy it!

And don’t forget, the items I listed last week are ending tomorrow, so get your bids in now!

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New in the shop!

Slouchy black leather 80s cowboy boots w/metal accents

Slouchy black leather 80's cowboy boots w/metal accents

Brown 70s Pleated Skirt M Boho Western

Brown 70's Pleated Skirt M Boho Western

60s Orange Plaid Day Dress Mod Medium

60's Orange Plaid Day Dress Mod Medium

Man, I love that orange dress. If it fit me a bit better I would totally keep it. It makes me think of Dorothy.

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Beta Boutique

I just discovered this lovely little Etsy shop, and I thought I’d pass the lovelies on to you!

It looks like there’s a pretty nice variety of eras, from the 60’s onwards, and the prices are great (most items are under $40, although there are some that are higher). There’s an okay variety of sizes, although not great – out of 237 items, only 16 are larges, and I don’t believe there’s any XLs. Could definitely use some variety, although some of the items are things ¬†like purses, etc. where size doesn’t really matter. ¬†Anyways, here’s my favorites:

I think I would wear this with black and a darker pink, to offset the pale, delicate shade. And a pair of peep-toe heels.

This is too small for me, but I love the cut-out and the slightly puffed sleeves!

This is my absolute favorite from the shop and I think I will be getting it soon! I’m not 100% for sure how I’ll make it not uber-gothy on me, but I’m thinking bright shoes and lots of funky accessories should do the trick.

What do you think of Beta Boutique? and what’s your favorite Etsy vintage shop?

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Decline Designs Shop Grand Re-Opening!

I am SO excited to announce that today is the grand re-opening of the shop! I have listed all sorts of yummy vintage dresses, all very reasonably priced (there isn’t anything in the shop right now over $50 and I’m going to try and keep it that way!). I have more things on the way and will be updating on a very regular basis, so be sure to watch for future posts about it. BUT! The point of this post is something much more exciting than that!

In celebration of the store’s re-opening, I’m doing a week-long sale! Twenty percent off everything in the store, until next Wednesday. So why don’t you go take a look?

70s Pink/White Lace Dress M

70's Pink/White Lace Dress M

70s Lemon Yellow Draped Dress M

70's Lemon Yellow Draped Dress M

70s Blue/Pink V-Neck Dress M

70's Blue/Pink V-Neck Dress M

Be sure to keep checking back as well, since I’ll be updating regularly!

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Daily Outfit 4/6

Converse jeans, Dansko Ryan boots, Hellz Bellz top, vintage purse, secondhand necklace.

In the last few months I’ve noticed I really don’t much like wearing jeans any more, I own three pairs of pants counting these jeans – I’m much more of a skirt person now. However, it was FREEZING yesterday, in the latest incident of weather yo-yoing, so I didn’t feel I had a whole lot of choice. Despite not being used to wearing jeans, I felt pretty okay about this outfit. Maybe because I knew I wouldn’t be freezing my tush off all day at work! As you can see, I dyed my hair again, which I’m pretty excited about. I might post a few more pictures in a day or two, I’m hoping the reddish color will fade to a more pink one (I was going for a red-based pink, so I think I got pretty close!). Oh and the purse…

My grandma gave me quite a lot of vintage clothing and accessories on Sunday. I was pretty excited, although not a lot of it fit me. Matt, on the other hand, had way too much fun trying on my grandpa’s old clothes, including pairing a brown paisley shirt with a green tweed suit. I love the above purse – it has color but is still neutral enough to be paired with almost anything, and has several pockets (a purse weakness of mine). I also found some other purses I can definitely use:

Patent black clutch, patent red clutch, a wicker purse (which has a label inside that says “Handmade in British Hong Kong”!), and a brown purse…which I’m not sure why I like so much, since I’m not normally a big fan of brown, but hey. Pretty neat, huh?

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